So You Think You Can Interrogate?!

This is Classic, classic Britchy – a total MUST READ!!!

You can’t get literature from modern authors this grand!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

The ever fun – filled Guy Called Bloke has created another challenge! This is one I’m going to love because it’s answering questions that don’t have right or wrong answers like when was the battle of Hastings and explain Hookes law! It’s also very long because as you probably already know, I Don’t Shut Up! You’ll learn a lot about me though – I suggest you stop right here.

I’m absolutely a devoted follower of Rory’s blog. It’s just like him, a glorious mash up of everything from the sublime to the ridiculous interspersed with some very thought provoking reads. You should absolutely give him a follow. He’s one of the bastion’s of our blogging society in my opinion. (No Edwina I said BASTION you deaf dingdong!)

So this is a twenty questions challenge. These are the questions I had to answer. The rules, my questions and the nominees I’ve…

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The Three TV Shows that I watch when I have Flu (or just sick).

When Kristian is is ill he ….

Tales from the mind of Kristian

OK I was tagged by Guy called bloke to share the three tv shows I like to watch when I am ill. See post below:

Right, well you may or may not be aware that I like old stuff and my choice of TV shows I watch are very much in that vein.

My number one go to TV show to watch when I am ill is a TV show that actually aired for the first time before I was born. I own it on DVD and watch it regularly. It goes on for several hours and so I know if I don’t feel better by the time I get to the end of it I should probably see the doctor.

This is a TV programme called “I Claudius”.

It is a BBC adaptation of a book written by Robert Graves about the Roman Emperor Claudius and his family…

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