The Confession Series …

Of all my true stories found lurking within the blog’s directories the Confession series especially are the tales that could literally land me in hot water if l described their content 100% ‘truthfully’.

So having no desire to be sued or tracked down and beaten to a bloodied pulp … l write this series under the genre banner of ‘Fictional Reality’ meaning that 65% of the tale is a true account and 35% has been changed to protect identities,  locations. and more importantly, time frames and windows..

Each story will hold both a Reality % and a Fictional stance % – the higher the R factor – the truer the tale and the less it hides.

For comparisons if you wish if you were to read stories from my Stories and Tales they are all written in a 97% Reality with only 3% Fictional stance whereas The Grumblies is written as a Fictional stance of 95% and Reality 5%.

The Confession Series concentrates the tale making around certain areas of my life:

%Confessions of
95% RealityA Ghost Hunter – 1980 – 1983
90% RealityA Party Chef – 1982 – 1985
85% RealityA Dawner Raver – 1988 – 1990
75% RealityA Nightclub Promoter – 1988 – 1989
75% RealityCatwalk Choreographer – 1988 – 1989
65% RealityAn Adult Escort – 1990 – 1992
65% RealityAn Adult Magazine Freelancer 1992 – 1993
85% RealityThe Sensuality Discovery Years – 1982 – 1993

All the Confession series tales are from various walks and periods in my life and cover specifically a period of 13 years, 1980 – 1993 or from the ages of 17 to the age of 30.

Mostly they are from the days of ‘sexual and sensual discovery’ and from the Highway Libido days, although the three years as a Ghost Hunter are mostly stabs and slicings of humour from the bumps and shrieks in the night that are not sexual!

Since discovering the true beauty of passion and career, l have managed to enthusiastically become involved in a lot of different choices of career. Many have evolved around a love for women and being with women.

Some of the humour may come across as corny and especially from the likes of the ‘Adult Escort and Freelancer’ days – however there is a reason for that and that is that some of the requests l was asked to ‘perform’ by clients bordered on absolute madness. Anyone who says women do not have strange fetishes and fantasies doesn’t know women very well!

Many of the tales are also written for the time period which was the 80’s and the very early 90’s. My days of higher and increased libido ceased when l married my rather staid wife. Who although said she had a fondness for swinging, l think must have misinterpreted what swinging l was referring to with regards playtime with others!

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