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What kind of poem is Dover Beach?

lyric poem”Dover Beach” is a lyric poem by the English poet Matthew Arnold. It was first published in 1867 in the collection New Poems; however, surviving notes indicate its composition may have begun as early as 1849. The most likely date is 1851.

Is Dover Beach a dramatic monologue?

“Dover Beach” is a dramatic monologue of thirty-seven lines, divided into four unequal sections or “paragraphs” of fourteen, six, eight, and nine lines.

Is Dover Beach a narrative poem?

Narrative Voice
Dover Beach” is written from the perspective of a person who is addressing his beloved throughout the poem. The speaker may be the poet himself. The speaker’s feelings and concerns reflect his melancholy over the fact that the world is losing something important.

What is the form of Dover Beach?

‘Dover Beach’ is an iambic text which has four different lengths of line. I apply the Bracketed Grid theory of metrical form to the text and show that the four lengths of line can all be generated by a variant form of the iambic pentameter rules, and thus are all related at a more abstract level.

Is Dover Beach an elegy?

Matthew Arnold’s (1822-1888) best-known poem, Dover Beach (1867) is a masterpiece of mood, both a love poem and an elegy. Though published in his 1867 volume New Poems, Dover Beach may have been composed as early as 1851, when Arnold honeymooned at Dover.

Is Dover Beach a romantic poem?

Despite being classified a Victorian poet, “Dover Beach” contains many elements of the Romantic poetry that preceded it. Because it serves as an example of the transition between Romantic and Victorian poetry, and contains elements of the two, “Dover Beach” would have contributed nicely to the five poems we studied.

What is the tone of Dover Beach poem?

Matthew Arnold was an English poet and cultural critic who considered poetry to be a “Criticism of Life”. The tone of “Dover Beach” is predominantly melancholic and to a certain extent even tragic. The predominant mood of despair and gloom pervades throughout the poem.

What literary device are used in Dover Beach?

Some of the literary devices used in “Dover Beach” are personification, metaphor, simile, and repetition.

What is theme of Dover Beach?

Dover Beach Analysis: Dover Beach is a masterpiece composed by the famous poet and critic Matthew Arnold. The central theme of the poem is the opposition of ideas between the religious and the modern world. The poem was printed first in 1867.

How is Dover Beach a Victorian poem?

“Dover Beach” is the most celebrated poem by Matthew Arnold, a writer and educator of the Victorian era. The poem expresses a crisis of faith, with the speaker acknowledging the diminished standing of Christianity, which the speaker sees as being unable to withstand the rising tide of scientific discovery.

Why is Dover Beach considered to be an elegy?

Answer : The main characteristics of an elegy is to lament over the loss of some person or something in us. In Dover Beach, the poet laments the loss of faith. The elegiac note is clearly discernible when the rhythmic sound of the waves make the poet sad. The whole world seems to him devoid of any hope and joy.

What is the setting of the poem Dover Beach?

This poem is set at the beach in Dover, on the southeastern coast of England.

In what sense is Mathew Arnolds Dover Beach an elegy?

Log in here. Although the elegy originated as a very formal (in meter and rhyme scheme) lament for the loss of a friend or an important public or cultural person, in its broader sense, the elegy also laments the loss of something important to the world.

What imagery is in Dover Beach?

Dover Beach poem contains Visual Imagery, Olfactory Imagery, Auditory Imagery, Kinesthetic Imagery, and Organic Imagery.

What is the metaphor in Dover Beach?

Line 21: This is one of the major, go-for-broke metaphors in “Dover Beach.” The speaker uses the idea of the sea that he’s spent so much time building up, but this time he turns it into a metaphor for the human belief in a higher power. The real sea of the English Channel is reimagined as a “Sea of Faith.”

Is there personification in Dover Beach?

Matthew Arnold achieves a lonely tone in the poem “Dover Beach, ” through the use of imagery, simile, and personification.

Why is Dover Beach considered a Victorian poem?

In Victorian Poetry, Dover Beach was said to have been a “representative of a whole phase of Victorian thought because it refuses to ground itself exactly: it has, intriguingly, neither specific focus on what kind of faith it considers nor on the causes of its decay” (O’Gorman 312).

What is the best tone of Dover Beach?


  • Answer:
  • The tone of Diver beach is calm and melancholy.
  • Explanation:
  • They are staring at the calm seas.

Is Dover Beach optimistic or pessimistic?

In the poem Dover Beach this same contemporary Victorian pessimism has been portrait. Arnold considered as the loss of faith among the common human beings of England. He describes the situation in a most negative and pessimistic way.

Is the poem Dover Beach melancholic in tone?

Nothing could be more profoundly melancholy than the present poem “Dover Beach”, “yet there is nothing maudlin, nothing unmanly about it.” In the words of H. W. Paul, “Profoundly melancholy in tone it expresses the peculiar turn of Mr.

In what way does the poem Dover Beach move from description to reflection?

The poem opens on a vivid description of the sea at Dover Beach. This part of the poem is descriptive. The sound of sea waves reminding the poet of Sophocles and the eternal misery of mankind forms the second part, which clearly shows a movement rom description to reflection.

What criticism of life is conveyed in the poem Dover Beach?

‘Dover Beach’ as a poem is a criticism of life in the sense that it is based on Matthew Arnold’s profound depiction of the melancholy prevailed upon the society of the Victorians. He laments the retreats of faith and the confusion and clause that has come in the wake of loss of faith.

What is the conclusion of Dover Beach?

The conclusion of the poem provides a solution for the speaker’s maladies. He beseeches his “love” to be true to him; only in their devotion to each other will they find comfort and certainty in the “confused alarms of struggle and flight” of life.

What is the poet reminded of in the poem Dover Beach?

What is the poet reminded of in the poem Dover Beach? Answer: The poet recalls the old age of faith and leaves by the ebb and flow of the sea which the modern man does not have.

Is the poem Dover Beach a descriptive poem or a meditative one?

Matthew Arnold, in his poem “Dover Beach ,” is highly descriptive AND meditative. You can see his descriptiveness as he relays the beautiful scene out his window. He describes the moonlight as “fair,” the cliffs as “glimmering,” the coast as “gleaming,” the land “moon-blanched,”

What are the literary characteristics of Dover Beach?

Analysis of Poetic Devices in “Dover Beach”

  • Stanza: A stanza is a poetic form of some lines. There are four stanzas in this poem each varies in length. …
  • Iambic Pentameter: It is a type of meter having five iambs per line. …
  • Rhyme Scheme: There is no specific rhyme scheme in this poem.