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Hi There!

A Guy Called Bloke Blog began its WordPress journey in September 2017.

A friend of mine recently said to me “You know Rory not many bloggers update their About sections.” I tend to update mine every three months or so, but she was spot on. Many bloggers forget to update their progressions, their journey and their story and how far they have traveled since their blogs were first born.

We all change, l know l do – as said once every three months l am a different version of me to the previous quarter of the year. Our writing styles, thoughts and thinking changes and this of course reflects within the posts and pages of our blogs.

Back in September 2017, l was in a very dark and foreboding place in my mind, l had been in a terrible depression since January of that year. I had initially thought of simply maintaining a small blog to release my tensions with my writing.

However by November of that year, a couple of months after running my blog, l experienced a few things in the space of a few days. One l had an epiphany with regards my life and decided to boot the depression up the ass and out of my life for good, and two l found l enjoyed the social aspect of the WordPress community and that they too in even a small way had encouraged me to review things differently – so armed with that knowledge l really changed my life around.

From January 2018 my blog was on a new track of motivation, expression and inspiration and since then, it has evolved into the beast it is today.

Quite often one question l am often asked is “Why did you start a blog Rory?”

It’s a good question …no, it’s a great question, and one l ask myself every month – why did l?  Well without further ado, l ‘ll let you know.

Update – February 2019

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I have a story to tell ….

But do we all not?

I am a storyteller – l like to tell people the stories of my life and that is what this blog is about – reliving and retelling the lives of my life!

The blog is entitled A Guy Called Bloke and you can call me either Guy or Bloke, or if you are like me, and like first names, then call me Rory! But also it’s about Scrappy Doodlepip – my K9 companion and her adventures.

A Guy Called Bloke is if anything, a reality blog – it outlines and discusses my journey through all the lives l have led. You see, l don’t view my life as just one ‘life’, but each year as l age, the previous age was my previous life. So working on that premise, at this current time of writing at nearly 56, l have lived 55 lives and these make up my one life to date. It’s all continuous sure, but each year is different to the next – if it wasn’t can you imagine just how utterly boring it may well and could be?

Many writers prefer to stick to one favourite genre or thought, l can’t do that – so l tend to write about diversity equally as much as my own neurodiversity, so if you are looking for specifics here that isn’t really me. if you are looking for a mixture of topics, then that is.

A Guy Called Bloke concentrates on both my journey and my story in the forms of memories, dealing with my Asperger’s diagnosis, autism, mental health and stuff that l have a hankering to write about through reality, actuality, factuality and humour.

Because of that l tend to pen down all sorts of things …. spiritual, cheeky, bawdy, Aspie, comedy, a bit of slap and tickle and weird stuff, l write some topical, but mostly about my adventures throughout my lives to date. I like quirky and oddish too, so some of my series centre around that as well – so yeah sure, l love random. I also love quizzes, films, music, games, challenges and competitions so they are also present within the pages.

I am an extremely honest person, so my writing at times can be quite close to the bone, and if you are of an overly sensitive nature – then maybe l might be a little too hardcore for you. I love the community here in WordPress they are brilliant, and they are superb for support and interaction, and l have started to make some solid friendships – they are most assuredly my tribe of people.

Some facts for you, yes you the reader as in right now …. the one reading this page …yeah, yeah, yeah you 🙂

I am a prolific writer, frenetic really – l write a lot and l am pretty damn verbose [ that means l use a lot of words to say the simplest of things] , l share other bloggers work and l do that as regular as the air l breathe, l also reblog a lot of my own content. On average l push out around 15 – 18+ posts a day with original content, shares and reblogs – that’s a lot of stuff. I am big on the community thing as well – hence the sharing – l view the community here as an extension to my family – l am not big on my own family in real life, but these folks here in WP are my family and l like to help them out when l can. So these are things you need to know if you would like to follow me … because that could mean a lot of notifications from this blog.

I am not one of these writers that hits like just because l can, so if l like a post it’s because l HAVE read it, and as such l will either like, comment or share. I am trying to be a balanced blogger so l do all kinds of things, but hey, at least you now know all about me – well in the very least for this quarter – but how about you – who are you and what do you like?

If this is your first time to my blog, then hello to you, thanks for visiting, and perhaps you’ll stop by for a chat soon. Otherwise, have a great day and thanks for reading.

Rory & Doodlepip.


Oh yes, sorry l almost forgot!!

Why did l start a blog?

For the adventures of course!!!

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