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Hi There!

My blog started it’s life in September 2017 – and it has evolved since creation, because that is what life is all about, change, adaption and development. It’s all a big learning curve, and my writing and this blog is no different.

The blog is entitled A Guy Called Bloke and you can call me either, or if you are like me, and like first names, then call me Rory! But also it’s about Scrappy Doodlepip and her adventures.

I write about my life to date, and all the lives l have led. You see, l don’t view my life as just one ‘life’, but each year as l age, the previous age was my previous life. So working on that premise, at this current time of writing at nearly 55, l have lived 55 lives and these make up my one life to date. It’s all continuous sure, but each year is different to the next – if it wasn’t can you imagine just how utterly boring it may well and could be?

Scrappy or Doodlepip paws about her adventures, her diary and the interviews she holds with other K9’s. She is also just starting to paw her autobiography.

We each have a story to tell, whether we opt to write about it per se is down to us. That story comes from our journey. The pathways we choose to walk down mould our lives and shape us into the people we are today, right now.

My journey isn’t over, and my story is long – in many ways this blog is my publicly open to the world autobiography.

Many writers prefer to stick to one favourite genre or thought, l can’t do that – so l tend to write about diversity equally as much as my own neurodiversity, so if you are looking for specifics here that isn’t really me. if you are looking for a mixture of topics, then that is.

I have been writing for me since l was around 9 maybe 10 years of age, but didn’t really start to write properly till my early teens, and by properly l mean transitioning from writing for my eyes only to the point where other eyes start to read the content as well.

A Guy Called Bloke concentrates on both my journey and my story in the forms of memories, dealing with my Asperger’s diagnosis, autism, mental health and stuff that l have a hankering to write about through reality, actuality, factuality and humour.

Because of that l tend to pen down all sorts of things …. spiritual, cheeky, bawdy, Aspie, comedy, a bit of slap and tickle and weird stuff,l write some topical, but mostly about my adventures throughout my lives to date. I like quirky and oddish too, so some of my series centre around that as well – so yeah sure, l love random.

I just cannot settle on having a blog dedicated to one genre, because l am not one genre, l am several, and so too is my writing. I love writing, and writing has been the ‘one constant’ thing during all of my years, it’s been with me all of my lives!

Whilst l use ImgFlip  or Pixabay  for many of the images in my posted content, l also use a lot of my own photography. I hope you enjoy the reading, thanks for the follows and thanks for any comments you may decide to leave, and if you don’t that’s cool too.

Have a great day all!

Rory Matier and Scrappy Doodlepip


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