Series 2 – Gardening Projects

Series 2 – Gardening Projects – 2021
Project Willow Courtyard

Just a quickie, although l should be so lucky!

I received a couple of emails over the weekend from friends asking 1] How the Willow garden was going and was there anything new going on? Plus 2] Was l still composting and finally 3] Did l have a worm population in the compost?

So, just to address these questions quickly …

Willow Garden Sunday 12/12/2021 2.30pm

1] The Willow garden is fine, although there isn’t a great deal ongoing currently as we are heading towards winter now. The grounds have been mulched and fed for the upcoming season. Bark chipping mulch has been added to the pots and the containers. Gravel was laid and raked and will be weeded as required. That’s really about it for the time being.

The compost pile is still to be sieved and added to the central compost containment unit at the back of the garden, and the ready to use compost needs to be dug over. That is about it until late February when l will start to lay some seed for the new growings for the 2022 seasons, which l will discuss in January sometime.

What was added to the garden yesterday, not long after the photograph above was taken, was the new Wooden Bird Table/Feeding Station. Which was to replace the metal one that was so intent on making lots of mess in the ornamental bed it was upright within.

Suze and l [well, mostly Suze being honest as l was out in the garden for the tricky bit [base construction] put it together yesterday afternoon. I’ll not know how well it is received until after the next seven days have passed. I have been focussing on working the bird feeding units/trays into a more satisfactory and less messy strategy for the garden to stop the constant weeds sprouting up from the fallen seeds.

Trays were introduced six weeks ago and are sited on the garden table and both of the worm farms too. The worm farm feeding trays support the original perched peanut tray for the larger birds. These have been very well received by many bird species. I drilled holes into all the trays so as to stop rainwater collecting in the trays and spoiling the seed content.

The bird table is principally just a table on a stand with a roof, so we screwed into place four cup holders allowing us to hang bird feeders as well. The fallen seed will fall onto the concrete path, with only a tiny percentage falling into the garden beds below the table itself.

2 & 3] Was l still composting, and do l have a worm population in the compost?

Yes, l am still composting, although l don’t write in detail about the process here that much anymore. Composting posts will be from next year published in the Earthly Comforts blog. This series is mostly just a social gardening series for those interested and who want a catch-up but don’t want to hear the complete ins and outs of the A – Z of soils and their occupants.

Do l have a worm population in the compost pile? Yes, l do. It’s a substantial population also – see below from digging the twin compost piles yesterday afternoon. The composting is now part of the vermiculture operation – the compost piles now serve to create the earth needed to use in the worm farms.

The worms are thriving in the compost heaps. The above shows the fork filled with life.

Although the images below show how well the compost worm culture is thriving and how healthy they are too…

Next year, I will be creating more detailed posts regarding composting and vermicomposting for the worm fans amongst you.

Another question l received via email: ‘How was Suze settling in here considering her house was packed away in a storage unit?’ I will answer that this week. Till then, thanks for reading. Catch you next time.

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        1. I am sure they will. Birds are a little wary of change but once they realise it’s a better station and it’s safe, they’ll be as fine as rain 🙂

    1. Yes it’s nice and wasn’t too expensive. Managed to get it for around £26 or just over $40 which is good considering many of them can start in the region of £35.

  1. your willow garden looks good !! … in answer to a previous question, my job is a daytime office job but we are very busy !! …

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