About A Guy Called Bloke

Hi There, you can call me Guy or Bloke, your choice, either is fine. this is a blog about my life – displayed mostly in poetry or rhyme to be more precise. Mostly it tells the story of my journey, my story if you wish, dealing with memories and diagnosis, Aspergers, my autism and just ‘stuff’ that l have a thing for!

I write about a whole host of things, life, journey, spiritual, cheeky, bawdy, Aspie, comedy and sometimes a bit of slap and tickle too! Most of the photography on here is mine [90%] otherwise it comes from ImgFlip because sometimes, you just ‘caaaant’ get the right image for everything!

I hope you enjoy the content, thanks for reading, thanks for the follows and thanks for any comments you may decide to leave, and if you don’t that’s cool too.

Have a great day all!

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