Random Quotes

I Have found that counting to 10 in some situations or even 100, then again even 1000 simply does not cut it. I tried 100,000 and realised that l might become bored shitless, so l decided to simply count leaves.
“So very very true. Everyone these days expects ‘lip service’ even from their fiends!”
Some of you may never walk hand in hand with your dark shadow. Be thankful. Those of us who do, battle each and every day with sinister inner conflicts that you cannot see, hear, touch or quite frankly even give a damn about. We have more strength than you may ever understand or comprehend.
“You never give your good health a second thought until the time you have poor health.”
The most depressing thing about depression is knowing that depression is depressing!
“Don’t just live in your cave, remember to think outside the bubble!”
“The element to discovering yourself is to not become ensnared in the compulsion to conform. You cannot be ‘yourself’ in the swarm!”
Strange … level = level = level = whichever way you look at it still equals level and yet still our world is hugely unbalanced?
Drop ‘expectations’ from your life and you will find that living in a world of annoying people becomes infinitely easier!
“Conformity Kills Creativity!!”
“Overly helpful people creep me out!!”
The biggest problems with society are its people – sounds harsh – but it’s not, not really. Of course everything is reflective upon a person’s individual interpretation – however … there are real people and then there are fake people or l like to sometimes refer to them as ‘pretend people’.
I see grey … no, wrong, l see pretend people a lot! So do most of you l guess, we all do, we are surrounded by pretend people most of our lives, they pretend to be friendly, they pretend to care, they are in essence the grey people of our lives, they are indefinitive – neither here nor there, just inbetween.
I dislike the grey people more than the pretend people, because the former don’t know where they want to be nor who they want to be, they love sitting on the fence which is simply sad, whilst the latter know who they are, but simply don’t like anyone else because they think they are always better than them, that is scary stuff!
But what’s truly terrifying is that most times the greys and the pretends \are most often or not simply known as the majority of society! They are better known as “Fear and Ignorance.”
People fear the wolves outside the gates and yet they forget that sometimes the greatest enemy of all is within the walls!
Recently someone said to me that my Aspergers, therefore my Autism defined me! That is not at all true, my Autism is purely a label identifying a part of my personality, it is not all of me, if anything perhaps it is a gift, an extra bit, but it’s not all of me, l am All of me. My life experience, my learnings, my understanding and comprehension of my life, my moments in life these all combined define who l am, they make me … Me! If anyone defines me, it is me alone!
I don’t regard my Asperger’s as a disability, although many regard autism as a whole that way – is this true? Or is the biggest disability really the ways and behaviour of our society who expects everyone to to be exactly the same as the next in line?
Why should l be the same as everyone else, just so that l can ‘fit in’ to the expectations of the mass simply to be accepted? I find that both disheartening and extremely disabling.
“Meh, some days are better than other days, the days when l have zero tolerance for anything and everything in this screwed up kalaeidoscope of catastrophe we call our world! However looking at the positive from the negative, thank goodness it’s only some days l feel like this!”
“Life isn’t supposed to be perfect!”
“I like my world to be quiet, silence is not my enemy.”
“I am often surprised at just how many people cannot abide their own company, they feel the need to be surrounded by hustle bustle and city life  – a cocophany of unwanted and unnecessary noise – just to feel a part of something other than just being a part of themselves, and then complain because they don’t have any alone time. When the reality is they fear being alone more than just enjoying thoughts with themselves.
My autism detaches me from certain things, and whilst many see that as disabling, l think that comes down to a person’s individual interpretation of what is. I can survive without people in my life. I don’t experience loneliness and never have, l know being alone but am comfortable with who l am even with inner conflicts.”
“It’s a mindset, that you are either willing to accept into your life or not, that’s really all it is. Being alone to me is a form of meditation, a reboot of my system – if more people stop pannicking about being in their own company, they might find that they are not so lonely.”
“I have found that sometimes with the darkest of tunnels that as tempting as a deviation into a hidden recess may be, the best steps taken are those that are forwards only!”
“What’s the point?
Do we really need a pupose?
To understand your purpose, you must first find the point. When you have found that point, you can then understand your purpose.
If you do not find the point, then your purpose is obvious.
It’s always about choice, not theirs, yours!
The world will never understand depression because it doesn’t want to understand the depth of sadness the mind can create for its host! The world doesn’t want to hear of depression because mental health of any type is a taboo subject for its society.
Oh that moment in time, every author or wannabe author suddenly has!!! By Jove, that’s it, that’s it damn it! The realisation to the Evisceration of Tweedledum!
