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I received an email over the weekend from a friend who asked, ‘How was Suze settling in here considering her house was packed away in a storage unit?’ Here, as in here in Willow.

Well, considering that her life is packed up and she lives in boxes in a storage unit, Suze is doing very well. I am not saying it is always easy on her because it’s not.

Generally, however, cancer wise or post-cancer wise to be precise, Suze is doing alright …ish. She still experiences severe issues with her Neuropathy which affects her feet primarily. She can never get the feeling of actually having warm feet despite the fact, as she says, her feet aren’t ‘physically cold to the touch’. They are cold inside, making it even harder to try and find a solution to internal cold feet syndrome.

Peripheral Neuropathy, in layman terms, is damage to the nerves. As Suze would say, it’s like living with pins and needles [numbness, tingling and an abstract pain] all day and more so when the weather isn’t warm. I know what it is like when l hit my so-called ‘funny bone’, which isn’t funny at all! While that sensation lasts for only a few minutes and is frustrating, l couldn’t imagine living with it for most of the day!

When l invited Suzanne to live here in Willow, it was as my friend. It was to help her get back on her feet physically and mentally. Also, maybe be able to encourage and motivate her to find and launch a business to leave her full-time job and reach a decision on her living residence.

Suze’s daughter, who lives in Australia with her husband and four children, invited her mother to live full time with them in a granny annexe. Suze was and still is very tempted. She would also assist her son in law with his canine companion business. Which would mean that Suze could be close to her grandchildren and work alongside and with dogs that she has a real passion for and work with autism, another love she has.

The difficulty for Suze was reaching that decision, so between us, we decided that Suze would live here in Willow for a minimum of two years. Taking us into 2023 [roughly] and by which time she would be able to know possibly more clearly than now what she wanted from her life.

Did she wish to leave her friends here in the UK to emigrate to Australia for the rest of her days? Alternatively, create a business and then split her residence here in the UK and Australia, therefore getting the best of both worlds?

That’s where we are now ….. although there are other obstacles to consider regarding the emigration part. Most notably, Australia is not the most accessible country to emigrate to now because of the Covid. Suze doesn’t know how she might feel about air travel and whether she could cope with it.

Neuropathy is only one of her long term side effects of the chemo and radiotherapy treatment. Others like the saliva issue, her decreased diet, and her lowered efficiency. Of course, if one was to move to Australia full time, this would mean that ‘free health care’ [aka NHS] is not available down under. These are all essential conditions that must be seriously considered. Never mind that her grandchildren are getting older and older, which plays and preys heavily upon Suzanne’s mind.

Unit with 85% of Suze’s life packed up and stored away – last Wednesday 8th December.

However, to the question at hand, ‘How was Suze settling in here considering her house was packed away in a storage unit?’ She is doing alright. We were at her storage unit last week and identifying and tidying up over the weekend. Suzanne made the decision to sort through and sell some of her things. Which was quite overwhelming for her, so we had to take it slow.

Unit with 80% of Suze’s life packed up and stored away – last Saturday 11th December.

A few items were taken out and are listed for sale. A couple of other things were taken out to live here in the house whilst a few other items were simply taken to the rubbish facility for recycling. We discovered that the removal company we used when we moved out of Kingsdown last year to our new places provided an excellent service. However, they did not offer as great service the last time around when Suze was moving here and to the storage unit.

There were more scratches on furniture and breakages in boxes which is not brilliant.

There is more to be done in this storage unit, furniture to be decided upon, and so on. Until Suze knows with 100% clarity what she will be doing with her life, her belongings will have to remain here for the time being. Although the decision to sell certain items will mean that come next March, when she renews the storage unit holding, she may not have to have as large a storage bay as now.

But that is still three months away, so there is no immediate rush. So there is the update with regards to Suzanne.

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17 thoughts on “A Slice of Life

  1. I hope Suze grows stronger and is able to tackle the business you’re thinking of starting. Hugs to her. Thanks for the update.

  2. Sounds very wise of Suze and you, taking time where these living decisions are concerned. Boxing up and living without parts of your life (so to speak) is both cumbersome and freeing, I find. I do think there’s a great deal to learn from it. Sending best wishes to both of you on that front.

    The worms look incredibly happy! And the birds are seriously fortunate to have such a great garden “restaurant” at the ready ☺️

    Your new cloud tag is bright and cheerful and I like seeing it at the bottom of your posts. Very nice ☺️

    Also, I thoroughly enjoyed your list of what “entertained” you this year. Isn’t it amazing what overhearing a few mere seconds of a conversation can inspire… now I’ll be thinking on it myself.

    Have a wonderful day, Rory ☺️🎶✨ just keep swimming 🐠

    1. Hey Suzanne, l keep swimming as fast as l can 🙂

      Thank you for reading those posts, as l was tinkering away at the administrations l saw you liking them respectively and smiled.

      I have some major new changes coming up this month to the blog that overall directly/indirectly reflect on many of the posts you will have read about and commented on today.

      They start from tomorrow and be in full swing from 2022. Even as l write many parts of my dashboard are open to the bone taking in and on small operational tweaks.

      I am becoming a very different writer to the guy who merely started blogging in 2017 🙂

      1. Happy to hear you’re zipping and swimming 🙂

        It was my pleasure, nice to do some catching up. I’ll look forward to seeing the changes you have in store for the new year.

        I like very much where you’re going with it all. I’d say your blog is very, Rory which is as it should be. ☺️💫

  3. I deal with Neuropathy too. Mine is mostly in my hands though. I thought OZ had a national Healthcare? Is it only for “citizens”?

    I hope Suze continues to get stronger physically and mentally. Beating cancer in the middle of a global pandemic is a major accomplishment right there! She should give herself more credit.

    I’m enjoying the evolving JB. Looks like the 20s are gonna roar in this century too😉

    My best to you both!💌💌

    1. Hey Gramma, yes neuropathy is not nice at all, you have my sympathies. Sadly yeah, spot on. you have to be an actual citizen.

      There are more changes afoot, they will be discussed in tomorrow’s later post 🙂

      Keep smiling and hugs as always backatcha 🙂

  4. Selling off things is a good idea. A business sounds adventurous. Cheers to growing stronger and all the best for all the endeavors.

  5. It’s good to hear Suze has a safe haven, even if temporary. You’re a good person to support Suze, Rory!

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