A Life Filled With Turmoil!

Last year l was having a discussion with Jen regarding her post Smooth, Clean Taste with a Dash of Confusion about chilling out and relaxing, and l made mention that one of my favourite albums to listen to when on the quest of seeking balance happens to be the soundtrack to the film The Beach [2000] starring... Continue Reading →

Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane – 100 Years of Musical MemoryI Use the following resources to compile the biosWikipediaYouTube Trailer ClipsDown Memory Lane Directory Top 25 Albums For The Plus Years 1988 – 1993Part 3 of 3Three part Mini-Series starting today …Part 1 – Top 25 Albums For My Teenager Years 1979 - 1987 [21/12/21]Part 2 –... Continue Reading →

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