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A Guy Called Bloke Blog began its WordPress journey in September 2017.

A friend of mine recently said to me “You know Rory not many bloggers update their About sections.” I tend to update mine every three months or so, but she was spot on. Many bloggers forget to update their progressions, their journey and their story and how far they have traveled since their blogs were first born.

We all change, l know l do – as said once every three months l am a different version of me to the previous quarter of the year. Our writing styles, thoughts and thinking changes and this of course reflects within the posts and pages of our blogs.

Current Update – May 2019

Last Update – February 2019

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I am a storyteller – l like to tell people the stories of my life and that is what this blog is about – reliving and retelling the lives of my life!

The blog is entitled A Guy Called Bloke and you can call me either Guy or Bloke, or if you are like me, and like first names, then call me Rory! But also it’s about Scrappy Doodlepip – my K9 companion and her adventures.

A Guy Called Bloke is a reality lifestyle blog. I am not big into topical content, but that’s not saying l don’t occasionally write topical content, as l do, but if that’s really what you are into – then l am not your answer – there are some of the most brilliant topical and current life style blogs in WordPress, you are spoilt for choice.

No, my blog is about my life, today, yesterday, mostly yesterday and occasionally tomorrow.

I try to write across a range of topics – funny life stories, gardening, composting, autism and Asperger’s [because lam an Aspergian], mental health and a few others thrown in for good measure – that’s the bulk of my tales topics. I can write fiction, but l don’t write a lot of it – my true stories as an example are usually 98% truth and 2% fiction, but sometimes, they are just 100% truth and just read like fiction. But that’s the credo of a good story teller. It’s down to the reader to believe what they want, not me to convince you.

I am also an honest writer, in so far as at times, l write quite close to the bone and some readers might not like that content style. So beware, l have warned you.

Because l do like to write about a host of different topics this can cover all sorts of things that l have a hankering for, or an interest or passion for – so you can expect to see posts on spiritual, cheeky, bawdy, Aspie, comedy, a bit of slap and tickle and weird and quirky stuff. But l also host a few prompts of my own for fiction writers as well those who like rhyming poetry, games and puzzles and questions – l adore questions and ask a lot.

I run a feature called Theme Times which is about movies and music because these are two passions of mine as well, and occasionally l host a challenge or two.

In so far as community, l am quite community orientated so share a lot of other bloggers content. Once you start to get a feel for the WP community here, you will start to fit in, as they are supportive, friendly, welcoming and always offer out advice and that’s nice in today’s world. You will find many of the community to be open armed, engaging and interactive.


Some facts for you, yes you – the one reading this page – l am a prolific and frenetic writer – this means l write a lot, and l don’t follow the conventional path of many other writers. To boot l am also verbose – meaning l use a lot of words at times to say the simplest things – but my counter argument is always and will always be, the devil is in the detail, and l stick to that credo a lot. Again you have been warned.

I am not one of these writers that hits like just because l can, so if l like a post it’s because l HAVE read it, and as such l will either like, comment or share.

If this is your first time to my blog, then hello to you, thanks for visiting, and perhaps you’ll stop by for a chat soon. Otherwise, have a great day and thanks for reading.

Rory & Doodlepip.

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