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My Top 40 Singles of 1979 – 1993
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Part 1 – Top 25 Albums For My Teenager Years [21/12/21]
Part 2 – My Top 40 Singles of 1979 – 1993 [25/12/21]
Part 3 – Top 25 Albums For The Plus Years 1988 – 1993 [31/12/21]

As l discussed in Part 1 – The Top 25 Albums of my Teenager Plus Years – my first ever ‘proper’ single play record was, in fact, My Sharona by The Knack, which l purchased in 1979. I had heard it on the radio when l used to work in the hotel’s kitchens and on the jukebox in the corner bar where the ‘punks’ used to loiter drinking their snakebites or snakebiters piss and black mambas.

Snakebite was a drink made up of half lager and half cider for the novices amongst you. There were, on occasion, a few variations to the recipe. Snakebite and lime were a favourite but sometimes referred to as Snakebite’s Piss. There was also the hardcore Snakebiters – half lager and half beer and the Snakebite Black Mamba – which is sometimes known as a drink that all proper punks would drink! This was lager/cider and a dash of blackcurrant cordial! Snakebite was a drink favoured by the youth of the day because it could make the drinker very drunk very quickly! It was known by various names throughout the UK.

My Parents considered me highly impressionable when l was a youngster, and whilst to a degree, that might have been true, considering l would come across as incredibly naive at times. Knowing what l know today, l can safely say that the undiagnosed Aspergers/autism was probably to blame. However, l was always so curious about things. People, music, culture, behaviour, and what made them tick-tock?

The beauty l found with the punk movement was that my quirks were not considered strange but regular, yet my friends, peers, and family considered all my tastes the absolute opposite! I lived the life of Jekyll & Hyde musically, truth be known. I listened to different music types when not at home, and my parents would have seen that as very Hyde, whilst at home, they only saw Jekyll!

Once l started buying singles, my true passions for music began to show themselves and keeping to the strict rules as advised by my parents was exceedingly complex. The hardest one was ;

5] All new record purchases had to be approved by Father!

This annoyed me the most; my younger sister didn’t have to approve her record purchases by either parent. Did l comply?

No, not on your life, pal!

My non-compliance to their rules earned me the title of irresponsible and not to be trusted when l lived at home. I used my spare money [after l paid my rent weekly and upkeep to my parents] from my job and ironing business to buy records and then hide them in my bedroom. I was into so many things at that age it was hard for my parents to keep track anyway! I wasn’t always terrible, but some singles l knew would just really annoy my parents so l had to be careful when playing my music.

I used to buy loads of second-hand horror books every month and had an entire wall dedicated to books, so l managed to hide singles whilst l lived at home within the large books section! Or under my bed, in my wardrobe or chest of drawers – anywhere!

I moved out of my parent’s house in 1984 when l was 21 on a temporary measure with a catering job l was with and then officially when l was 22 in 1985. So l no longer had to hide my singles. There was no stopping my musical desires once l started college in 1982!

I bought my first single in 1979, and the very last single l purchased was in 1993. Between the ages of 16 to 30, l purchased 150 singles, although, by the later ’80s and early ’90s, l wasn’t buying as many as l had a walkman and started listening to more tapes as l travelled to work on the daily commute. The great thing was that my daily commute could take between 6 – 7 hours daily!

Anyway, let’s move on shall we, here are My Top 40 Singles of 1979 – 1993! You’ll have to guess which ones were hidden from my parents! Vinyl singles started to decline in the 1990’s and were replaced by CD’s.

So there we go folks – My Top 40 Singles of 1979 – 1993!

By the end of 1993 l was no longer buying any albums or singles, l had switched my attention to other formats. Anyway, l hope you enjoyed the line up and maybe, just maybe you recognise some from your own yesterdays. if so let me know below or create your own post should you wish. It doesn’t have to be a Top 40. It could be 5 to 20 as well or just a few.

See you next time in Part 3

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18 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane

  1. I had very eclectic taste in music. I never had to hide what I listened to. I was married at 18 and my spouse and I listened to music, LOUDLY. I listened to Beatles, Monkeys, Black Sabbath, Grateful Dead, Momma’s and the Papas, Simon & Garfunkel, etc. My 45 collection maxed out at about 50 or so.

  2. There is a definite upside to having parents who were totally uninvolved in one’s life. I can’t imagine being told what music I could listen to – I had (and this is in the late 50’s) a portable radio (worked with batteries or plug-in) and eventually a transistor radio (with an earphone! but just one). My parent’s both worked, which was unusual for the times and my neighborhood, so every afternoon all the kids in the neighborhood were at our house to watch ‘American Bandstand’. Good times! You are talking about a time when I was an adult – 1979? I was 33! I actually remember some of these songs, tho. (Happy Christmas!)

    1. Hey Grace, Happy Holidays to you 🙂

      1979, you were 33, mm, my mother was 39 then, 81 now, She would probably remember a few of these songs as well, they were on radio back then and she was when no one was looking or she thought ‘around’ dancing to them.

      There was so much irony and hypocrisy in my family at times it was scarier than the so called devil music itself 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing, Rory! Some of these are familiar, some are not. I missed out on a lot during those days. Raising a family of 4 and living a Basic lifestyle kept me pretty occupied. 🙄 Any spare time I got in those days was spent enjoying the peace and quiet and reading. So, I will certainly enjoy this opportunity to catch up with your musical adventures. 😊

  4. There are a few I don’t recognize, but not everything was big in US🤷🏼‍♀️
    I had that Alice Cooper cassette that Poison is on. Daughter was a toddler, she loved the song “Bed Of Nails”🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂😂 not that she understood the lyrics, not exactly Sesame Street, eh?🤣🤣🤣

  5. What a stunning playlist, Rory! I remember most of these songs. During your time-frame – 1979 – 1993, I went through a few life chapters. I always relate my love for music to changes/chapters in my life. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I love it!

    1. Hey Eugenia – hope you are having a lovely day 🙂

      Yes l also look at music that way and of course films too – l can place myself in my life with where l was and what l was watching and listening to.

      Glad you enjoyed the line up. Thank you.

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