Yesterdays Memories


What is life really … if not a series of moments, expressions and observations that our minds capture during our journey, that make up our stories, our time here, whilst we are here.

This series will look at the ‘yesterdays’ of my youth from only as little five years ago to growing up as a youngster.

Although born in England in 1963, l did not specifically grow up here as a youngster and only returned to the stomping grounds in my mid teens.

Schooled in Malaysia and Australia, with vast travelling due to an ambitious and career driven Father – l had the opportunity of seeing much of the world, and my mind did so capture those times.

Yesterdays’ memories are vibrant, colourful and exciting, but equally now they have become reflections of an aging and mature mind.

My whole blog here is dedicated to my life, those treasured moments, it has become an archive of memory for me to remember and celebrate as much as for my readership.


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