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How to create a consistent feel for character names in a fantasy setting?

How do you come up with a good fantasy character name?

So you want to create good fantasy names?

  1. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes as they pick up your book for the first time. …
  2. Keep the name consistent with your worldbuilding. …
  3. Pay attention to the sound of the character name. …
  4. Try tweaking existing names from cultures and countries (or a fantasy name generator).

How do you name a character in a fantasy book?

When choosing names for characters specifically, there are a few guidelines it’s usually wise to keep in mind: Try to make characters’ names distinctive from one another, and be consistent in how you talk about the same character. Remember, your readers don’t know your characters as well as you do.

What makes a good name for a character?

In reality, a character name has just a few things to establish: Clarity: Helps the reader differentiate between the major players. Character: Reveals personality and the type of character without needing to say more than a word. Bankability: The right name can make your character iconic.

How do you come up with location names?

7 Tips to Creating Fictional Location Names

  1. Make the location pronounceable. …
  2. Consider the terrain before you come up with the name. …
  3. Use real world examples for your fictional ones to help get the creativity flowing. …
  4. If you name a place after a person then you need to come up with some history.

What name means death?

Thana means “death.” Thanatos is also a Greek name for the god of death.

How do you create a unique name?

Things to Consider When Creating a Unique Name

  1. The length of the name and how many syllables it has.
  2. How easy it is to spell.
  3. How easy it is to pronounce.
  4. Your child’s initials.
  5. The names of your other children.
  6. Whether you want the name to be gender-neutral.
  7. Your child’s last name and how it sounds with the first.

How did JK Rowling come up with names?

She draws character names from literature, mythology, history, astronomy, and countless international languages. No character is named haphazardly; families have consistent naming patterns (like the celestial Blacks and the floral Evanses) and individual characters’ names match their personas.

How do you name a fictional kingdom?

How To Name Kingdoms

  1. The setting of your story. This fictional naming system will not apply to books about the present day or real life since you already have the names. …
  2. The function of the place. …
  3. The geographical location. …
  4. The people living in the city. …
  5. Symbolism. …
  6. Names. …
  7. Inspiration. …
  8. Alteration of spelling.

How do you think of a city name?

Pick where you want your city to be (or to suggest being), find a dozen cities in that area, look for a rule, and invent a name that fit both that rule and the mood you are trying to create. Show activity on this post. I like to use a naming generator to help me get an idea of what sort of names fit my story.

How do you not name a character?

Similar endings: Avoid giving your characters names that end the same way, like “Madison” and “Jason,” or worse yet, names that rhyme, like “Shelley” and “Kelly.” Repeated vowel sounds: “Janeen,” “Lee,” and “Edith” all share a long ‘e’ sound.

What are some unique names?

Choose an original name for your one-of-a-kind baby!

Here are some lovely unique names to consider:

  • Aminah. …
  • Belinda. …
  • Chantria. …
  • Cinzia. …
  • Cressida. …
  • Dionne. …
  • Haruko. …
  • Houda.

How do I choose a name for myself?

Think about the identity that you intend to cultivate, and choose a name that fits with your vision for the new you. You may have connotations about certain names: tough, sweet, adventurous, etc. Pick a name that helps you become who you want to become. Name yourself after someone inspiring.

What are some non binary names?

If you’re looking for a nonbinary name that has become increasingly popular within the past few years, explore the 25 options below:

  • Haven.
  • Karter.
  • Rowan.
  • Taylor.
  • Spencer.
  • Ellis.
  • Emery.
  • Morgan.