You bring out the worst in me because the worst in me is the best for you, but in so doing l bring out the worst in you and then when the worst of me is enabling you to be the best of your worst, your devil mayeth appear!
So very true, and we are all guilty of it, all the time. We forget about things, we become complacent.
Had a morning outside in the real world away from the bubble! Strange beings you humans is all l can say!
Things l like a lot …..
Squashed Banana Sandwiches with twiglets, a great stretch and yawn, a good cheap coffee to drink, a rich coffee burnt wood smell, the things quirky people say, deep quotes, knowing the unknowing, thinking the unthinkable, letting the mind ponder, my dog, my partner, writing,wearing my hair short,a good balaeric beat, a great book, long sunny days, days with no limits, green eggs and ham, thinking abstractively, random thoughts, letting my mind go, to laugh till my sides hurt and the list goes on … how about you?
And so what if l like to wear odd socks??? Its creatively lazy!!
Today is the first day of the rest of your life!
We all change, it’s what makes us human!
When you are there, you are there.
From memory and darkness l rise,
The ashes a spot of my past
Renewed vigour fills my wings
Colour returns to my heart,
A plumage that means to last
The one constant thing that l find most annoying about pain is that it really is most unpleasant!
I think we should have a prohibitive switch attached to our heads, that is only activated ‘once’ we have coffee in the morning, and not before!
I do not work well before coffee!
Why does society insist on overcomplicating simplicity!!
The mind is a complex intricate place; it’s that area behind your nose and your face!
What’s normal anyway, l challenge anyone to seriously define normal in todays’ society! And why should we all be normal, just so to formulize and conform to everyone elses’ opinion of normality?
No such thing as normal anyway!
When the soul crashes, it has nowhere to go,
Broken connections, means a loss of flow,
Darkness descends at a startling speed,
Reflections of death encouraging demons’ greed,
Blistering heat ruptures the cells of the brain,
Macabre shadow dancers causing the pain,
Whisperings burning the mind into rage,
Meltdown resulting in emotional wreckage
The thing with depression is that it is so personally insidious and dark and compounds your fibre daily relentlessly. It is a soul sucking roller coaster ride with Dementor’s as your companions!
“There are those who talk without knowing, and others who listen without showing.”
If the tent is high the camping can be fun.
It would appear that stupidity is fast becoming an acceptable behaviour. I meet stupid quite a bit in life. Stupid is as stupid does l think. There is stupid and stupidity and l am none too sure if ‘stupider’ is great grammar but l love the word ‘stupider’ l meet more stupider than stupid and stupidity and that whilst funny, is far from intelligent !
Is this like becoming a National Pastime, is there going to be a day off for this now?
Be selective in your battles, sometimes peace is better than being right.
Expect the unexpected and remember to never, never say never!
It may be official; l think l am slowly disappearing into obscurity. Reclusive living may always have been my ultimate lifestyle, l am none too sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing tbh. 
Sometimes the last people to know anything are the ones who should have known in the first place.
“Don’t figure! Ok, so my social skills are poor at best, yet some still don’t get it, brain deads, brain dead, dead brains – being social is soooo overrated!”
“Mind your step, not everyone’s as big as you!”
“Despite popular belief. I am not a hermit! ‘A hermit is a person who lives, to some degree, in seclusion from society’.[Wikipedia] Albeit this bit about my existence may be true. I have chosen to live this way because:
“I am socially inactive or selectively social but l am not anti-social. There is a difference and trust me when l say it’s huge!”
“It’s a choice.”
“Is pleased to announce successful results on a 20 year study!! 20 years ago l began talking to myself, it takes dedication, motivation and energy to take it to the following level!! Now l can hold a 3 way conversation with myself!!”
“YES Victory is mine!!!”
The new age revolutionary concept concerning evolutionary motions! Pondercating on this subject today, not ranting mind, purely a self-gratification pondercation!
You know?
The problem with life is l guess the living. Rebirth or reincarnation is not always of the body but the mind.
Again l find myself on the path of rediscovery….lol, maybe!
‘Sure l swear, they are just words to me! It’s your over sensitive emotional interpretation that makes them personal to you!
I am very impressed with the way Mother Nature is hiding the End of the World
Have you ever wondered about ‘Time’? That five minutes, can so easily be misused – l mean think on it 300 seconds, does not seem that long does it. A full five minutes is just that – 300 seconds – what have you done in the last 300 seconds?
