No Planet B Design Directory


Design Directory Vs. Post Inclusion.

These designs can be made availablle in Sticker or another product from Redbubble should anyone wish. Just drop me an email to explaining what you might to see the design on.

Many thanks Rory Matier

Each design has a post/s attached to it, which can be seen directly below the design itself.

Muddy paw

Animals Have Rights Too You Know!

Bull Fighting

They Call It Entertainment


Plastic Ahoy


Ducks on The Horizon

Save the Last Straw For Me!

Deforestation- STOP THE CHOP

More Forest Than Gump

Leaf print

Only Ours

Green Thinking

Bee Extinct B

How Can We Bee … Helpful?



Stop Palming Off Our Orangutans

Leaf Web3

Never Too Small


Not A Beautiful Life

Fox & Badger

Scrapegoating Wildlife Icons

Blood Splatter2

Blood Splatter2

Our Captives Cease To Exist


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