Morning Musings

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Season 1 – Spring – Series 1

An Introductory to Life

I still have my tomorrows …12th April 2020
What a difference a day makes …13th April 2020
But Even in the Broken … There’s Beauty!14th April 2020
“Just Off Off The Beaten Track!”15th April 2020
Granddaddy what did you do …. ?”16th April 2020
“ …. which then got me to thinking too”17th April 2020
“Flare of the Leg!”20th April 2020
“Definitions of Normality and Perspectives!”21st April 2020
“Is it Still Just You You’re Talking To Then Or??”22nd April 2020
“Food Inglorious Feuds!”23rd April 2020
“Indecisions Blinking, Precisions Thinking!”24th April 2020
“Hodge Podging and Higgledy-Piggledy!! ”27th April 2020
The Too Many Walls of a Short Life!28th April 2020
The Changes of Life29th April 2020
A Life Examined30th April 2020
“Stepping Stones”01st May 2020
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Season 2 – Spring/Summer – Series 2

“Awakening to Changes”

Spots Before My Eyes!16th May 2020
Pieces of Soul18th May 2020
You Are Never Far From Who You Are19th May 2020
“Sown Seeds Have Two Choices …”21st May 2020
“Me No Blair Witch Boohooster!”22nd May 2020
Balancing One’s Equilibrium23rd May 2020
My Slice of Pie Too!!29th May 2020
The Beauty of the Reality of True Beauty!31st May 2020
The House Beyond03rd June 2020
I Dream of Trumpee!!?10th June 2020
Adult Onset ADD – Adventure Deficit Disorder [OA-ADD]22nd June 2020
“Piss off Outa My Wood!!”24th June 2020
Non Stop Zombie Days!05th July 2020
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Season 3 – Summer – Series 3

“Rediscovering And Identifying With Me Again”

“A Pootling We Shall Go!!”23rd July 2020
“A Tree Day Needed”29th July 2020
Oranges and Lemons Say The …04th August 2020
Words Follow You .. They Always Do.20th August 2020
“Actually an art to letting go!”27th August 2020
On The Irony09th September 2020

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