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What does the Shah of Blah mean?

A master storyteller, Rashid is known as “The Shah of Blah” by his enemies, meaning that he’s very good at spinning tales without any meaningful content.

Who is called the Shah of Blah?

Played by the disabled actor, Nabil Shaban, who whizzes around on a wheelchair, Rashid Khalifa (aka the “Shah of Blah”) is a great story-teller who loses his gift of the gab. His son Haroun sets out on an inter-planetary mission to recover it for him.
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What is the subscription Rashid is referring to?

The subscription Rashid is referring to is the ability to tell stories, he is depressed, sad and does not want to tell stories anymore so he canceled his subscription.

Who is Shah and Blah in Haroun and the Sea of Stories?

Rashid Khalifa is a famous storyteller who has two nicknames: Rashid the Ocean of Notions, and the Shah of Blah, to his detractors. Haroun’s mother, Soraya, is a kind woman who loves to sing.

Who is Haroun Rashid?

Haroun, the son of Rashid Khalifa refers to Harun al-Rashid, a caliph who ruled from 786 to 809 and who features frequently in Thousand and One Nights stories. “Iff the Water Genie” is a reference to the genie in “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp”.

What is the moody land?

The Moody Land is one of Rashid’s stories, where the weather changes constantly depending on the moods of its inhabitants. Haroun asks Rashid if he’s right, and Rashid replies that it was only a story. Haroun understands that Rashid must be very depressed to say such a thing.

Why did Haroun peep into Rashid room?

Answer: The boatmen show Haroun and Rashid to their bedrooms. .Haroun goes into his father’s room and tells him he can’t sleep because the turtle bed is too strange.

What does the ending of Haroun and the Sea of Stories mean?

When Alice awakes at the end of the book, she finds out that her adventures in wonderland have taken place in a dream. Like Alice, Haroun finds out that he has been asleep while engaged in his adventures. As in dreams, the experiences of his quest refer back to what happened in real life on the previous days and weeks.

Who are the Guppees and Chupwalas?

The Chupwalas, or censors, wear the nosewarmers at all times, while the Guppees don them merely for the battle, but at the time of the fight both sides appear equally silly. The fact that the Chupwalas wear the noses all the time simply suggests that Rushdie does, still, favor the Guppees.

Why Rashid upset Haroun meets IFF?

Rashd was upset because his wife had left him. In such an upset atmosphere he was not able to think of stories. 3. A corrupt local politician had sent Rashid to the houseboat to campaign for him by telling ‘praising stories’.

What is symbolic about the monster Khattam-Shud becomes explain?

Khattam-Shud, like Mr. Sengupta and Mr. Buttoo, sees stories as dangerous and the enemy of logic and normalcy. He illustrates this by becoming the villain he knows Haroun expects, which is another way in which the novel questions what a good or real villain looks like.

What did Haroun’s mother stop doing that indicated trouble?

His wife and son, Soraya and Haroun, are also as happy as him. Haroun is a school student and has a habit of questioning. He had grown up listening to his father’s stories and mother’s songs and was able to sense some trouble brewing when his mother stopped singing suddenly.

What lesson does Haroun and the Sea of Stories teach?

First, he discovers that stories are important even if they are not true. Second, he learns that he can not stay an innocent child forever. Lastly, Haroun realizes as just a ten-year-old boy can make a difference and be a hero. These lessons and discoveries ultimately help Haroun discover his imagination.

What do Haroun and Rashid find when they return to their home?

When Haroun and Rashid return to the sad city, they find it’s still raining but not so sad anymore. A policeman tells them that they’ve remembered the city’s name, Kahani, which means “story.” When they reach their house, Soraya has returned and Rashid welcomes her home.

Who is Mudra in Haroun and the Sea of Stories?

A Chupwala Shadow Warrior who speaks Abhinaya, the gesture language. Mudra was originally Khattam-Shud’s second in command, but he grew uncomfortable with the fanaticism and violence that Khattam-Shud promoted.

Who is snooty button in Haroun and the Sea of Stories?

Mr. Sengupta despises stories and imagination. The politico (politician) to whom Rashid offers his storytelling services. Haroun refers to him as “Snooty Buttoo” because he’s overly smooth, insincere, and fond of underhanded insults.

What is a P2C2E?

Definition. P2C2E. Process Too Complicated To Explain.

How old is Haroun?


Haroun, a 12-year-old boy, sets out on an adventure to restore the poisoned source of the sea of stories. On the way, he encounters many foes, all intent on draining the sea of all its storytelling powers.

What do Plentimaw fishes do?

“Iff replied that the Plentimaw Fishes were what he called ‘hunger artists’ — ‘Because when they are hungry they swallow stories through every mouth, and in their innards miracles occur; a little bit of one story joins on to an idea from another, and hey presto, when they spew the stories out they are not the old tales

How many brothers and sisters does Haroun have?

(a) Two brothers and five sisters.

What is the theme of Haroun and the Sea of Stories?

Balance and Opposites
Good struggles with evil; stories and language struggle with silence; absurdity struggles with logic. However, Haroun comes to realize that it’s impossible to have, for example, only silence—there must be a balance of silence and sound, and this need for balance remains a common thread throughout.

What was chapter 5 about in Haroun and the Sea of Stories?

Haroun introduces himself, and the Gardener introduces himself as Mali. Mali, with Butt’s help, explains to Haroun that the Ocean is like a head of hair, and Gardeners are tasked with untangling, conditioning, and cleaning the Story Streams like one would hair.

What is the old zone in Haroun and the Sea of Stories?

From an allegorical perspective, the Old Zone represents what many consider to be the oldest, most influential, and most important writing in history, namely religious scriptures(as well as old tales such as The Arabian Nights).

What does Haroun use to get the moon Kahani to rotate?

Haroun reaches into his other pocket and pulls out the half-full bottle of Wishwater that Iff had given him earlier. Haroun drinks the water, thinking it might take more than 11 minutes, but he’ll try. Closing his eyes, Haroun wishes that Kahani would turn and the sun would shine down on the ship.

How did Rashid get to Gup?

In the Throne Room, Rashid, sipping soup, is telling his story to Prince Bolo, General Kitab, the Speaker, and the Walrus. He tells them that he arrived in Gup thanks to eating certain food that not only induces sleep, but allows the sleeper to travel wherever they wish, and he wished to wake up in Gup.

What does the Library of Gup do after the battle ends?

After their victory, the Library of Gup enters Chup City, where many Chupwalas join the Guppees, calling them liberators.

How did Rashid end up in the twilight strip?

The food carries the eater to Rapture where “a person may choose to wake up in the place to which the dream takes him; to wake up, that is to say, inside the dream.” He goes to Gup, but because of a miscalculation, he ends up in the Twilight Strip where he almost freezes to death.