The S.Wash Butler Club


S.Wash Butler’s Film Club

Stuart Wash III is a Butler.

He never used to be a Butler … he sort of fell into it as a profession, and now – well now, he couldn’t imagine life not being a Butler ..

Prior to this he used to be an intrepid explorer, a buccaneer, a swashbuckler as he jokingly used to say to his friends. It was only when he became a Butler that it suddenly dawned upon him, that his name now read Stuart Wash Butler or even shorter still S.WashButler and shorter still … Swashbutler!

His dreams had come true!

These days, now that he is older, mature and wiser he doesn’t tend to ‘adventure’ as much as he used to, but he and his buddy butlers, attend to a film night every Saturday evening and watch old films together!

They form S.Wash Butler’s Film Club!

It’s a great night of films, reminiscing and imaginative adventuring and recounting tales from afore. His crew as he calls them are made up of three other butlers; Biff Boff Jenkins aka Biffo, Reever Tucker aka AkaTucker and Rupert Gellybeanz aka Beanzer! The other butlers also at one time or another led very different lives in service to Kings, Queens, Lords and Ladies abound!


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