Readicate Share Days

Readicate Share Days

What on earth is a ‘Readicate’ Share Day? Or more importantly what is a ‘Readicate?’

A mish mash of two words – notably – Read and Dedicate, so these days are Read, Dedicate and Share Days – meaning that when ever this image appears on the Greetings Post [I Just Wanted To Say]

It will mean that for that day, apart from a minimum of content posts l will not actually be writing any new content for that day itself, l will only be reading posts from my community and in typical Bloke style ‘sharing the content’, but it also means that if any of my readers want a specific post of their ‘shared out’ to my own community, that can simply request a Dedication and l will comply with their request for their chosen blog post.

There will be two of these days per week.

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