“We live in a demanding but thankless world.”
“The problems arise because of the problems that arose, when the problems were rising!”
“Don’t let anyone -ANYONE- tell you different.”
“And remember that you heard it here first on Wolly Wolly Bulu radio!”
So on that note, l may at times appear to be crazy as a loon, but you know what? It stops me from going insane.
It’s just a matter of opinion! Your opinuion simply doesn’t matter!
May the wolly wolly bulu be with you!!
By Jimmidy Cricket some people take social to a whole new level of bullshit.
“Today the word ‘some’ is annoying me!
Some days, some things, sometimes, somewhere, but mostly l think it’s even rawer than that – it’s simply ‘some people!’
No examples, just a major plural.
So sometimes, somewhere, some days some people annoy me!”
“In life we walk thousands of miles and earn ourselves millions of experience points, and just when you think that you have hit that level of knowledge when you understand, a bump will occur and steal many of those experience points from you, making you think, ‘Have l learned nothing?’ Why do l always seem to land in this spot, having walked away from this spot so many times afore, yet here l sit again – bolstering my strength to again walk.”
You know you are truly paranoid, when you ask yourself is it possible that flies can come back as ghosts?
People make me laugh!
Way too much choice in this world – l want things simple – doesn’t mean l am simple – just means l WANT THINGS SIMPLE!!!
“Memories of summer in the hot box?” You ask.
“Well, heat, cobwebs, spiders and one mustn’t forget the endless days of the shaggydog!”
I keep seeing these ‘memes’  or these sloganized banners, where they say ‘Can be a royal pain in the ass, l am really annoying!” and then say ‘But l have a heart of gold’
I keep looking at them and thinking ‘So what?
If you are a pain in the ass, you are a pain in the ass – don’t spoil your reputation by then saying something corny! Who gives a damn? How about honesty?
Here we go as an example of how it should read perhaps!
“I am a pain in the ass, a royal pain in the ass!
“But Guess What?”
“I don’t Care!”
The world has gone advertising crazy!
Why do we need all this advertising? The world survived well enough before an advert popped out at you every single second of every single day, and yet now, on the Internet we seemingly can’t survive without seeing them according to the advertising execs, well heads up people – we don’t need them, we don’t want them – wake up and start smelling the coffee you heartless sods!
“I am  beginning to hate the restrictions that socks and shoes pose!”
“You wear heels?” The sales assistant asked.
“No, of course l don’t wear bloody heels, l just hate shoes!!” I answered.
“You don’t know hate until you wear heels!” She answered.
“Oh right, well that’s okay then – so glad we had that conversation!”
OH NO!!!
No toilet paper, goodbye socks!!
When you are there, you are there.
When you are not, you’re not!
It is really that simple and complex at the same time.
No one said life was easy.
Is beginning to think that gadgets hate me! Ok so the new batteries came out of the TV remote, they go back in, and now l lose volume control and l can’t even turn the blessed thing off – like why me, damn it, why???
What amounts to a good innings to make one happy? 30 years, 50 years, 70 years?
Or just taking one day as it arrives with the dawn and living it?
 Just had the most amazing idea!!! – Reusuable Rizzla papers!!!
Our society loves to spout misinformation in a world of mass communications and data input – when the reality is that readers attend not to content but surface only. The answer is simple, if you want to be informed, then read the information – properly, correctly and judiciously and then and only then are you able to make an informed decision as to what is what not purely guess and second guess and come up with the wrong answers based upon a failure to comprehend logical knowledge in the first place!
Expectation is one of the biggest frustrations there is .. Next to people as they are also frustrating. Waiting for people is also a huge frustration as is the expectation of waiting for frustrating people to achieve expectation – any expectation – now that is totally frustrating!
You can and will never win when there are frustrating people involved in any exercise into expectation.
I think sometimes, people need to remember it’s not so much what is said, and it is not just what isn’t said – it is what is thought to have been said but wasn’t.
Recently someone asked me what was the Secret to complete and utter privacy?”
“Oh that’s simple … Don’t tell anyone anything anytime anywhere ever!”
“The truth will set you free, that’s what they used to say and yet now we live in a society that is so blatantly fake that the truth scares them! Like how the hell did that happen?”
“People who live in stones shouldn’t throw glasshouses!!
Twisted, back to front?
Because that’s what judgemental people are like!
Don’t judge what you don’t know.”
Today is the first day of the rest of your life and no matter how you read that or into it, tomorrow is the same except you will have already used today, and yesterday!
