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Doin’ The Dirt Directory
Seasons 1 – 3 – 2018 – 2020
Leap Year Gardening Directory
Season 4 – 2020 – 2020
The Dug Out’s Secret Garden Directory
Season 5 – 2020 – 2021
A – Z Gardening Compendium
Season 6 – 2021 –
The Compost Bin
Continued Season – 02/01/2021 –
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Season One – Doin’ The  Dirt … Eh – Spring/Summer 2018
Doin’ The Dirt … Eh?Mixing The Mess!
The Great Garden Standoff!Shit Happens!!
“It’s The Little Things That Make Me laugh!”“How does your garden grow?”
“Ants in your Pants? No, Ants in your Compost – Hell Yes!!As they say … a trimmed bush is a happy bush!
Will the real Ben Dover please be upstanding!Everything Has An End, Even The Season!
You Say Eggplant, l say Aubergine!Clearout Saturday!
Brown Fingering Day – a Mulching We Will Go!Pepper Spray
The Triffids Are HereTime to Con’fig’ure the End!
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Season Two – Doin’ The  Dirt … Eh – Spring/Summer  2019
Welcome Back To Season 2Are You Loving Your Slugs Enough?
Herbs that say ‘No go Buddy!’ Plants with an Attitude!!! Part 1Herbs that say ‘No go Buddy!’ Plants with an Attitude!!! Part 2
Herbs that say ‘No go Buddy!’ Plants with an Attitude!!! Part 3Getting To The Square Root of Things! Part 1
Getting To The Square Root of Things! Part 2The Rebirth of Decomposition!
Buddy Beauties!Have you just weed in the garden?? Part 1
Have you just weed in the garden?? Part 2Have you just weed in the garden?? Part 3
5, 10, 15 Essential Kitchen HerbsGardeners Be Doin’ It Too! Part 1
Gardeners Be Doin’ It Too! Part 2Gardeners Be Doin’ It Too! Part 3
Gardeners Be Doin’ It Too! Part 4.2Gardeners Be Doin’ It Too! Part 5
To Bean or Not To Bean or Just Too Many Bean?How Does Your Garden Grow?
Bugged by Mystery Bugs?Build it and they will come!
Small Perhaps But Mighty Fine Too! Part 1Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way! Part 2
Doin’ The Dirty Twice Nightly!First Came The Hard Sell, Then Came …
I Must’ve Missed The Spring Memo But …How Does The Garden Grow Again?
The Realities of Harvesting GardeningThe Glut’eth Begin’eth!
Flipside GardeningDon’t Blink Too Quick!
How does The Garden Grow …. Well Not Brilliantly Actually.Smoothly Bedraggled Gardening!
Just Plum Crazy and Percy!Closing the 2019 Season …
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Season Three – Doin’ The  Dirt … Eh – Autumn/Winter 2019/20
– Mini Series
Season Three – Doin’ The  Dirt … EhAutumn/Winter 2019/20: – Mini SeriesCompost Teas/Fertilisers
Compost Season Again!Nothing Beats A Nice Firm Juicy Pair!!The 2020 Plan
Time To Start Talking Dirty!I Don’t Need 700 Years, But …We Have The Foliageology To Rebuild!
Beginning Composting … You Reap What You Sow!POP’s in Gardens!I’ve Got Worms …. But That’s A Gooooood Thing!
List Ticker’s Dream Garden Day!List Ticker’s Dream Garden Day Again!No Rules Composting!
For Greater Satisfaction, The Wetter, The Better!!Blending Matter In Matters Too!Ava the Avocado!
W.A.P’s Spell Jobs Done!Composting, NO Silver Bullet – But!Size Isn’t Everything!!
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, A Gastropodding We Will Go!A Garden’s Secret Lives..Rebuilding The Retreat
It’s a Bugs Life!Well Gnome Composting Problems and …Compost Snacks!
Composting Ingredients – Camp Compost PacmanThe Garden Presented With The Perfect Gift!Shaking Tail Feathers in Yesterday’s Garden!
The Day After Yesterday and Four Years Later Too!Gardeners and Their Tea – 1Gardeners and Their Tea – 2
Gardeners and Their Tea – 3Gardeners and Their Tea – 4Gardeners and Their Tea – 5
Gardeners and Their Tea – 6Quirky Garden Hacks!!Quirky Garden Hacks Too!!
Quirky Garden Hacks Again!Even More Quirky Garden Hacks!Still More Quirky Garden Hacks
Yep! Still More Quirky Garden HacksGrowing on the Wild Side! #1Growing on the Wild Side! #2
Turn 1Turn 4Turn 8
Turn 12Easy Growers for New Sowers! #1Easy Growers for New Sowers! #2
Easy Growers for New Sowers! #3XXXX
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