Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

An Introductory to LifeS1 – Spr – S1
I still have my tomorrows …12/04/20
What a difference a day makes …13/04/20
But Even in the Broken … There’s Beauty!14/04/20
“Just Off Off The Beaten Track!”15/04/20
Granddaddy what did you do …. ?”16/04/20
“ …. which then got me to thinking too”17/04/20
“Flare of the Leg!”20/04/20
“Definitions of Normality and Perspectives!”21/04/20
“Is it Still Just You You’re Talking To Then Or??”22/04/20
“Food Inglorious Feuds!”23/04/20
“Indecisions Blinking, Precisions Thinking!”24/04/20
“Hodge Podging and Higgledy-Piggledy!! ”27/04/20
The Too Many Walls of a Short Life!28/04/20
The Changes of Life29/04/20
A Life Examined30/04/20
“Stepping Stones”01/05/20
“Awakening to Changes”S2 – Sum – S2
Spots Before My Eyes!16/05/20
Pieces of Soul18/05/20
You Are Never Far From Who You Are19/05/20
“Sown Seeds Have Two Choices …”21/05/20
“Me No Blair Witch Boohooster!”22/05/20
Balancing One’s Equilibrium23/05/20
My Slice of Pie Too!!29/05/20
The Beauty of the Reality of True Beauty!31/05/20
The House Beyond03/06/20
I Dream of Trumpee!!?10/06/20
Adult Onset ADD – Adventure Deficit Disorder [OA-ADD]22/06/20
“Piss off Outa My Wood!!”24/06/20
Non Stop Zombie Days!05/07/20
“Rediscovering And Identifying With Me Again”S3 – Sum – S3
“A Pootling We Shall Go!!”23/07/20
“A Tree Day Needed”29/07/20
Oranges and Lemons Say The …04/08/20
Words Follow You .. They Always Do.20/08/20
“Actually an art to letting go!”27/08/20
On The Irony09/09/20
Delays, Waiting Times and Scattered Thucklings! 24/09/20
Something’s gotta give!05/10/20
The Ghosts Of Only The Lonely08/10/20
Thank My Lucky Stars For Regularities!18/10/20
I Am Who I AmS4 – Aut – S4
Oh well, as they say shit happens!20/10/20
Just a good day22/10/20
Sometimes you just gotta look a little deeper30/10/20
Priorities with regards LIFE04/11/20
A Little Thing Called Happiness Is I Believe A Myth 06/11/20
The things we don’t say, The thoughts we shouldn’t have!11/11/20
Not a cat amongst the pigeons perhaps, but …  18/11/20
The week’s been quieter than normal ….22/11/20
The Higgledy-Piggledy of Goodbyes25/11/20
Starting AnewS5 – Win – S5
I just had to get outside and kickstart the babystepping … 10/12/20
Act like you already have the virus …. 20/12/20
Bella Bella Storm Bella – a storm is still a storm 27/12/20
Live your life, just so you can live your life?30/12/20
Chasing Frosty Off The Dunes!31/12/20
The Time To Start Stomping Is Now!01/01/21
The Lockdown Blues06/01/21
Push It, Let’s Push It – Gotta Keep Moving On!10/01/21
You Who Said Ewe – Ewe Who Said I Too!!?11/01/21
The Dark Disillusionment of a Life Evolving Again.18/01/21
How long is a piece of string anyway under the common sense ruling?24/01/21
The Day My Boots Ran Out Walking and l Discovered a Non Treadable Slip Up!25/01/21
“…. a first time for everything especially with the Arolds – him and her!!”29/01/21
“There’s a couple of things l can’t stomach!”07/02/21
“Who will feed the ducks?”12/02/21
“Better to be safe than stupid!14/02/21
….. nothing quite beats getting out into the fresh air and sun. 20/02/21
 Identifying ForwardsS6 – Spring – S6
“Hang in there! Things are slowly gonna get better. I feel it!!”28/02/21
A Case of Watch That Space!07/03/21
Sometimes the right tunes are playing at the right times in your life …14/03/21
If Ever There Twas A Startled Bee!19/03/21
Weekly Round Up28/03/21
Gisuzachipmistagoon! 29/03/21
Stop being a drama llama mate!06/04/21
 Inevitable Changes S7 – Spring – S7
It takes longer to capture a quiet moment than it does for the world to get noisier!15/04/21
‘Splash of Pretty and Slice of Reality Walk21/04/21
More than a few changes in the airs… 25/04/21
The Dreams of Mirren29/04/21
The Last Week 07/05/21
The earliers …12/05/21
It’s way too wet and just not moist enough! 18/05/21
The lost gallery of quintessentially simplistic and beautiful blossoms 27/05/21
New Starts Always Start At The Start!S8 – Summer – S8
True ponderings indeed ….01/06/21
We all need purpose and direction … 15/06/21
We learn, we live and we live and we learn … and then we act upon our findings! 24/06/21
10 Days Before the Town is Flogged! 01/07/21
An Ish a day helps you work , rest and play’ish!08/07/21
Searching for the Precisety of One’s Passion! 15/07/21
Begin as you mean to go on, and go on as you began….” 16/07/21
“I may be not the one, but l am here.” 20/07/21

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