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Howdy Folks

Here’s wishing you all a truly lovely day!

You can call me Rory, or Guy or Bloke – the choice is yours, personally l prefer Rory as that is my actual name. I live in Sandwich which is a medieval town in the county of Kent in England, United Kingdom. I am 58 years of age.

I started this blog in September 2017 – it’s my Personal blog – l would say my genre here in the Guy blog is a mixture of eclectism, diversity and variety entertainment and relatable content and that would be about right.

Now … l could write a fancy blog bio here and trust me over the years l have however we all change ….. my published content will speak more clearly to you about me than my bio will! If you want to know me – read my posts!

Take care and thanks for reading, perhaps we can chat soon!


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