Remains of the Day


This is a spoof piece written as a result of reading a book on the subject of cannibalism and being asked to ‘conjure’ up a piece of poetical macabre to support it. This poem took me three days to write up.

IT IS Not to everyone’s taste, please excuse the pun, and really is only for the horror buffs amongst you, so if this is NOT you – don’t read it!

Cannibalism despite being repulsive and disgusting and steeped in taboo for obvious reasons is still rife in certain parts of the world even today, and not just down to traditional or religious beliefs. 

The book l reviewed for my writing club concentrated upon modern day cannibalism amongst serial killers.

As you read … on the proviso that you dare read, you will notice certain characters in here, that are taken from real life and a twist has been added to their names. Many of the events tie in with history and the ‘cooking, cutting angle’ is taken from my own years as a butcher whilst working as a chef.



The Meeting

The Interview Part 1

The Interview Part 2

The Restaurant A la Carte

Serving at Le Café Cannibal


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