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What would be the best linking word for this context?

What is the best linking word?

additionally; also; moreover; furthermore; again; further; then; besides; too; similarly; correspondingly; indeed; regarding. alternatively; although; otherwise; instead.

What is a linking word examples?

Linking words and phrases

  • First / firstly, second / secondly, third / thirdly etc.
  • Next, last, finally.
  • In addition, moreover.
  • Further / furthermore.
  • Another.
  • Also.
  • In conclusion.
  • To summarise.

What are 3 linking words?

There are three main types of linking words: conjunctions, transitions, and prepositions.

How do you use linking words examples?

Linking words can be used between clauses, in the middle of the sentence. Examples include: words that contrast ideas (however, although), show consequence (therefore, as a result), and phrases that add more information (moreover, furthermore). A few linking words can be placed at the end of the sentence.

How do you connect two words together?

Contractions are easy to form. When we join two words together, we leave out one or more letters form the second word. We replace those letters with an apostrophe.

What are linking words in a paragraph?

Linking words or transitions are the connecting words and phrases in and between sentences. These words help the reader to find your next point easily. Transitions are also needed for your reader to move from one paragraph to the next without confusion.

Why do we use linking words?

Linking words and phrases are used to show relationships between ideas. They can be used to join 2 or more sentences or clauses (a clause is a group of words which contains a subject and a verb). Linking words/phrases can be used to add ideas together, contrast them, or show the reason for something.

How do you link words in an essay?

And, in addition to, furthermore, moreover, besides, than, too, also, both-and, another, equally important, first, second, etc., again, further, last, finally, not only-but also, as well as, in the second place, next, likewise, similarly, in fact, as a result, consequently, in the same way, for example, for instance,

How can I start a sentence example?

Good sentence starters for introducing examples

  • For example . . .
  • For instance . . .
  • To illustrate . . .
  • Specifically . . .
  • We can see this in . . .
  • This is evidenced by . . .
  • Consider the [case/example] of . . .

How do you link two paragraphs in an essay?

Quote from video: Changes of direction in your discussion. The use of signposting terms makes the flow of your argument much clearer to the reader.