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bsageWhat Inspires You To Write The Way You Do?

I love words, l love writing, l love reading others’ words and their writing, but what inspires us to write, to put pen to paper [or keypad], to ply our art, to capture moments in time, or days ahead of where we are, to quill to parchment – what motivates us to write, display, blog, poetise, photograph or draw – what inspires us to be the way we are and how we choose to express ourselves to not just ourselves but others?

That is what this section is going to be about.

About learning of the other bloggers here and what truly excites them to commit their memories to WordPress cyber space!

A questionnaire with 20 questions about what makes your steak sizzle!

If you are interested in receiving this little ‘quiz’, and having me display your answers to the world, drop me a line.

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