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Ghosts in the Machine In Journal - What’s New for the Blog? - an episode from last week l originally had written the following ... "Apparently, the reason l have a visual figure of 100 followers. Yet, l only have 40 actual followers is because when a blogger deletes their blog, technically, they should first... Continue Reading →


Journal Directory Journal Entry 17Part 115/12/21 Why Upvote The Unread? The average blogger these days can decide within 3 seconds if they are going to 1] read a post, 2] skim a post only, 3] merely LIKE the post but not read it, 4] like the headline or main image on the post and hit... Continue Reading →


Journal Directory Journal Entry 1608/12/21 It Started With a Ki ... Tag! It started with a Tag. Do you recall the post “Tag, You’re It!” Right? Last week? Where l posed the question that Grace had raised concerning Tags? Well, one of the answers in the comments came from my friend, Mr Fandango, in his response to the... Continue Reading →

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