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Flesh Like Candy – Part 1

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Mind Kind Within!


Autism & Aspergers

01. I Did Not Ask For Autism, It Found Me, And That Makes Me Unique From A Different Prospective To Yours

02. Labels Aside – Everyone Is An Individualist

03. Welcome To Autism – No Different To You!

04. Autism Is Not an Excuse – It’s a Way of Life

05. Stop Being Nosey – Not Everyone Wants To Say Hello

06. If Your Foibles Don’t Describe Your Whole existence Why Should Mine?

07. Don’t Rush Me

08. Are You Up For The Autistic Challenge?

09. Just Leave Me Alone

10. I Am Not Anti-Social. I Am Selectively Social Today … And You Are Not Selected!

11. Quirksome Not Irksome!

12. Asperger’s – Hidden But Not Invisible!

13. Am Out Of Crayons & Sarcasm! So Back Off!

14. If You’re Aspie & You Know It! Flap Your Hands!

15. Today I Am probably Going To Be In A Bad Mood, And I don’t Know Why Yet!

16. You Can Say Anything You Want To Me, Just Don’t Bore Me!!

17. I Don’t Understand What Have I Done Wrong?

18. Aspies do It In Their Heads

19. Outbursts Are Inevitable

20. Autism – You Laugh Because I Act Different – And yet I Laugh Because You All Act The Same!

21. Once An Aspie Always An Aspie

22. No One Puts The Aspie In The Corner

23. Autism Might Be A Quirk, But Staring Like That Makes You A Jerk!

24. Autism – Disordered Not Diseased!

25. An Aspie Is For Life Not Just For Fun

26. ASD – You Either Get It Or You Don’t! ASD – You’ll Either Get It, Or You Won’t!

27. Aspies Do It In Their Heads, Over And Over and Over Again

28. Anti – Vocal Not Anti-Social

29. Define Normal – Be Proud Of Who You Are

30. Remember This Before You Chastise! There’s An ASD Lurking In Each And Every One Of You! … Well Probably!

31. Trying To Fit In, Conform? Be Proud To Not Be Part Of The Norm!

32. Why Be Ordinary When You Can Be Remarkable!

33. Cynical Grumpy Aspie & Proud

34. Are You Staring At me … Because Autism Is Hot Stuff?

35. Phwoar … Tism! Intellectually Sexy!

36. Autism We Can All Get Through This Together

37. Autism – Not Broken, Not Damaged, Just Different!

38. Is The Colour Blue To An Ant, Confusing?

39. Being Social Is Overrated!

40. Life Is Incredibly Easy – It’s Just People That Complicate It!

41. Sometimes I Forget Things During Mid Conversa…

42. I Like who I Am Thanks No Cure Needed!

43. I Am Much More than A Diagnosis

44. Quirky Does What Quirky Is

45. I Know That You Know That I Know, That You Know That I Know … You Know?

46. I Am Me Being Me! If It Irks You, Who Cares?

47. There is No One Single Way To Be Normal In This World! Define Normal? We Are All Unique

48. Caution – No Filters!

49. Me, Myself & I that’s Who I Am! If You Don’t Like It … Frankly I Don’t Give A Damn!

50. Autism – Don’t Make It An Issue!

51. I Sleep Alright When I Am Not Awake!

52. Less People You Know, Less Shit You Have!

54. Sure I Swear, They Are Just Words To Me! It’s Your Over sensitive Emotional Interpretation That Makes Them Personal to You!

55. Autism – Thinking Intelligently Differently!

56. Autism – An Age Old Intelligence

58. Stare Long Enough … I Might Do a Few Tricks!

59. If Your Best Communication Is Lip Service, Then Speak To Another Of Your Kind, Not Mine, Not Me!

60. Autistic People Need Society – But Equally Society Needs Autistic People!

62. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day And Neither Was I! Don’t Rush Me!

63. I Am Not anti-Social, Just Allergic To People’s Bullshit!

64. Bullcrap Detector Active

65. Autism – Don’t Hush Me, Don’t Push Me, Don’t Rush Me And We Will Be Fine

66. Autism – Don’t Fear The Label!

67. Asperger’s – The Thinking Person’s World

68. Autism is Neuro With A Twist

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