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A Guy Called Bloke Blog began its WordPress journey in September 2017.

A friend of mine recently said to me “You know Rory not many bloggers update their About sections.”I tend to update mine every three months or when the blog has undergone any significant changes. She was right however, not many bloggers do update their ‘about sections’ that often. Our blogs tend to change direction as often as we do, because we change and this is reflected in the way we write and present ourselves to our readership.

Okay, so a little bit about me … or rather us – that being, and not forgetting K9 Doodlepip, my trusted furry companion and close friend.

In the main l am a ‘story teller’ – l like to tell my readers the stories and tales of my life, and other stories that have brought me to where l sit typing today. One of the main strengths to this blog comprises of at least 65% in tales and stories as well as  some topical articles.

I don’t tend to write an awful amount of fiction, and it’s not that l cannot write like that – l can – but l prefer to not hyperfocus on fiction.

I know many writers and bloggers alike tend to go by their avatar names and blog handles and whilst l too am happy with that, l also like the more relatable side to reader and writer relationships, so should you so wish you can call me Guy or Bloke the very namesakes of my blog or you can also call me by my first name which is Rory.

My specific genre here is entertainment and relatable entertainment, l like diversity so l tend to write about moments from my life. But l also like to post and publish other things as well. So l write about autism and Aspergers because l sit on the spectrum with my own autism, l write about mental health, environmental, conservation, gardening and composting and funny life stories.

Many a time l am asked if my ‘true stories’ are actually true? Yes, they are – just and but sometimes they can come across as works of fiction or fantasy and they are none of those, they are reality.

I am also an honest writer, in so far as at times, l write quite close to the bone and some readers might not like that content style. So beware, l have warned you. Because l do like to write about a host of different topics this can cover all sorts of things that l have a hankering for, or an interest or passion for – so you can expect to see posts on spiritual, cheeky, bawdy, Aspie, business, comedy, a bit of slap and tickle and weird and quirky stuff. Equally l publish posts on music and films,  and host a few of my own prompts be this in poetry or questions, occasionally seasonal writing challenges and sometimes puzzles and games. I love quotes [ l know who doesn’t?] and have a series dedicated to that.

Scrappy Doodlepip also has quite a large portion of this blog, and she too runs series of her own. You can find her Content here ….

K9 Doodlepip

I am quite community orientated and l do on occasion share the content of my readership to my own blog, and love to feel part of this ever present group of writers, readers and bloggers alike. Once you start to get a feel for the WP community here, you will start to fit in and it’ll feel like home, sure that’s corny, but they are supportive, friendly, welcoming and always offer out advice and that’s nice in today’s world. You will find many of the community to be open armed, engaging and interactive.


If this is your first time to my blog, then hello to you, thanks for visiting, and perhaps you’ll stop by for a chat soon. Otherwise, have a great day and thanks for reading.

Rory & Doodlepip.

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