My Father In Reflection



My Father In Reflection

03/07/1938 – 18/10/2018

A change to the series title – why?

Because through the reading of his written words l have come to the realisation that l did know my father, all too well. That the reality of it was simple, yes he was a chameleon to everyone including himself. He awarded you with the skin that you wished to see, the colour that you liked best or in reflection of that – the colours he believed you wanted to see most. The more ‘taken in you became with his performace’ the more he portrayed that character to you, so that in the end you would not doubt nor ever doubt that is who he was.

But there was another side to my Father, and that was the side of those who knew the real him – not the pretend version for benefit of friends, acquaintances or colleagues – but the real dark side of him.

This series is about my Father, a man l tried to love as best as l knew how, and having not been anyone else’s Son l had very few comparisons to landmark myself against. With his written words, stories and tales and memoirs l am able to reflect back on not just my life or his life, but our lives together.

Someone recently remarked was this catharsis process aiding me? I don’t know if l would call it catharsis as such, l tend to regard it as a purging. I need to read my Father’s writing for me and in so doing complete the final walk of a journey l have trekked for a good many years. I had thought l would find some answers to questions l had burning holes in my heart and head for years, and that has not yet happened, nor do l believe it ever will. Those answers travelled to the grave with him, and maybe – well maybe that is for the best.

The series is a journey of reflection and a final honour to laying the ghosts and demons that have been with me since l was five. It’s that simple.

Rory Matier


My Father In Reflection



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