“… Can’t put them through the wood chipper”

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People, Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them!

Or, as a friend of mine believes it should read … can’t put them through the wood chipper.” I thank Gramma, aka Angie of King Ben’s Grandma, regarding her comment from the original, The Societal Packpublished a couple of years ago. I opted to use her comment as the title to re-work the content for this post, and what a great way to kick off the new year 2022!

The design that the post initially sat with was, in fact, the one below,

This happens to be one of my key sellers even today. It was published to Redbubble as a design in March 2016, so it’s nearly six years of age in so far as how public viewings go. Although, l designed it back in 2012, so now it is ten years of age as a My Life Thought Design.

It was created when l lived in the caravan [2009 – 2012] because it was apt to my life and the lifestyle choices l was living by. I simply didn’t interact with many people, and l preferred that. I wrote a poem about my life then also called With Privileges which was last published here in June 2019 when l was simply known as .. the ancient white boy that lives out back. I was so forgotten by the people that no one knew who l was, and they didn’t care. Neither did l!

On a Covid level – this design is very apt l feel ….

In the early days of my then Asperger’s Syndrome later adult diagnosis or what is merely now known today as a Grade 1 ASD diagnosis, l was more than happy to not be seen by people or even see them. I was more than glad to know very few people because it is confirmed whether people like to acknowledge it or not – BUT, the fewer people you know, the less shit you have. Should you wish, you can dumb it down, and still, it equals the prominent – fewer people you have in your life and the less complication you have in your life.

People are famous for overcomplicating simplicity as well as some are deserving of the ol’ woodchipper treatment!

I can be a complicated person at times myself; l have been described in WordPress over the years as complex and convoluted by my friends here – but when it comes to being social, l have to be brutally harsh here and say l prefer less now.

In recent times in this blog alone, that has become more of a lifestyle choice, and noticeably so. I prefer to have less now over more with regards to followers. Quality over quantity is my new philosophy, especially for my personal blog.

I don’t pretend to be popular or overly social on any of my media accounts, and l don’t have many – here and Facebook and l don’t need lots of people. I do have an Instagram account but don’t use it.

More recently, l have decided to NOT utilise any social media accounts with the business and only work to master the productivity and efficiency of SEO. The latter is the most effective strategy for a business l think and also because l am becoming adverse to too much socialness now.

I recently slimmed down my Facebook account from 31 people to 11. Of that l can further identify, l can easily remove another 5, which will also happen sometime this month. My mobile phone only holds two numbers and l have terminated my contract with Virgin and therefore have decided l no longer need an active phone.

Plus, here in my blog, l am trying to keep my readership/engagement numbers to realistic social and compatible to me levels. I no longer need lots of people in my life, and l no longer tolerate being socially overwhelmed.

The whole reason behind the renewal of this autism design series was to see how much l have changed in my outlook as an Aspie/autist over the years since 1] the designs themselves were initially created and 2] to see how l have personally changed attitude-wise to the original articles that l journaled for the designs which were penned initially in 2016 for publishing in the Redbubble Journal feature.

The big question that was the consideration to the rewriting of the original posts supporting the designs was – Would l write these articles differently today – X number of years on?

As Sally would say and did …. repeatedly, Yes, Yes, Yes and OH YES!!

Whilst the leading design is still very much ME. l can also see through the Redbubble sales figures favoured by buyers, four other formats support the less is more quality sociality philosophy – as you can see above and below. These are all top-rated sellers as well.

Have l changed, therefore? Of course, because everyone changes, it is inevitable. It’s like a passage of our lives to change, adapt and evolve. I am no different – but more importantly – am l less social or more social today than l was in my yesterdays?

That’s a good question l feel.

There is no right or wrong answer to this. However, through observation, others could pass a judgement and perhaps suggest that l am less social now than when l first started this blog in 2017.

That would be a fair assessment; l cannot deny that it’s a truth – l am perhaps less social than l was four years ago. I am, however, still community-oriented. I care about the people l class as my friends. The only difference is that l don’t have to have thousands of readers to be social. I simply have to have the right friends to be social. On that level, as in ‘less is more, l am doing fine as in realistically social.

The first publishing of this content in support of the design back in 2016 to Redbubble and again here in my blog in 2019 was hyperfocused on autism, behaviours, society, stereotypical behaviours, emotions, and taboo. This publishing focuses on being social, not being overly social, and not being falsely optimistic in regards to sociality.

The design for me today is still a favourite, but all it does in my eyes is promote quality friendship. The truth is this … the more people you think you need to know and have in your life means the more troubles and complications you will introduce to your life.

That’s not for me thanks.

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22 thoughts on ““… Can’t put them through the wood chipper”

  1. As long as you know who to call in Phone-A-Friend when you’re stumped on a question in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

    I mean, Quality, yes…but Diversity too, yes!

