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An Introduction …

Since l began my WordPress journey in September 2017 – the direction and stance of this blog has changed.

Since my last update in April 2020 there have been huge and significant changes again. At the start of this year – January 12th – l lost my best friend – my companion Scrappy who was just over 16 years of age when she passed. If that wasn’t a bad enough blow for the start – by March in the UK, the country had gone into a full National lockdown due to Covid-19!

The imapct of the lockdown made many people review their lives and their goals, journeys and directions alike and many people changed their attitudes. My own partner of 8 years decided that she still wanted a relationship, but didn’t wish to live with me any more and so from May – July as a couple we were in the throes of packing up a house we had shared for four years and breaking down a garden so that we could move to our new properties and begin life as a couple living apart!

Today,we are only 8 miles apart, and we now see each other a couple of times a week – but that too was a distinct change – l didn’t see that coming!

House moves normally can be very stressful anyway, never mind moving during a lockdown or moving house with an emotional bewilderment ongoing. Settling in to a new house in a new location can also be very difficult and although l moved from my old house to where l am today in mid July [17th] it’s actually today as l write my newer version of the About 16th October, that l am on my first four months and literally only a couple of days ago that l got the house here to the way that l like it and that means … l can now relax and start to blog the way l used to again …. well including and incorporating the changes to my personality!!

So since April when l wrote the last ‘New and Updated Version of the blog’s About’ a lot has distinctly and profoundly changed in my life – making this year already hugely and significantly impactive on being able to relax and write and at times maintain a blog. But l did, this blog became my rock of sanity!

However, not long after the house moves into two properties in July – my partner was diagnosed with throat cancer!! So far, she has received two chemotherapy rounds and her body is responding well – but now she has the toughest period to come at the end of this month till November with combined bouts of chemotherapy and radiotherapy..

I daren’t say what else could go wrong with this year, because we are so close to to the end of 20, l am not wishing my life away – but l really hope 2021 is more fun!

Scrappy 30th November 2003 – 12th January 2020 – RIP

I believe that an About section is a really important part to the writer’s personality – it’s who you are, what you are about, what you believe in, what you write about – it’s as important to both the blogger/writer and their readership as the first meal of the day. An About section, like breakfast sets the reader or eater of content on their way through the day or through the pages and chapters of a written journal.

So, who am l, what is my blog about then?

An excellent question. I am a story teller – not a fictional writer of tales, but a reality writer of the stories that make up and have made up my life to date. Hence why my blog says ‘Storytelling my life for you’ – says a lot l think – don’t you? About who l am?

In addition to being a story teller, l am also a philosopher and a thinker, a topical writer and an occasional tall story writer – and yet even then, my so called ‘creative fiction’ is comprised on 75% reality. It’s not that l don’t write fiction, it is just that l tend to do that sparingly although l am more creative – fiction wise – with some of my poetry.

Push come to shove l would say my genre here is eclectism, diversity and variety entertainment and relatable content and that would be about right.

You can call me, Guy, Bloke or even use my real name – Rory. I sit on the spectrum of autism with my Asperger’s. I write about a number of different topics, mostly passions really, about my life, my relationship, my interests, mental health, environmental concerns, autism, gardening, conservation, composting and funny elements of life itself.

I’ll write in the style and stance that my mood sits in at the time so this could be comedy, spiritual, sensual and on occasion sexual, bawdy, cheeky, business orientated, Aspie, slap and tickle, controversial, opinionated, topical, emotional, philosophical, weird and quirky.

Whatever takes my fancy. I love music and films, rhyming poetry, puzzles and games and so l have series dedicated to those as well. 

However, the About section is a brief introduction only into a new writer or blogger that you have encountered and may wish to either follow, read or engage with – so on that note – l will take my leave and wish you well and thank you for stopping by, maybe you and l will chat soon.

If this is your first time to my blog, then hello to you, thanks for visiting, and perhaps you’ll stop by for a chat soon. Otherwise, have a great day and thanks for reading.


Update History

I try to update my about section as often as l can for a couple of reasons 1] My blog is always evolving and changing and 2] I am always evolving and changing! Life is about change isn’t it? 

Many bloggers forget to update this section of their blog and yet whatever their field of expertise or their personal tastes their stance and style will change over time.

When we change direction, so too does our writing and our thinking, our emotions and personalities reflect different thoughts – so it stands to reason and in many ways more so if you host a reality blog of sorts that out About Introductions need refreshing.

September 14th 2017 – Present

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