The Mystery of Two Colleagues

Are there any mysterious stories at your workplace? Hometown? In your family? Did the truth ever come out?

Is this yet another Snifty clue??

You decide!


Finding French Charming

Have you ever known people or heard stories where things just didn’t add up, but no one seemed interested enough to find out more? Did you ever hear strange rumors about people but no one bothered to find out the truth? Are we more fascinated with the ugly possibilities than the not-so-exciting truth? Are we afraid of being let down by what may otherwise be a misunderstanding? Is this how folklore and fairytales begin?

One place where I used to work had one of those stories. There was a woman who would have disappeared into woodwork if it weren’t for the rumors that seemed to resurface every so often. She was middle aged, in her late thirties or early forties before she quit. She was plain, brownish hair, not much make up. She dressed, how I would describe as, boring. Smart and classy but boring. However, her clothing was probably…

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