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Journal Entry 18Part 217/12/21

What’s New for the Blog?

So, if l am only producing 14 posts a month now instead of one per day and l have removed, archived, and ended various seasons and series, what is left? Throughout 2021 l have been involved in Series Squishing.

Over the last twelve months, l have finished off a total of 35 items as in features, prompts, games, entertainments, creative fiction, greetings and assorted series and seasons. I have tweaked, fiddled and fumbled and finally, now, at the end of the year, l can safely say l am much happier with the finished product. The Guy Blog is where l want it, but it has come at a cost.

The highest cost for me was the drop in traffic – l reduced my follower count by removing readers from my directory and removing myself from theirs.

Although there is an issue with the accuracy of the numbers within my directories which WordPress are looking into.

However, first, before l write about the series, in the last Journal episode, l noticed a few comments that l found interesting, and although l addressed them at the time, they will sit just as well in this post.

Sadje asked for clarification to my new posting schedule – is it 3 or 4 times weekly that l now post, and the easiest way to answer it – is ‘7’ posts every 14 days.

Additionally, my target for next year with regards to my writing schedule is to only publish 11 posts per 30 days [22 pcm] per blog which according to some is considered the sweet spot as far as averages go.

Grace mentioned missing my presence when l initially reduced my posting schedule a few months ago, and although she wasn’t that keen on reading about the worms, it was still a pleasant read with her morning coffee. My response was mainly about the arrival of some of the newer series, which l shall write about shortly and might make her morning coffee a little less wormy.

Ashley made a keen observation about me not being that visible, and the way to perhaps simplify my life was to de-follow readers as l had been doing and to reduce or not to use tags on my posts, making it harder for some people to see me. 

I have a new ten-day ‘following policy’ as in if anyone new follows me – they have ten days to actually interact with me via comments, not LIKES but comments. If they don’t l de-follow, but l also instantly de-follow bloggers, l don’t want to follow me.

It might come across as harsh; l don’t think so – l see it purely as being honest. If l follow someone new, l will always endeavour to interact with them straight away, so it’s not difficult to implement if someone NEW follows me, but to make all this work, we need to know what we want from the blogs we read from and what we don’t. I don’t use as many tags as l once did, and l now remove tags after a month if they don’t have X number of uses next to them.

The most significant social angst problem l experience is social nonsense, and l am done with it. I read from who l wish to read from personally, and the number’s not high, but l am not following lots of new people either; l am now keeping my numbers very low and grounded indeed. I very much doubt l will ever have 100 faithful followers on my personal blog because l simply delete far more new followers now than ever before.

Angie asked if, with all my tinkering, would l ‘ever’ have the blog the way l liked it? The answer to Angie now is the same as a few days ago. Finally, l can say that l am delighted with my blog. 2022 will not be seeing that much tinkering at all; l made damn sure l tinkered till my brains fell out this year! To run two blogs successfully, l need to have a private, tiny social circle blog [GUY] and a busy traffic blog [Business]. I can’t have two really busy blogs; l will burn out!

As l also said to Grace, l see my personal blog as more of a coffee morning with close friends – real people – albeit perhaps virtual – over that of the business blog being more of a non social conference. I have discovered this year that l simply don’t need the gratification pretense and fakery of thousands of readers nor the supposed popularity some might think that awards. I don’t mind having a small and quality readership as a tradeoff. It’s now down to me to provide more quality in my writing to my readership circle.

Finally, Betty conceded that she missed some of the series that have now left the building, and l answered it with l wanted to dedicate more time in the Guy blog to writing more quality content, which wasn’t really a very direct answer. However, this post will address the new content adequately.

From next year the regular lineup on content will be as follows.


