My Top 2021 Entertainments

This post results from a snippet of a conversation l overheard the other morning whilst out walking between two women on the Ramparts who were walking in the opposite direction to me. As we passed, l heard this … “I have had a boring as hell year. Nothing has entertained me!”“So you have not found... Continue Reading →

Are you inspired or tired?

I currently don’t host any ‘Prompts’. I used to, though. In fact, if memory serves, l was hosting prompts in January and February of this year. Then l stopped, or rather l reduced the sheer volume of question oriented posts l offered. However, they are not actually writing prompts. I provided creative writing prompts way... Continue Reading →

Where do you find your inspiration?

A couple of days ago, Suze emerged from the shower armed with a couple of questions ... "Where do you find that you get the most inspiration from and where are you when yours ideas come to you? The reason she asked this was because she said she was thinking of getting a waterproof dictaphone... Continue Reading →

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