If you want true friendship that is unconditional and loyal to the end – get a dog! And because of that friendship they offer they are worth every minute of every day of the life they share with you and your family. As an owner and indeed their friend it is your responsibility and your duty to ensure that they live a healthy stress free life. You look after them and they look after you.

It isn’t rocket science, it’s fact.
I have come to the sad conclusion, that l am quite possibly quite unbalanced – yes l know what you are thinking but l am referring to being on a bike.
“I love the way that when you are so hot, so very hot, that the humidity turns you into an overall squeezed sponge, with sweat literally dribbling out of your pores, the fact that lose your breath because of the oppressiveness of its suddeness, the fact that you potentially might have a headache all day, that you can find no comfort inside and feel like a cat on a hot tin roof, the way that your t shirts turn automatically into sweat rags, that prickling sensation when huge droplets of moistened salt run down the nape of your neck after having pooled in the small crevices of your head. And let’s us not forget the flies or the lethargy – yes l do love the heat despite all of these cranky elements.”
“Remember to remember properly now or trust me you will forget later!!”
Is so tired and fatigued, l need a year off from life. Is there a button or something l can press to simply stop the planet?
“Remember this …
You will never be the difference if you act the same as those who shun those for being different …
… just sayin’”
“Some people are remarkably and reliably predictable.”
“At times, there are little pockets of silence in my world, voids of emptiness!”
“If life is not rocket science why is there always so much fuelling going on?”
The worse thing about anger is anger itself – that volatility you try to pretend you simply don’t have except when stress goes through the roof.
My therapist of old would say ‘So Vory is your anger justified?’
He would say that if you cannot justify your anger then it is pointless.
I liked what l said so much that l turned it into a sticker!
Spice’ is the variety of life!
Unless it is chilli flakes onto your tongue!
Then it’s just hell!
La gente esta muy loca
People are very crazy!
Don’t be fooled by the one’s who say they’re not! They all are! That includes you and yes, mawahahaha! Me too!
There is a lot to be said after the first morning coffee … you might not say it, you might say it about tea, but l say it about coffee.
What do l say about the first coffee of the day, you ask?
“Well l say a lot, but ONLY after the first cup, you’re insane if you think l am going to say much of anything before the first cup!!!!!”
When l was older, my parents wanted to know what l would like to be when l was younger, now that l am younger l want to know what l might like to be when l get older again?
Sometimes all you have is your dreams .. but you know what?
If you did not have your dreams, you would never have any aspiration or inspiration to be a dreamer. Don’t let go of them, no matter how small, how fantastical or how far fetched or hard work you think they may be. Keep them, work them and you could be surprised at what you may achieveIf some of you are reading this and thinking ‘is he referring to me and my dreams? … well maybe l am, but only in a good way.
Sometimes you just can’t be there for everyone elses problems … their woes, their stresses – because there are times when you have to put yourself first. Sometimes, we just have to remind ourselves that we are important too. I think we all forget that a lot.
“There is an intrinsic beauty to being you, that others cannot be, because they are not you true, no one else can be you true, because that’s you – it’s what makes you younique and it’s what makes you YOU!”

“Remember That!”
Of the many things you can be, the most important on the list is … be yourself, be you true and be proud!
Sometimes you just gotta … be the difference! I would rather be me than you!”
“Something new … a crazy thought even … don’t be the same as them … and if being different … then like TOTALLY be the DIFFERENCE! Own it! Make it yours!
Fails to understand why so many play with fire without fully understanding the basics rituals or concept behind its power!?
Remember this  … it don’t hurt to be a little different in today’s world, l’d say it’s a prequisite to surviving the insanity!
Be Proud to NOT be the same!
“Being different is ok – it shows originality!!”
“We are all wrapped differently – be proud to be diverse, don’t let society unravel who you are!”
“It’s ok, yes it’s ok to be different …… in fact l think it should be compulsory to be younique. it should be your obligation!”
“Don’t be content to be the same … be different! Yes, it’s that simple!”
“Being different is OK … but don’t forget …You’re never too busy to be you! Don’t let society change who you are!”
“Aw shucks! tried ‘normal’ the other day … scariest five minutes of my life! It was a real bolt from the blue to the system, for a live wire like myself … l nearly went nuts about how screwy it all was! The lesson don’t go mixing and mismatching parts of you to be like someone else, when all you need to do is be you, only you and the whole you!”
“What more needs to be said? Be you! Do IT your way!”
