NROP: Press here – On how condoms became more difficult to use.

You need to read this complexity in a box post from none other than Goldie 🙂

One day at a time...

You are in the heat of the moment.

You and your partner are locked in a tight embrace.

Hands moving up and down.

Your lips glued to their lips.

In the olden days reciprocity was understood as consent. Today? Not so much.

Today, we need to obtain consent for every move we make. Some people joke that attorneys should be involved so that there is not chance for litigation at a later time.

“Stop, stop! Are you sure you want to kiss me?” – he asks.

She continues to kiss his neck.

“Seriously, stop.”

He pulls away, stands up and makes her say the words.

“Yes, I wanted to kiss you, but you have ruined the mood” – she says while putting her shoes back on.

In order to assist us with getting consent (or avoiding getting sued), an Argentinian company came up with a “consent condom“. Their…

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No Pressure, Writer!

Check this out – seriously nicely done by Chris 🙂

luna's on line

genre writing challenge lunasonline No Pressure Writer by chris hallI watch the time countdown on my screen. My shift is about to start. I run my fingers over the keyboard. I’m ready.

The workload has been increasing. So far I’m keeping up. The monitoring is continual. From the moment you are woken until the lights and screens are turned off: when to shower, when to eat, when to take a break.

It’s all about production, efficiency, the bottom line.

Clock in, clock off, clock out. Thank you for your contribution.

At least I’m only writing ‘soapies’ to entertain the masses. Imagine the pressure if I was doing something crucial.

100 word story written in response to Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Writing Challenge April 16: Technological Horror

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All That Matters ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

I think the poem here by Walt is the very essence, the credo of all writers 🙂

Walt's Writings

I spend a lot of time with words
Reading them… Writing them
Learning them… Saying them
As a poet
Words are all I have
To create images and feelings
In the mind of a reader
I want the words I choose
To let a reader
See the sunset I’m writing about
To feel the raindrops hitting his face
To hear the music of the night
To smell the fresh cut flowers
And even to taste the fresh brewed coffee
Words are my paint brushes
That create the art of my poetry
I choose my words carefully
Because in the end
All that matters
Are the words

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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A-to-Z Challenge: Optimism

Sa combined A-Z with Optimism and Attitude from 321 🙂

Culture Shocks

Kristen has invited us to think about attitude for Rory’s 3.2.1. Quote Me Challenge this week. I discovered a poem and some quotes about optimism and its link to attitude which makes me reflect on my own life. Enjoy!

Heal Yourself
By: Laya Sarath

The self within you is perturbed
Rusty, Dusty, unclear and broken
Ruptured spirit you carry within
It needs to be healed…
Healed from within your spirit
The soul needs to be nourished
With good deeds and thoughts
The soul within must be rejuvenated
Neatly cleaned and polished so to
Flow positive energy through body…
Cleanse the spirit, awaken yourself
Embrace solitude
Solitude I say is very powerful
To know the being within you

Some days you are more powerful
Than anyone around you..
Your company to self has stronger
And greater impact in life…
You would feel more relaxed
And determined on your own…
And that’s…

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What’s My Story then #2

Beautifully expressed by Sadje 🙂

I cannot find her, no matter how many

Pipes I collect of clay, of wood ,of reeds

Keep it alive

What’s My Story Then?

“The Unfavourable Consequences of Pan”

Using the image above and the title below it “The Unfavourable Consequences of Pan” can you create a 100 – 300 words story or poem

No matter how many pipes I collect

The one I am seeking, I cannot find

In reeds and in winds I search for her

But not a single clue can I find of her

My beloved where have you gone

That all my tunes and songs have fallen silent

There are murmurs on the winds

Lost songs that I seek high and low

I cannot find her, no matter how many

Pipes I collect of clay, of wood ,of reeds

Written in response to;

What’s My Story then #2

A Prompt by Rory or Bloke


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