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Synonym for ‘overly obvious’?

Some common synonyms of obvious are apparent, clear, distinct, evident, manifest, patent, and plain.

What is the word for too obvious?

apparent, blatant, bold, clear, clear as a bell, conspicuous, cut-and-dried (informal) distinct, evident, indisputable, manifest, much in evidence, noticeable, open, open-and-shut, overt, palpable, patent, perceptible, plain, plain as the nose on your face (informal) pronounced, recognizable, right under one’s nose (

What word means blatantly obvious?

discernible. (also discernable), observable, perceptible, visible.

What is another word for stating the obvious?

Stating the obvious is perhaps best stated as “self-evident.” For example, “A street is better than a little trail to connect those two large neighborhoods.” “That’s self-evident.”

What does it mean when someone states the obvious?

Definition of state the obvious

: to tell people things they already know She accused me of stating the obvious.

What does pointing out the obvious mean?

To point out means to identify or bring to notice. To point out the obvious would, therefore, mean to identify or bring to notice something that is obvious.

What is the vocabulary of obvious?

1 : easily discovered, seen, or understood It was obvious that things weren’t working out. She stayed for obvious reasons. 2 archaic : being in the way or in front.

Is it wrong to state the obvious?

There is a kind of line in job documents that is technically blameless, but is so generic, so very much “stating the obvious” that it also completely pointless. This kind of line fills space while doing nothing to distinguish you in any way. The rule here is: If Anyone Can Say It, It’s Not Helping You.

What kind of word is obvious?

What type of word is ‘obvious’? Obvious is an adjective – Word Type.

What is the word for saying something without saying it?

Speaking in innuendo is when you say something indirectly — often of a hurtful or sexual nature. Innuendo in Latin means “to point to” or “nod to.” When you refer to something indirectly, you point at it without mentioning it, making an innuendo.

How do you say obviously in an essay?

Other ways of saying obviously are: clearly. indubitably. beyond doubt.

What is a good sentence for obviously?

How to use Obviously in a sentence. Obviously he was still struggling with it. She obviously wants you to stay. He was obviously drunk.