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What literary devices are used in dreams by Langston Hughes?

In the poem “dream” by Langston Hughes,Langsthon uses metaphors, personification and idioms. Hughes used the literary devices to get to the theme “keep aiming for your dreams.” In the line ” Life is a broken winged bird”, Hughes used a metaphor.

What literary devices are in dreams by Langston Hughes?

Hughes uses several notable literary devices in “Dreams,” including: The repeated line “Hold fast to dreams” to drive the message home. The imagery of a broken-winged bird and a barren, frozen field. The metaphor connecting his imagery to life without dreams.

What literary devices are used in a dream deferred?

Literary Element Examples in “A Dream Deferred”

Alliteration Repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words in a sentence or line
Imagery The use of descriptive or figurative language to create vivid mental imagery that appeals to the senses

What literary device is a dream?

Personification: Personification is to give human qualities to inanimate objects. For example, ‘dream’ in the third stanza is personified as if a dream is a spiritual teacher who can guide him. Rhetorical Question: Rhetorical question is a sentence that is posed to make the point clear.

What are the poetic devices used in the poem dream Variations?

“Dream Variations” Poetic Devices & Figurative Language

  • Metaphor. Metaphor is an important part of in “Dream Variations.” First, the speaker describes dancing through the “white day” until it is over. …
  • Simile. …
  • Anaphora. …
  • Parallelism. …
  • Juxtaposition. …
  • Imagery. …
  • End-Stopped Line. …
  • Alliteration.

What literary device or devices does Langston Hughes use in the poem How does the device or devices contribute or emphasize the theme of the poem explain?

How does the device or devices contribute or emphasize the theme of the poem? Explain. Langston Hughes uses a series of effective similes in his attempt to define what it feels like to have to put away one’s dreams. In each simile, it is clear that the dream doesn’t disappear.

What is literary devices in a story?

Literary devices are specific techniques that allow a writer to convey a deeper meaning that goes beyond what’s on the page. Literary devices work alongside plot and characters to elevate a story and prompt reflection on life, society, and what it means to be human.

What is the metaphor in the poem dreams by Langston Hughes?

The first metaphor is: “Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” Here Hughes compares a frustrating life without dreams to a “broken-winged bird.” When Hughes makes this comparison, I picture a bird’s broken wing who can’t fly but tries his or her hardest.

What type of figurative language is Hold Fast to Dreams?

The writer is emphasizing the message to the reader, to hold tight to one’s dreams because a life without dreams, will not turn out well. Second, Hughes displays the crucial need for dreams and ambitions through personification. In line one and five Hughes writes, “Hold fast to dreams” (1,5).

What is the tone of the poem dreams by Langston Hughes?

Attitude/Tone: The overall tone is fairly somber due to Hughes’ depressing images of a “broken winged-bird” and a “barren field.” Shifts: There is no major shift. Title: If you let go of your dreams, your life will be sad and hopeless. Theme: The poem is about holding on to dreams, and the theme is similar.

What is the theme in the poem dreams by Langston Hughes?

Life without a dream is compared to a broken-winged bird in the first line. The life of a broken-winged bird is pointless and without purpose. Similarly, a life without dreams is meaningless. In the second verse, a life without dreams is compared to a bleak, snow-covered field.

What is the personification in the poem dreams?

The speaker uses a a human characteristic(holding) to a non-living thing (dreams) which is a personification. So the message is to hold on tight to your dreams and never let go. Secondly, Langston Hughes’ use of metaphors also points out to the poem being about never to let go of your dreams.

What imagery are used in the poem dreams deferred?

Foodstuffs and Domestic Life. As he explores what happens when dreams are put on hold, our speaker uses a series of similes that compare the act of deferring dreams to that of raisins drying in the sun, meat rotting, sugary syrup crusting over, and heavy loads sagging.

What is the metaphor in dream deferred?

The metaphor compares a dream deferred to a bomb. The momentum for the dream may continue to build and, having nowhere to go, finally explode. Alternately, the dreamer’s anger may cause the dream to explode into action.

How does Langston Hughes use imagery to develop the theme of the poem?

Another function of imagery which appears in the twenty poems of Langston Hughes is to create the movement in the poem, the readers’ imagination and to build the readers’ inner feeling, the smell and taste, and to feel the fictional world.

Why do you think a raisin is used as simile to dreams?

The raisin simile is a brilliant and compelling one, because everyone can relate to it. It’s an image that helps readers appreciate how hard and difficult it is to swallow the reality of dreams permanently postponed.

How is dream compared to a rotten meat?

Hughes states, “Does it stink like rotten meat?” (Hughes 6) If dreams are stored away for a long period of time, will they cause a disturbance like rotten meat when it sits too long in the refrigerator or if it gets thrown away of all together will the smell still linger and haunt the person for a long time.

Which line from the poem dreams deferred is a sample of personification?

In “ A Dream Deferred”, one of the stanzas shows a form of a simile. For example, the stanza states, “ Does it stink like rotten meat? Or Crust and sugar over–like a syrupy sweet?” This stanza also refers to the dream deferred.In “Dreams”, personification was included. In this poem, dreams were being personified.

Which lines from the poem dreams deferred are examples of simile?

Hughes also used many similes in his writing. A simile, like a metaphor, is a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two nouns.
Dream Deferred By Langston Hughes

  • Like a raisin in the sun.
  • Or fester like a sore.
  • Does it stink like rotten meat?
  • like a syrupy sweet?
  • like a heavy load.

Why does Hughes use similes in his poem instead of real life examples?

Not only does Hughes uses similes to help the reader understand the author ‘s point of view, but also metaphors and imagery.

What are two examples of a metaphor?

A metaphor is a literary device that imaginatively draws a comparison between two unlike things.

  • “Bill is an early bird.”
  • “Life is a highway.”
  • “Her eyes were diamonds.”

Is as white as snow a simile or metaphor?


A simile is one way to create an immediate visual image of what you are describing. For instance, you could compare a subject in a work of art (dog) using an adjective (white) with another noun (snow): This dog is as white as snow.

What are 5 examples of metaphor?

Common metaphor examples

  • Life is a highway.
  • Her eyes were diamonds.
  • He is a shining star.
  • The snow is a white blanket.
  • She is an early bird.

Is blanket of snow a metaphor?

metaphor meaning the snow looked like a blanket covering the ground. The classroom was a zoo during the learning experience. metaphor meaning the classroom environment was loud and noisy.

What are the 5 example of simile?

Examples of Similes Using “As”

  • She was as sly as a fox.
  • That knife is as sharp as a razor.
  • He’s as sick as a dog.
  • It was as big as an elephant.
  • He is as bright as a button.
  • She’s as cold as ice.
  • It’s as tough as an old boot.
  • He’s as good as gold.

What are 5 examples of personification?

Examples of Personification for Kids

  • Lightning danced across the sky.
  • The wind howled in the night.
  • The car complained as the key was roughly turned in its ignition.
  • Rita heard the last piece of pie calling her name.
  • My alarm clock yells at me to get out of bed every morning.

What is example of personification?

Personification examples
The sun smiled down on us.” ‘The story jumped off the page.” “The light danced on the surface of the water.”