“Yes of course labels aside! What are you precious or something?”
“We are all much stronger than we think … we just have to remember to believe that!”
“Sometimes l pretend to be normal – but it’s way too tiring – and l struggle to define it – so just go back to be different – which is easier!!”
“Remember this above everything else, there are many  things you can be, you can BE different if you want, but the best thing to be, to truly honestly be is YOU, yourself, who can you be, if not you?”
“Society shouldn’t ask for opinions, if they cannot handle the answers they receive! Being honest is not a crime and neither is being true to who you are! remember that and be you true!”
“Nobody listens any more, nobody pays any attention – and yet everyone demands our attention. I used to think that the world moved faster as we got older, that time got quicker!
That’s not true – it’s simpler than that – the world still moves the same pace, time still ticks along the same way as normal. We still have 60 seconds to a minute and 60 minutes to an hour – same as it was when l was a kid and yet time seems to simply disappear without a trace?
The truth is this – society has simply sped up in expectations of time – modern technology makes it appear that time is shorter – because everyone and their mother want a piece of our time.
The likes of the Internet, the good, bad and ugly aspects of this global cyber space makes it look like time is passing like water between our fingers. The Internet changed our world and our perceptions of time usage and wastage. Constantly we are barraged with adverts – none of which have sought our permission to display themselves to us – demands on the most precious of our commodities – Our Free Time.
And so, what comes around goes around – Nobody listens and more, nobody pays attention.”
“Despite society opinion of what is acceptable .. it’s OK to look at the world differently! Don’t be afraid to be younique!”
“There are times – can be days even a week – when l am talkative and can be heard by others, other times my talking is heard by myself only – there are times when l just wish to be quiet and reflective and keep myself to myself – this is nothing to do with friends or those who know me, it is just my down time – my way of getting the world and all its applications out of my head and simply keeping the useful data in there. More people should not be afraid of silence from others or perceive it as a problem, but see it as a sign of strengthening ones’ soul.”
Life begins at 40 …
Okay so that’s bollocks, we will start again.
Life begins at 50 …
Mm, well maybe life begins at 60?
Since hitting 50, my body has decided to down cline on me, not just decline – but literally down cline!
The caravan l think aged me by a good thirty years, so maybe the truth is that in reality l am actually 82, and if that is the case then dayum, but l feel good!!
“A lot of people bug me, but l think it is the imbecility in people that bugs me the most! Is stupid becoming a fashion statement or something?”
“Don’t be afraid to be different from society, be very afraid to be the same!! Be differently OK!”
“Whatever you do today, make sure you do it your way, be happy loud and proud to be different!”
“You don’t have to search the web to be different and there is no need to spin a yarn to make a difference, weave your own style, don’t get stuck on specifics – just be younique!”
“Be the Difference – Own it!”
“The beauty of being different and thinking differently, is to not be afraid of letting your ideas take you places!”
“Remember this, if you are going to be anything, be anything YOU want to be, and not what they say you should be! It’s your life!”
“Trust me … normal is overrated … just be you!”
“Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary! Don’t be the same, be younique!”
“It’s OK to be different! It means you think and see for yourself! And that is more than OK! Don’t ever be ashamed to be you! Take control of your life and Be You True!”
“A little crazy a day, helps to keep conventionality and normality away! Ok to be different! Be you true!”
“Ding! Be the one … be the moment … be the epiphany …”
“Being different, and being proud to be different is way, way better than letting the sameness drive you nuts and squirrelling away at your sanity! If you think you can, you can, you walnut fail!”
“Everyone wants to be different, not realising they already are, the secret to its success is not being afraid to admit to it and understanding that just by being you, you are already different to those who want to be the same as everyone else!”
“One day society is going to wake up and realise that everybody is different to the next person anyway. That there is ‘no’ such thing as normal and in truth, the real strangeness is those who deliberately work to achieve conformity and conventionality because of their fear of everyone else’s uniqueness! Be who you are, who you were born to be – there is no guilt is being proud to not conforming to society’s fear of different! Be You True!”
“If you don’t try, you’ll never know what you can achieve, so the answer is, don’t quit too soon, don’t just give up – get up, try again. It’s NOT rocket science you know!”
“It’s alright to be different, to not run with the crowds – so my advice is DONT – just be You True, you’ll be ‘appier!”
“Being the difference, makes the difference!”
Wash, Rinse, Repeat,
“One day you may simply wake up during your life and look at how you are as a person, all your routines, the mundanity, the paths you have taken, not taken and it is at that moment that you decide to change. Every body changes, everybody should change, they should take at least a moment if not a few during each and every year to evaluate their life.
