Animals By Accident


When l was much younger than l am now, and by this l mean in my early to late teens, l wanted to be a vet, but my Father insisted that there was no profession in that. He wanted me to be a policeman, and l most assuredly did NOT wish to be a policeman! I wanted to work with animals, l had an infinity with them. Some of you may disagree with that especially if you have read of my disasters and capers, hell at my own concession, l was known for many years as The Accidental Doolittle!”

Yet despite that nickname, l did have many fantastic times with animals, you can’t build a business without mistakes, it’s all part and parcel of the learning curve, working with animals is no different.

For years l suppressed the desire to work with animals until one day, l woke up, and l felt different than l had ever felt before. I didn’t know that this wake up call was the pre-emptive strike of my Aspergers which would come years later in a formalised diagnosis, l just knew that l was done with the rat race.

That wake up call happened in 1993, 15 years before my diagnosis of autism.

Some of the best years of my life have not come from people, they have come from being around animals, of earning their trust and respect, of being able to understand and empathise with them.

This series explores all the years and adventures when l have discovered Animals by Accident, equally as much as look back at the life and times of The Accidental Doolittle!

Hope you enjoy the reading and writing.



Along Came the Spiders

Adventures with Henrietta the Huntsman

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What A Dilemma – The Sequel

The Flat Furry Duck

Sulcata Knows Nose!

That’s Just Baaad Pygmy

What a Right Randy Rupert!

Alpaca Right Now!

Warts And All Boar

A Right Pigs Ear

From Dooalot to Doolittle

The Elusive Farting Goat

The Neon Riddle

The Great Escape Part 1

The Great Escape Part 2

The Great Escape Part 3

Farming Gone Wrong

Pepe Twas NOT Heavenly Scent!

Hot Chilli Kat

Who Poopa Da Boots??

“You’re Gonna’ need a Bigger Boat Skip!!” Part 1

“You’re Gonna’ need a Bigger Boat Skip!!” Part 2

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