5 Shipsa’ Docking

5 Shipsa’ Docking

Two years after my diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome in 2008 l started on a project that has taken me several years to achieve any kind of conclusion to, notably my Autobiography.

The first manuscript was started in 2010, and was named ‘Yesterday’s Adult, Tomorrow’s Child’ and this was an extremely angry, darkly cynical and bitter stab at writing my life. I finished in 2013, and considered it done … but it wasn’t, it was too dark.

In 2015 l started the second draft under the name of Dancing in the Grey – My Life with Asperger’s and this was finally completed in 2016, and was a much lighter approach.  It was fairer .. but still l wasn’t happy with it.


Because my life isn’t over yet … but also, because my life constantly changes, and true to form, my life since then has again changed dramatically.

So l figured l should stop writing the book, but write the blog …

It’s easier, more fluid and continuous…

We all change, each and everyone of us, sometimes these changes can take decades to materialise, others can happen overnight, some are the results of deep thoughts and other times they come around as a result of everything that brings you to the point of where you sit, right now, today having made the decision, that the first book each of us has inside, is now ready to launch from out of your mind into our world.

For me, that time is now.




5 Shipsa’ Docking











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