And then, you should act on those changes, they may seem baffling to your family, they may confuse your friends, but you know what? It is your life, not theirs, you must do what makes your life different, more worthwhile.
Do not fall into the wash, rinse, repeat cycle, change it.”
“Nothing wrong with being different, just means you have the courage and conviction to believe in yourself and your abilities to think differently!”
“Remember this; life is too short to not be yourself, don’t worry so much about being different, quirky, out there or whichever, but always be honest to you!  Be yourself, be you true, be the younique personality that you are, and you know what else .. to hell with society and what they make think of your differences!!”
“I see the same ol’, same ol’ wherever l look these days! Don’t be afraid to look different!”
“Don’t ever be afraid to be different! Be more afraid to be the same as everyone else!”
“Sweeping leaves on a windy day and OCD do not mix, trust me on this! Sometimes l can drive myself nuts!!
“The most confusing part to all of this world is the people – those we don’t know, those we do know. I know some very confusing people!”
“I have come to the conclusion with people who like to talk too much and don’t know when to shut up, that they are like ack ack guns, they love the sound of their own voice and they make louder bangs than everyone else, just for effect! Some people like lots of noise – unmoderated, unregulated but necessary noise. – cannot stand this type of noise!”
“Sometimes through the absence of clear thought, people believe they have made life easier for themselves, but in reality and in truth, they have made it harder for themselves, and sometimes there is no return from that single potential clear thought.”
“We can’t always be OK everyday, we don’t need to be, we just need to learn that that’s ok too, it’s ok to not be.”
“The secret to success is to create confusion. Therefore if l write something that confuses the reader – do not attack it or question it – leave it be. Do not feel the need to comment or try to understand it if you do not understand it already. To understand my confusion is like trying to tell me you know what it is l am thinking. It is you who may be confused by my written word, only you. For l am not confused – l wrote it and l was not confused at the time, only you were.”
“For a world dedicated to efficient communications in a host of techno wizardry orientated gadgets – the world actually sucks at ‘effective communications! Have you noticed how very few people actually really talk anymore?”
“So many people go ‘on’ about wanting to be unique and YET, everyone is unique – there is no one else that is you, therefore you are you, celebrate that fact.
So today, with it being Saturday – Award yourself a salute for simple being you!
Let’s all be Hot, hot, hot!!!”
“Had a sudden thought and an eye opening realisation! Will act on it soon. “Thanks everybody, so glad we discussed this today.”
“Well that’s pretty random – even if l do say so myself, oh wait a minute! I did!”
“That moment in your life, when you suddenly think – you know what? l am comfortable with who l am, hell l even like me, but my life is too easy, and l need to complicate it a little – not stress mind, just a little more complication – it makes it a bit more of a challenge!”
“I have come to the conclusion that people who say they know me don’t know me at all. They probably don’t know you either.”
“Have you noticed how quickly time passes by? The ticking of the life clocks continues to do so whether you are aware or not of its presence. Most people abuse time without ever thinking about it, wasted time is lost forever, meaning that we have to make more use of our time available. Making time work for us, instead of losing ourselves in its passing.”
I Have found that counting to 10 in some situations or even 100, then again even 1000 simply does not cut it. I tried 100,000 and realised that l might become bored shitless, so l decided to simply count leaves.
“Some of you may never walk hand in hand with your dark shadow. Be thankful. Those of us who do, battle each and every day with sinister inner conflicts that you cannot see, hear, touch or quite frankly even give a damn about. We have more strength than you may ever understand or comprehend.”
“You never give your good health a second thought until the time you have poor health.”
Sick to the back teeth of advertising on the Internet – intrusive, invasive and not fricking relevant half the time!
Stop the fricking pop ups!
It’s not the advertising l hate, it’s the annoyance of it!
“Duh! I am so utterly utterly naive at times, l scare myself!”
“Strange, Time is the one thing people maintain they have so little of, yet it is the one thing that is wasted so often, and yet still we hear of people complaining that they have wasted time, and not enjoyed the time they wasted – so the question therefore is this:
If you can not enjoy the time you have wasted, why waste it?
Making time work for you is the master stroke to making your life fuller.”
“We live in a new age society, where the Internet, electronic communication and social media platforms rule the way forwards.
