Morning Musings

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An Introductory to LifeS1 – Spr – S1
I still have my tomorrows …12/04/20
What a difference a day makes …13/04/20
But Even in the Broken … There’s Beauty!14/04/20
“Just Off Off The Beaten Track!”15/04/20
Granddaddy what did you do …. ?”16/04/20
“ …. which then got me to thinking too”17/04/20
“Flare of the Leg!”20/04/20
“Definitions of Normality and Perspectives!”21/04/20
“Is it Still Just You You’re Talking To Then Or??”22/04/20
“Food Inglorious Feuds!”23/04/20
“Indecisions Blinking, Precisions Thinking!”24/04/20
“Hodge Podging and Higgledy-Piggledy!! ”27/04/20
The Too Many Walls of a Short Life!28/04/20
The Changes of Life29/04/20
A Life Examined30/04/20
“Stepping Stones”01/05/20
“Awakening to Changes”S2 – Sum – S2
Spots Before My Eyes!16/05/20
Pieces of Soul18/05/20
You Are Never Far From Who You Are19/05/20
“Sown Seeds Have Two Choices …”21/05/20
“Me No Blair Witch Boohooster!”22/05/20
Balancing One’s Equilibrium23/05/20
My Slice of Pie Too!!29/05/20
The Beauty of the Reality of True Beauty!31/05/20
The House Beyond03/06/20
I Dream of Trumpee!!?10/06/20
Adult Onset ADD – Adventure Deficit Disorder [OA-ADD]22/06/20
“Piss off Outa My Wood!!”24/06/20
Non Stop Zombie Days!05/07/20
“Rediscovering And Identifying With Me Again”S3 – Sum – S3
“A Pootling We Shall Go!!”23/07/20
“A Tree Day Needed”29/07/20
Oranges and Lemons Say The …04/08/20
Words Follow You .. They Always Do.20/08/20
“Actually an art to letting go!”27/08/20
On The Irony09/09/20
The Ghosts Of Only The Lonely08/10/20
I Am Who I AmS4 – Aut – S4
Oh well, as they say shit happens!20/10/20
Just a good day22/10/20
Sometimes you just gotta look a little deeper30/10/20
Priorities with regards LIFE04/11/20
The things we don’t say, The thoughts we shouldn’t have!11/11/20
The week’s been quieter than normal ….22/11/20
The Higgledy-Piggledy of Goodbyes25/11/20
S5 – Win – S5
A Guy Called Bloke Banner Morning Musings JPEG

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