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What is Question Hub?


This is a ‘Feature Series’ page – and the sole purpose of The Question Hub is to produce, generate and create ‘questions’ which can then be used with other in house ‘A Guy Called Bloke’ series l have planned for 2020.

l had a series called ‘Truly Inspired’ which commenced in December 2017 and it continued for 2 seasons finishing in May 2019. It was a question series relating to blogging and in total l hosted 76 Reader Interviews. Each interview contained 20 questions.

l wish to reintroduce a new interview feature titled “In-Blog Life” – As a series it will in fact be on two different platforms introduced at different times in 2020.

1] Interview format [Written] [First Half 2020]

2] Interview format [Optional Podcast] [Second Half 2020]

3] Interview formats [Written/Podcast side by side last quarter 2020]

The difference between Truly Inspired and In-Blog Life will be the questions principally, but also that it is to be to be hopefully seen and received as a topical conversation stimulator or a discussion prompt. Another series this will tie into will be Coffee Chatz to be introduced in 2020 also.

As a series whilst it is an Interview series and as such all question sheets can be found on this blog it is also a Topical Prompt series – meaning that the ‘Interviewees’ can write about the questions in a post of their own, should they so wish and in essence creating their own interview or as an alternative they can discuss the topical questions raised in more depth in another series l am introducing in 2020 entitled Magazine on a Bench!

All of these series will sit within the catagory of Bloggers GLOSSop  – which is to be a cosmopolitan hub for readers for this blog allowing for conversation and community to really explore itself.

In Blog Life – the interview series is to only comprise of 8 questions across many fields so as to allow a reader to discuss topics of their desire.

They can pick and choose 8 questions of their own each and every time they wish to self host their own interview, like some could pick side dishes from a salad bar in a restaurant. In Blog Life, will once a week, offer up  2 – 3 Subjects for the readership to select the questions they wish to answer.

So how l would like you to assist me with this is to help me create questions for the subjects below.   Each week – The Question Hub will  publish asking for questions from not just those who originally expressed a wish to assist  but any who wish to help in the generation of questions. Once the post is active for 24 hours, it will become hidden but a password will be at the bottom of the post itself so that those interested in furnishing further questions can still do so.

What l am seeking assistance with from my readership is help with ‘creating questions’ that are unique to the topics listed – that’s it. I love questions, as do many of you also – but sometimes trying to think up questions can be hard, and we tend to fall into asking the same questions over and over.

If you can generate questions, please drop them below in the comments section – you will always be awarded credit as the creator of the question when the question is asked in the series. You can create as many questions as you so wish, there is no limit and you can ask questions pertaining to any of the subjects.The questions DO NOT have to be advanced, tricky or cryptic,  they just need to be general questions asked from your perspective of the topic.

When you do create a question please in brackets afterwards  include the topic your question is relevant to. Also if you can think of new ‘Topics’ please add these in to the comments section.

As the series gains momentum and we gather more and more questions – pages will be created as directories  to store the questions and these will be password controlled, but dedicated question creators will receive the password to review all created questions at any time.

The Topics/Genres/Subjects we seek questions for are as follow:

Question Topic Directories

The Arts









Mental Health





World Events










Philosophical Food Emotions Honesty

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