Today many are unable to write without using full on hidden languages such as ‘text speak’, people have forgotten the magical power of the written word, additionally many can not be bothered to read, more still have no concept of research. The only language considered best in communication is spoken, again mostly using electronic means – if you are not speaking are you social? If you choose to communicate with the written word, whilst you are ‘speaking’ so often you are simply not heard.
Social media users rely upon sloganism – words and phrases created by others to display emotions – for they can not think of their own words to describe how they feel.
We are all – ALL – guilty at times of abbreviating our English [BRB, OK, IDD, KK etc.] But is this because many now are too lazy to write the full word or are clueless as to how it is spelled? Grammar and punctuation in the next twenty years may be a thing of the past for many more than it is today already…
Social media users put links up on their platforms for others to read, and yet hardly ever read those same links themselves?
The list is endless, society and independents alike are all guilty of not just joining the ‘rat race’, but becoming the one thing man has always been against – robotisation – becoming nothing more than just a cog in the mechanised world in which we live.
It’s more than simply frightening, it’s becoming a hard and fast super uber reality!”
“People believe the Internet is the answer to everything. We all see it everyday, it’s all around us. We see it in the social media we use and even in the social media we dont. The Internet according to many is the ‘answer’. People talk of applications this and applications that, and that the way of our society is to have more information readily available, day in and day out.
Do you know what is wrong with this?
That’s right it’s people – who in the main, want information at their disposal, quick and easy, sufficient and efficient, but they seemingly forget that we don’t have the ability to process half the information that is uploaded hourly on the internet. Nevermind trying to cope with a single day’s worth. People think they need it, and yet much of the time they don’t actually interact with it, because it’s too much, it’s too overwhelming.
The Internet is a truly beautiful beast, but at times it’s just way too much, people demand more than they need. Everyone wants to be online, but in so doing, they are forgetting how to communicate with each other outside of all the applications.
The Internet is both a blessing and a curse and it will be the start of the decline to the very ethos of our society, it will finish us.”
“Sometimes it only takes a little nudge, to discover the answers.”
“Yesterdays’ are Todays Tomorrows!”
“If you stare into the dark for long enough … it stares back…
And then it speaks and then you write!
“Have you noticed how quickly time passes by? The ticking of the life clocks continues to do so whether you are aware or not of its presence. Most people rape time without ever thinking about it, wasted time is lost forever, meaning that we have to make more use of our time available. Making time work for us, instead of losing ourselves in its passing.”
“What’s the point?
Do we really need a pupose?
To understand your purpose, you must first find the point. When you have found that point, you can then understand your purpose.
If you do not find the point, then your purpose is obvious.
It’s always about choice, not theirs, yours!
There is no future in learning: The more you study, the more you know. The more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. The less you know, the less you forget. The less you forget, the more you know.”
“The world will never understand depression because it doesn’t want to understand the depth of sadness the mind can create for its host! The world doesn’t want to hear of depression because mental health of any type is a taboo subject for its society.”
“I still find it astonishing at times just how unimportant some things can be … you know?”
“Where are the scientific studies that show grumpiness to be a benefit?”
“You know, it’s not that l don’t give a damn about people, l do, but l lean more towards those who actually give a damn about themselves in the first place. If you can be bothered, well – so too can l! It’s not rocket science, it’s not even philosophy it’s just a simple human honesty that goes a long way.”
I am very impressed with the way Mother Nature is hiding the End of the World – according to all the soothsayers it’s literally just around the corner and yet l think if any one element would know when our time is up – it might well be her – as l feel she may just decide to kick us all off her planet!
“I think in essence mankind has taken all the fun out of living!”
“Some people, not all, but many have said that they find me a very challenging personality, and they are surprised l have got to the age l am still in one piece? Huh! That just goes to show how people judge you on first appearances, little do they know l broke into many pieces ages ago!”
“It’s the breaks in life we experience and the ability to get back up, after being broken that displays the real challenge to life and how we cope!” But people don’t think like that, do they?
“Challenging indeed!”
“The words of today are stress, pressure, frustration, anxiety and volacanic anger!
These are not good emotions to have, when all l want is calm! None of these when present are conducive to an active or fulfilling day!
“ABC + CBA = B … it’s a thinking pattern you know – l firmly believe it’s one of the communicative patterns of Aspergian thought! It simply cannot be exclusive to me alone though, it’s more a case of admitting to thinking differently, which l do, perhaps even abstractively, but not randomly although l do that as well – just slightly different to you, l mean after all, if we both arrive at B does it matter two hoots how we arrive to that point?”
“Apparently it does!”
