Back to school

The kids get it.

Yes they do, and more so these days than ever before!

A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

Warning this post contains bad language and monumentally pompous stupidity.

In 2018 the Switzerland Glaciers lost 2.5% of their volume. It’s expected that they will have disappeared by 2090 – at the latest.

On Friday thousands of pupils walked out of UK School’s to protest about our Governments inaction on climate change. Good to see the positive response it got from our Leaders.

“It is important to emphasise that disruption increases teachers’ workloads and wastes lesson time that teachers have carefully prepared for,” a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said. “That time is crucial for young people, precisely so that they can develop into the top scientists, engineers and advocates we need to help tackle this problem.”

Our countries so called Education Secretary “let me be clear, missing class won’t do a thing to help the environment; all they will do is create extra work for teachers.”

The Conservative Leader…

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Making Personal Changes

What books have inspired you to develop?

Jane Ridgewood

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to approach personal development books with a roll of my eyes, before abruptly turning away. Somewhere along the way however I have found myself more intrigued by this area of literature. Over the past several months in fact I find myself looking more closely at the motivational books the world has to offer. I think for me it started when I read Candace Cameron Bure’s book Kind is the New Classy. I literally bought the book last year because it was an opportunity to meet the actress/author when she came through town on her book tour. I’ve adored her for literally years! When I actually read the book though, as cliché as this sounds, I felt a sort of spark ignite inside of me. It was like this moment of clarity where I was pushed to be really real with…

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10 Sources of Blogging Inspiration

Tanya shares with us some insight into what motivates her to continual seek and provide creative thoughts for her blog – read on…

Salted Caramel

Inspiration Catches You Unawares — Bloggers Beware

I have been wanting to put down a list of my writing inspirations for a long time now. I think they will come in useful when my well of blogging ideas runs dry. so I was really glad to see another insightful question from Rory of A Guy Called Bloke:

What helps you … to be continually creative, inventive or imaginative with your blog?

What inspires and motivates you?

blogging inspiration coloured-balls-of-paper-with-light-bulb-on-woodHere are eleven ideas for blogging inspiration that I have found useful. In most places, I have also linked the relevant blog post that developed from a particular idea or inspiration: 

1 Travel

Travelling broadens the mind and expands the outlook. In the 18th and 19th centuries, upper class young men were sent to tour the continent as a part of their education. Travel inspires not just travel bloggers but also people…

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Quote me 3. 2. 1 – Creativity

Winnie gets right into the true spirit of creativity and you can quote her on that! 🙂


How are you all lovely people? Do you know what is the central source of meaning in our lives? It is creativity. Most of the things that we contribute to this world is a result of our own creativity. Creativity is the process of bringing into existence the new ideas formed from our mind. Anyone can be creative. We only have to unleash that.

Creativity is the topic I was tagged by Sadje of Keep it Alive for the Quote me 3.2.1. Thank you, dear. You have always been a constant supporter of my blog.

About the challenge

This challenge was originally created by A guy called Bloke.


• Thank the Selector.

• Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day.

• Select 3 other bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’

Note:Although this is the topic for today there’s no specific deadline to it…

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Valentines [99 words]

This is so so so so and yes l say it again so true! That’s the secret, works for me.

Light Motifs II

They were not sentimental people, and they had many differences. He grew irritated over her lack of interest in the arts; she snapped at him for being so unhelpful around the house. They didn’t bother buying gifts for each other. You would never find them exchanging Valentine’s Day cards or candy. In another era, they might have divorced, but they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary before she died. When he moved into Assisted Living, the attendant asked his secret for so many years of togetherness. He said: “Find the most beautiful girl in the world and make her happy.”


For the Carrot Ranch

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Bubbles For Mr Incredibubble

Check out Kat’s fantastic works with mosaics and in case you are wondering … yes she has started her own enterprise called Meisha Mosaics found here ….

Family Furore

I started making this one a while ago for an old friend of mine, Justin. He only wanted something small, so I’ve used a 29cm x 21cm piece of MDF.

Being Mr Incredibubble, his only other request was that it have circles to represent bubbles. I’d done a few with circles and wanted to make something a little different.

It’s quite abstract I guess, but I wanted it to be bright to represent all the beautiful colours in the amazing bubbles Justin creates as well. So I got the few circles done, then hit a brick wall. I didn’t want to fill the whole board with circles, because his bubbles aren’t often circular, and the ideas I’d had didn’t look great. So it sat for a number of weeks, quite patiently, as they tend to do thankfully.

Once I’d finally decided on the rough design, it just flowed from…

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Meet the neighbours at Cosy Cottage Garden Cafe

If you like your birds and are not adverse tits or red breasts – read on … what? NO! Silly – you know birds of a feather!

Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage

great tit perched on branch Long-tailed tit. Photo by Michel Berube on

I often have neighbours popping into Cosy Cottage Garden Cafe. It is a self-service restaurant where customers can just help themselves to the regularly replenished supplies.

Fat balls are supplied, a delicacy favoured by the tits. The long-tailed tits come as a large close-knit family, the blue tits and great tits venture in by themselves or in pairs.

animal avian beak bird Blue tit. Photo by Pixabay on

Robin is a regular, a nosy fellow, he likes to keep an eye on any gardening being done. Unfortunately, he is a jealous loner too, and doesn’t like to see others in his café.

There’s plenty of room for you all, I say, keeping the peace as cafe proprietor.

But he ignores me and shouts abuse at a larger blue tit.

Luckily, when the argumentative Robin flies on to another cafe, my customers come back. But despite…

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What Type Of Blogger Are You?

Renard has created and crafted an absolute masterpiece here – this is a totally solid and inspiring read on personality – what type or trait do you fall under?

Renard's World

White Brick Wall

A personality will vary from person to person and it is no huge secret, that bloggers are people too.

This blog post, in particular, was created for you to do a bit of introspection.

Now, if you are a seasoned blogger, you will without a doubt, know the type of blogger that you are.

However, if you have just started out blogging, you might not be entirely sure of what type of blogger you are.

So, without further ado, let us cross-examine the various types of blogging personalities.

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How Specifically Unique Are you…….

Sadje tackles the series finale question 🙂

Keep it alive

Rory AKA Bloke, has asked

How Specifically Unique … are you to your blog’s personality today?

Like you, I am my blog’s personality. I write what I feel and think. So my blog is very much a reflection of my thought process.

Now how influenced are you by your readership? Also how does that affect your decision making with regards your personality within your blog?

I am not catering to a specific readership. They follow my blog for the variety they find here ( I think). As to how my readership affects my writing; I mind my language and content.I don’t put anything offensive on my blog nor use any language that might offend my readers.

Has your blog evolved to accomodate the desires of your readership in any way? To the point that it detracts you from your initial creative path? Do you write things only…

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Spend a day doing nothing

Life is way too short to not enjoy – l am with Ribana here – have a great weekend 🙂

Popsicle Society

“Spend a day doing nothing. Let your mind wonder…..Let nature entertain you…..Let stress go…..Let peace in…..And you’ll see the difference.

We all need a such day and not only one…😉

Have a wonderful weekend!

DSC_0374Photo credit: Popsicle Society

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