  2. Hey, Rory!
    Being an introvert, I’ve found it easy to survive without a lot of friends outside my family unit. I have had a few, here and there, over the years, but as I moved around quite a bit they haven’t been lasting friendships. Whenever I did have to deal with people with whom there was friction, I just avoided them as much as possible. When I couldn’t avoid them, I fell back on my Granny’s old Southern premise, “If you be nice to them, they’ll be nice to you.” Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. 😄 But, come to think of it, I often observed a confused look on the other person’s face when my response was not the same in return.

    1. Hey Betty that’s the best way, l am of the same kin. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Life’s just way too short and yet some people just can’t seem to grasp that concept.

  3. Fairweather friends reveal themselves eventually, Rory. I am very selective of my friends, as well. Why waste time and energy on those that are not sincere.

    One of our friends in Blue Ridge, that we haven’t seen for sometime because of the scamdemic, called just the other day. We voiced our concerns about travel and hotels and such and he invited us to stay on his farm. That is a true friend, IMO.

    Btw and IMHO, you are complex but not convoluted. Plus, I like complex people – kindred souls. 😉

    1. Hey Eugenia, Happy Tuesday to you 🙂

      Thank you, l agree, l never felt l was that convoluted, but l remember seeing a friend call me that a couple of years ago here in WP.

      True friends are hard to find, others are aplenty, but true blue friends, are not many.

      I no longer have the energy to expend and waste on those that are not worth it, life is too short. It’s taken me a few years to really understand friendship, and now that l do, l value the concept of good quality.

  4. What a beautiful post ❤️

    I sort of agree… I am a bleeding heart so if I can help someone through something I do…

    But in terms of myself … obviously am cautious.

    I had many on my Facebook – but I haven’t been on in years…

    Recently people currently in my life want me to do that

    I think about it and I can’t… I just can’t – all of it is too much for me.

    Nothing wrong with living what is ok for own self ❤️

    I also prefer quality over quantity ❤️

    I also need no pressure and to be at ease…

    The best people in life accept you and love you as is ❤️

    I have tons in my phone 🙄… I really should go through because some are from ages ago – I never hear from… but I just keep / I’m not a deleter lol 😉✌️

    I don’t do any social media except this… my facebook sits abandoned – just left there … I can’t go back – is too much… I can’t bring myself to delete because I do love many. And they were there for me… and my Facebook is all my family and close friends from my whole life, all over the United States – they still message me constantly but I just can’t

    I can’t do social media – it’s too much to me

    You do how is ok for you- there is no right or wrong or what you “should” do…

    For me is what is peace? I need the peace

    Although… I AM quiet personally … but socially – I am actually quite social

    That’s part of my problem – I am social but I like privacy and peace lol

    I’m just cautious

    But found this post really beautiful.

    I am not with any diagnosis but probably have cptsd

    So whatever – there is no right or wrong – you just live best life you can and be what is ok for you. ❤️✌️

    I have to go to bed – but I’ll be back around ✌️😘

    Happy January ✌️🙌❤️

    1. Hey Trisha, i can understand you completely on this – with the business blog, that is different – it’s business and with social again different it’s personal.

      For you Work is social and personal is quiet and private – l get that for me business is busy and complicated in so far as social, but it’s business so it’s a different face, but for me personally, l prefer quiet and private and share with just a few friends.

      i can relate to the cptsd how you describe it here, l totally get that also on a different level.

      I recently had a brainwave for the business as l was worrying about how l am changing socially and how could l avoid social overwhelm?, So with regards my business blog, people aren’t interested in me personally socially it’s only the content as in they don’t need to know me, so l have spent the day extracting my Rory from the business side – by doing this l can cope with the social overwhelm way easier. i am out there but masked up.

      1. Ohhh I get social overwhelm also 😮

        Was it the show “Get Smart” that used to say… just the facts Ma’am lol … nope I just googled – it was Dragnet lol

        But yeah I get you… in business remove the personal aspect.

        It is easier

        Same thing with my job… the emotions are once removed because I am helping someone else… it is THEIR loved one…

        I can stay strong for them and help them through with compassion and empathy – but when is my own mother … I will be a puddle on the floor lol ✌️

        What do you do for business?

        I like you socially … I like when you speak or question freely – even if disagree … that just tells me I will know what I am getting with you, and you are not fake 🙌

        I enjoy the convos 😊✌️

        1. Hey Trisha, the business is the worms – but with this business unlike my last business which was before this real social digital world we live in today, now l have to have more social platforms to present myself to.

          As l am pulling back from massive sociality l decided that l could do it if l masked up and in order to do that completely, l would extract my name RORY off the locations in the business blog where it was present and present me as something else. At least for the first year till l get my balance back.

          I am really a behind the scenes type of guy when it comes to business nowadays. But l can do anything once the mask is on.

          I enjoy our conversations too and yes socially we are good 🙂

          I make mistakes at times and come across as awkward and at times inappropriate, l don’t mean to, but l am an honest person as indeed are you.

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