“Does everyone else get those oddish feelings at times, when you feel that you are outside looking at yourself, and as you are doing that you are scratching your head in complete and utter bewilderment?”
“Am l missing something here? Is there a place people go to on the weekend to get a new ‘stupid’ head – the how stupid can l be head?’ The , ‘ l am not happy with my sensible head, l want a new nonsense head shop?’ Do these places exist? Is stupidity so bloody rife these days that people don’t know how to be sensible anymore?’
“If l read an advert that says the item is for sale and it’s 100 miles from my location, and also states, No delivery/collection only – l see several things – l see the item l want, l see the price, then l have to be sensible and think, mm, l am 100 miles away from that, and l have to collect it, is it viable? I don’t basically inform the seller l want it and then complain about the damn distance and then get shirty when they will not deliver!”
“But apparently that is way to sensible of me, so again l ask, am l missing something, is there a shop that sells ‘stupidity heads or just plain stupidity?”
Saying NO, does not make me a bad person or lazy. If you offer me the choices of yes and no, and l choose the latter, then perhaps the next time if you want honesty – don’t give me bloody choices?
“Where the fuck is the fun in perfection?!”
The problems with families are the inside people!
Note to self:
When on fire, DO NOT pat yourself out with a knife in one of your hands!!
The Do’s & Don’ts of living in a caravan during winter:
There ain’t no pretty way of glorifying a bad decision!
Once, they said that computers would spell the end of the world, the end of mankind as we know it, that robots would lead the way forwards with not just digital technology, but everything … perhaps all that was meant was that as people, we would simply become forgotten, we would become automated, robotized and brutalized – that our social language would not just be lost beneath the waves of binary, but classed as unnecessary and if that is the case, then yes, the age of the Internet does indeed dehumanise us.
“What is the meaning of life??”
With the amount of times l have asked this question of myself as well as ‘What is the point?’ If l awarded myself a buck for every one moment, l would be wealthy. But you know, it’s one of those unanswerable questions, so these days l simply answer with .. Rory!! Who gives a flying fuck! Just live it!”
“Perhaps people only truly know what they want when they have lost what they once had? Then maybe they truly know …”
Sometimes it is so easy to not be shocked, when you expect something and nothing happens, then when you least expect something, something does happen!
Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Perhaps l simply shouldn’t say or expect anything!
“Don’t even ask!”
“Just let me scream and laugh with frustration, here it comes!!”
“I think it always helps you let out a jolly good yell at least once a day!”
Care to join me?
“Being social is just, so – overrated!”
“Say what you mean and mean what you say! Not hard is it? Not rocket science!”
“I find a lot of comfort in the following … It’s Ok, so Ok, to be Different! There is no fun what so ever in being the same as everyone else! So strive where you can, to be true to you, be unique, be different and to hell with everyone else’s opinion and judgements of what they personally define as being acceptable!”
“People, from all walks of society constantly ask and argue about the point.
‘What’s the point?’ They cry.
Not understanding that not only is there a point, but there is always a point, and when they discover for themselves that not only is there a point, but a pretty damn good point being made, then suddenly they are awash with the point of it.
I am sure you understand the point now yes?”
“Our lives are a series of components, of moments, perfect and others not, all linked together expressed at times in the form of a chain reaction of discovery – not just about others, but more importantly about ourselves. These all make for a journey, an exploration of our life ………. having said this, imagine this if you can … discovering that moment of relief!
When you realise that there is not a strange thing poking you in the bum, only that you have put your boxer shorts on backwards and the buttons are saying hello!”
I know a lot of weird and wonderfully creative people!
They have a skill set unique to themselves, be this in a craft, humour or philosophy – trust me if you asked them the question of if they had the choice to be different or normal, l know what they would answer.
Be proud to be different, be unique, but above everything be you, and for the love of all things sane, stop trying to be so fucking normal!
“Everyone has a dark past, it’s called your shadow!”
“I know that you know that l know that you know that l know, you know?”
“Me, myself and l that’s who l am, if you don’t like it …. quite frankly l don’t give a damn!”
“We can talk about anything, anything you want, just don’t bore me! I wanna talk about sex, drugs, rock and roll, aliens, life and death, supernatural, diversity, your fears and vulnerabilities, l want depth, intellect, stimulation … from deep within your mind … not how’s the weather?”
“I sometimes wonder if people care to think on how stressful it is to explain what is going on in your head when many a time you fail to understand it yourself? It can be most betwixting at times!”

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