Asking YouJournalTopical
AutismNature DiarySocial Gardener
Murder SellsPoetryxxx
Series Features
Musings of a Grumpy Ol’ F
Diary Like Feature
A Slice of Life
Diary Like Feature
Haunting the Imagination
[A new monthly Flash Fiction prompt]
Asking You
24 hour blog Question Feature
Down Memory Lane
Entertainment feature – music/films
[Blogging feature]
The Social Gardener
[Light feature concerning a general overview of life in the Willow courtyard – monthly gardening feature]
New poetry/Yesterday’s Poetical Reflections
Topical Content
Assorted content pieces Feature including posts on Autism
Nature Diary
Walking series with photography – The replacement to Stepping Out.
Reserve Days
Series covering my volunteer work at the Reserve
Stories and Tales
[Restarting the reality series up again]
Tales of Passion
[New stories concerning some of my ‘passions and special interests]

So you can see 13 main features, most of which you are familiar with or at least heard about recently, with a couple of new ones thrown in for fun.

Now something else that Betty said which was to do with the business blog – Earthly Comforts – “I don’t have any interest in your business blog, partly because of my age and partly because I’ve never been interested in business ventures.” I let her know that “The business blog is mostly about worm farming and composting, wildlife, nature, gardening and environmental concerns, so worry not, it’ll not be to everyone’s taste.” To which she answered with, “Oh if your business blog is about worm farming and gardening, I would find it interesting! I always enjoyed those posts in your Guy Blog.” So l thought l would also display below the series that will be present.

Yes, it will be a business blog, and yes, it will be styled to a very different approach, and yes, it WILL not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you are simply interested in the content’s … Gardening/composting/environmental side, you might still be interested.

Whilst Earthly Comforts will be a ‘business’, it’ll not be a hardcore business, to begin with, whilst it builds up its market.

So the series l will have content on will be…


VermicompostingCompostingEarthen Tales
Shop TalesxxxStudy Centre
Series Features
Features regarding worm farming’
Worm’s World
The Adventures of our Brand Icon Worm – Earthen Wurmin
[Light-hearted series]
Soil Science
Features regarding The Life Beneath The Soils
The Garden Restaurant
Features regarding Birds
Species Guide Directory
Feature Directory regarding species in soils etc
Tales from the Apothecary
Features regarding herbs and the growing of
Wild Walks Gallery
Photography gallery
Natural Encounters Gallery
Photography gallery
Shop Tales
Features regarding the designs l have for sale
Study Centre
Business Feature

There we have it, and as you can see above, the business blog is mostly a continuance from the series l used to write about here. It is literally a case of endeavouring to make my passion profitable.

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36 thoughts on “Journal

  1. I will certainly visit the photography galleries on the business blog…and the Garden Restaurant because I do love birds and beautiful photos!

  2. I’m puzzled by removing tags after a month. What purpose does that serve?

    I don’t understand what you mean about ghost followers. Are these followers you can’t delete? I also don’t know what you mean by “because when a blogger deletes their blog, technically, they should first delete their followers.” Does anyone do that? And couldn’t someone be following and reading your blog using their account even if they no longer have a live blog?

    1. I talked to someone the other day, and they said that ‘technically’ bloggers should remove their followers before they delete their blogs. BUT very few do that. It’s not something many people think about. I never did with the previous two blogs because l thought if l went, l would instantly disappear but apparently, that’s not the case.

      The removal of ‘dead tags as l am choosing to call them will eliminate some of the emails l get from abstract companies. It’s mostly a case of paying close attention to the tags that l use and not having a load of random tags. It’s also a way for me to fine-tune and hone the use of the proper tags.

      Tag examples – popular tags with me are emotions, funny, gardening instead of de-clutter, grandchildren, and artsy. The latter of which l have used recently, but looking at them l would say l am unlikely to use them in the future. BUT what l have learned especially given some of the emails l receive from editors is they track down posts using unusual Tags and then email me.

      So if l haven’t got too many unusual tags, l shouldn’t get too many unique emails. Call it a strange quirk of mine, if you will.

      Of course, some could still follow without an account, but l suspect that number would be slim. i ‘did’ have a couple of people doing exactly that a couple of years ago, but they emailed me to say they were moving on.

