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Why not? I’ll have a Go!

I have never regarded sex as a taboo subject, and yet so many apparently do. Society can be at times merciless in its judgement of others. I was a virgin until l was 21, what an outdated phrase that may read as these days, but it still exists.

I was awkwardly and most painfully shy around girls at school, my first girlfriend wasn’t until l was 17, and that was already on the pathway to disaster as she wanted more, and l was absolutely terrified! We were a couple until l was twenty and despite her earnest attempts to seduce me, l never succumbed or sucked anything if brutally honest! Play on words there! I remember clearly at 19 thinking that night was the night, but alas a hidden disorder within my personality and a realisation that l was incredibly sensitive and it was over before it started!

But at 21, l lost it, there was no fanfare as l thought there would be, none what so ever, it was a messy affair if honest, but perhaps that is the way of all first time attempts at something new?

But the strange thing is, sex became an addiction for me, once l truly sampled its delights, l was hooked – skin on skin was the ultimate pleasure, the greatest adrenaline rush and a wowzer of an extreme sport. I was like that till l got married at 30. When l was 26, or 1989, l was working as an escort in London, and it was during this time that l was ‘discovered’ as a bit of a unusual writer!

I used to pen naughty and bawdy poems on napkins for a hobby, and a client suggested that l write off to a friend of hers who just happened to be an editor of an adult industry magazine. I was already writing short horror stories for fanzines and pulp comics, so l thought ‘Why not, l’ll have a go! My first effort was a light hearted piece about an imaginary French private detective looking for the ominous moan of pleasure!

Who thought something as bizarre as that would have kept me in pocket money for  four years?

Certainly not l.

Disclaimer: This section is dedicated to the slightly bawdy, risqué, a bit of slap and tickle, how’s your Father, some sensual naughty too – its purpose is not to cause offense or upset anyone, that is not its focus. It mainly comprises of ‘napkin poetry’ written from 1989 – 1993 but there are pieces from more recent times. I am a passionate follower of erotica in word of the sensualities, of unbridled heats and sex. So please, if this is not your cup of tea and causes you some reason to consider the content inappropriate, l can only but apologise, but this is a big part of my journey into self discovery and my story.

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