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01 – 54

Lustful Challenges

Sexual Magic

Little Black Numbers

Just Call Me … Dad

Nesbitt Hair

A Suicidal Cold Day

Aspergically Yours

Forgotten Years – A Writers Sorrow

Not for reblog

Just Nuts!

Lost in Complexity

Slide Away

The Memory of Time Afore

An Ocean of Echoes Whispering Pools, Clouded Puddles The Pain of the Insane/The Depressingly Internal Mind
14 – 48 Yesterdays’ Bombshells Armadillos Bathtime Awaken
A One Day Maybe Philosophy Bitter Sweet Flaws Honesty
In Search of Nine Times A Lucky One Step Closer
Purgatory Something Wickedly … Reflections of Yesterday
Smiles of my Nightmares Now the Swallows Have Gone This Old House
Lost In Post The Shneeky Shock Wilderness
Winter’s Breath With Privileges Better Off Dead Than In Captivity
666 – I’m Not Cynical but … Branded By Society Metallica
Brutally Honest Chasing the Dragon Decay
Femme Fatale!! Hidden Day Just Not Today
LUCK is actually spelt JINX Night Walkers Nocnitsa
Ode to Fellatio Johnson Perilously I Ask Is It Just Me? Pulse

One Night Stand Clubbing Style

Extreme Sexuality

Swaying Other Ways

55 – 108

The Smell of … The Awakening The Dead End or Not! Three Season’s Bachelor Man
Think back Thoughts Highway Kissing The Knife
River Still Be Downtime … The Dog’s Bond – As I Look Into Your Eyes
White Out A Realistically Bleak Outlook Bottlin
Bear Necessities Black Sky Black White and Grey
Blind Date Confuddling Blunderously Chocolatey Colours of the Night Time Day
Child Within Melancholy Can Cook, Just Wont Cynically Twisted
Creative Ambience Decline Darkest Sin
Deadly Sins Dark Rose, Dark Light Destiny
Darkest Hour Choices Domani è troppo tardi – Tomorrow is Too Late Dysfunctional Communications
Echoing Footsteps Earthen Simplicity – Autumn’s Fallen Edge of Darkness
Frosted Kiss Faraway Olde Sweet Shoppe One Day …
World of Geekcraft FDG! Fluently Broken
Foolishly Romantic Graveside Hexed
Island of Lost Gardens I Miss That Intricate Silliness
I Am Solitary Tree Ladders in the Wind – Perfect Moments Lost Dawns
Looking for Beauty Live Like an Eskimo Murther Most Foul
My Darkness Ends Ooh Tickle Me Do!!! Oopsy Daisy

109 – 162

Hanakotoba: – Glimpse Hanakotoba: – Deepest Blush Hanakotoba: – True Colours of the Black Rose
Hanakotoba – Himawari Hanakotoba: – Oriental Burst Hanakotoba: – The Last Kotoba
Hanakotoba: – Eyes Wide Shut It’s My Blog
Sorry, I Need to let rip again!
Roosters Same Day, Different Day
Retrospective Corrective Perspective ….
Darkness unleashed unto pretty people! Fishing! My Darkest Sins
Nightmares Time’s Flight Today l was poked, by a little prick!
Open Shut Eyes Wide Pot of Gold Postcards
Quis es? [Who Are You?] Relic Reality Vs. Fantasy Vs. Actuality Buff!
Shadows Storm Riders Scare Tactics
Salute To The Frozen Seat So Not Fair The Remains of the Day – The Complete Poem
Times’ Forgotten Child The Closed Mind of Society The Late Summer’s Whispering
Timelessly Deep The First Time Tickle FSCW Words!
That Loving Touch Tormented Souls Unspoken Whispers
Sensual Paths La Carte a des Rapports Sexuels 1992/2012 Back to Front Men Delightful Slices
Guilty as Sin Glam Shebangsters ... Of Just Being Human
Grim Reality Ideal Date Is it – Is It Really?
MindField! Morning Murders! Philosophy of the Love Crafting
The Hiding Smile The Catalyst Within The World is Not as we Know It – Gothically Nasty

163 – 216

Wasted Time Black Heart – Touched by Darkness Myth
Behind … Broken Communications Stiff In The Morning!
Sunday’s Clock Glitch Secrets Beneath the Rock Anger Within
The Lost Touch of Yesterdays Waterfalls of the Mind All Woman
Autumns Dawning Lost in the Musical Serpent The Wind and the Sea …
The Saga of Seasonal Ducking Mr Farty Pants Smarting Bot! The Psychedelic Beehive!
Dash, Splash and Lashings to It All! Note to Myself –  Don’t Be My Own Mundanity!! Tripping the Light Fantastic
The Secret To … One Step Closer Thousand Love Songs Tomorrow is Another Day
When Swans Fly Home Off The Wall All I Want
If You Are Not the One Trust Winter’s Draw
Was It Only Yesterday Growing Pains Sensual Path: The Way of Us
To Be a Waterfall What Was Once 1.37am My Time
Artisan’s Partisans Don’t Give Head to the Point! End of Days
Just Cluelessly Bad La règle du jeu Moments in Time
Dances Does the Wind Blow Eye Moments Islands of Illusion
Loving Blossom Lanes Her Indoors Backwards Thought
Golden Sunsets Woman Starlight Tears What a Wonderful Life
Mind’s Eye Mechanical Lip Service Mornings, Mirrors and Me

217 – 270

Hidden Within – Within Hidden It’s The Little Things Oh Woe Is Me
Of Our Yesterday Son of Yesterdays Father The Hidden Deep Keepers
Omnes qui confidunt est Unattainably Sunken United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Was It Only Yesterday When l Was Younger … The One Long Day
Yesterday Red Sea Rider Broken Tear
Just As It Is The Misfortunate Dwayne Bluter Flesh Like Candy
Season of Discontent Nearly Three Thousand Fridays Tonight’s The Night
Depth Awakening

Not for reblog

Murphy Cursed Me Totally Today! Country Boy Living
The Perversity, Diversity and Adversity of Reading We Are …. Are We?

Prompted Poetry

The Musical Galleria of Life! The Book of Only Look! Dash, Splash and Lashings To It All!
Garden Cloister The Bothered Spider!! A Muse Sings!!
Fresh outa the Cuckoo Nest! Tossing off for the Lady! The Nutty Tales of Wally
Nothing Beats a Good Pear! When is a Door, Not a Door? Cheeky Blogging Politics
Be Gone with Ya! Twinned Within Written A Man Alone ….
Wishful in Rome! Twisted Innocence! Just Sayin’ Like!
Always Looking for the Or! Inuendo On the Floor! Peck Request!
Don’t Look, Don’t Blink! Vibrational Reverberation!! TAO O!
The Rhyme of Qualm is … The Insider Inside Her!! Just Another Shawl on the Wall!
The Silky Panther!! The Cockswoon’s Token Poking!! The Woodland Pixies
Taxi driver, struggling writer!!! The Beast Within the Beast Within! A Trip to The Alchemist
The Last Purple Dragon of Delaware! The Standard Issued Kid It’s My Blog ….
Chalking It Up To Miss Givings! Might Contain Ridiculousness The Word Eaters!
When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!” Keep On Walking! ‘Funny Brain on a stick with a quirky dick!’

“I Feel Shitty!”

Magic Shrooms!!! Creating a Tale in an Ocean of Teeth! The Great Word Blogger’s Prompt
Sorry, I Need to let rip again! Sharp Like To The Bone!

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