      1. Tags bring garbage visitors on a short-term basis via people browsing the latest posts under those tags in the WP Reader. I find it hard to imagine how removing tags after a month would decrease junk traffic.

        I think some of where the confusion might lie re. followers is that people don’t follow you via their blog, they follow you via their account. If they delete the blog but don’t delete the associated WordPress account, they’re still following you.

        1. That certainly would make sense. [Re-Followers]

          What l know is that for some reason l can’t display an accurate figure of my followers because l have this additional 60 from somewhere and also when l go to Manage my ‘Readers’ that l follow, the number should be 45 but lists as 402.

          In the last couple of weeks alone, in that section l am seeing people l wasn’t aware of following appearing ? But, also in that section l have huge clouds of l can only guess must be blogs [clouds as in greyed out entrants] and some of these keep reappearing.

          Only this afternoon, three blogs appeared to my Manage my following section that weren’t there yesterday.

          i think this might be karma coming back at me to teach me a lesson for following like on like when l first started.

        2. Huh. I wonder if that’s a database issue. If you still have the business plan associated with the Guy blog, you can use the WP-Optimize plugin to clean up your database. I know WP sometimes thinks I have a phantom deleted post, and it gets un-confused after I run a database optimization.

        3. Well the Guy blog is still a Business Plan model, principally l was going to downgrade, but l had all these credits and l asked could they be transferred to the actual business blog and that answer was no. Then l thought, well l’ll use them for the Guy blog and keep business so l don’t have that awful spam issue again.

    2. There is something similar l am aware of also. With World of Warcraft if you belong to a guild and then leave the game [account closure] without leaving the guild first. The guild leader can never remove you, and your name would forever be in the guild roster even though you have left the game – you become a ghost to the guild. i am working on the fact that bloggers leaving their blogs might be classed as the same.

  3. It makes me happy knowing you are happy with the guy blog as I knew how much some opinions were bothering you. You always write fantastic quality content 🙂

  4. When a WP site is deleted without the followers also being deleted, the follower name on my (and your) site goes black (no link). It makes them easy to remove when doing the housework.

    1. Hey Cage,

      I am aware of that also and yet still l have very confusing figures going on. it has been bugging me so much that l raised a ticket with the engineers to investigate it.

      I recall removing many black inks when l was having the flush out, but this also raises other issues like.

      Currently l have two black inks in my followers directory [they follow me] 1] is from Eugi or but she made her blog a .org.

      The other is actually my business blog The Authentic Recycler but that is currently in private mode and that is showing as black ink to me as well. Mine is not a deleted site, but l guess because it is marked in private mode is displayed as non-active?

      The others are all ghosts of a sort – l have high numbers where l shouldn’t have high numbers?

      Do .org blogs appear as black ink or normal like the .coms?

      1. I think they do appear as black if they’ve changed something significant, like visibility or site name (including .org or .blog). Adding the new one to the account settings may fix it (no guarantees from me!).

  5. You’re a great organizer. I wish I had that much willpower to organize my blog. All the best for the new year and new schedule.

  6. When I moved from to a self hosted blog, my followers went with me. A self hosted blog still utilizes via Jetpack thus you can retain your followers. I still have one of my blogs (Private), which expires in March.

    I have a few email followers that are black ink that I just recently noticed. I guess it is best to delete them, plus I have several black ink followers that appear to be commercial sites. Those I will check into.

    This post is very helpful, Rory! Thanks!

      1. It’s all Jetpack. It’s a plugin that you can install when you go self hosted. So all the nifty things you do on .com you can do when self hosted.

        1. Security is handled through Jetpack, as well. Self-hosting is really not that complex once you do the initial setup. The only major issues I had was the migration.

          It took some perseverence but I made the right move. I had a Premium plan and wasn’t able to be as creative as I wanted to. Don’t you have the Business plan?

        2. Oh right, so all the scary stories about .orgs must be old wives tales then. I heard that security was one of the hardest issues with .orgs.

          Yes, l have business plan, so l have a bit more freedom.

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