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Paula of Light Motifs II
Are you an open or closed minded person?
How opinionated are you and do you think anyone can be too opinionated for their own good?
Is the plastic pollution situation really that bad?
Have you ever reinvented yourself – if so why? More importantly are you happier with the end results?
Should subjects like menopause be taught in school?
How comfortable are you writing about taboo subjects? [Which will you NOT discuss?]
Do you think it is important to be rebellious to the system?
How often do you connect to the inner you?
How much of a WordPress Insider are you – as in are you a game player or genuinely your own writer?
How well do you welcome the weirdo in you?
What is an achievement of yours that you are most proud of?
Do you have any unusual party tricks? Explain.
Do you think that the sixties are to blame for today’s continued problems with regards sexism and equality?**

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