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Journal Entry 1608/12/21

It Started With a Ki … Tag!

It started with a Tag. Do you recall the post “Tag, You’re It!” Right? Last week? Where l posed the question that Grace had raised concerning Tags? Well, one of the answers in the comments came from my friend, Mr Fandango, in his response to the question… Let’s Play Tag.

One of his actual answers to this question “Do you use Tags on your blog posts and do you find them a practical resource for you or your readers?

Was … “It’s also interesting to see the tag cloud associated with my blog.”

When l looked at Fandango’s Tag Cloud, l was suitably impressed enough to pop over to Earthly Comforts and attach my own Tag Cloud to that blog. There were a couple of things l liked about Fandango’s Cloud 1] I liked the eclectics of the different font sizing, and 2] l liked the fact that his Cloud spoke to me more about HIM as a blogger than his actual “About or Who Am I’ did. [IMHO]

To a new reader to Fandango’s blog, they would just be words they may choose to explore or not, but to a frequent reader like l have been for four years. The words within painted a much clearer image of the writer to whom l call a friend.

His Tag Cloud outlined his ‘identity and personality to me. I found that genuinely fascinating and further reaching than my initial query with Tags had examined in my own post.

When l attached the Widget onto Earthly Comforts, l too had the exact pleasurable moment with the abstractiveness of the font sizing. It displayed to me more clearly how l could tailor-make my tags to make more impact and define the business identity and personality more easily and clearly. Even if no one EVER referred to it, like Fandango’s Cloud, it would be forever visible as a ‘This is who l REALLY am!” slogan!

I logged out of the business blog with this renewed enthusiasm concerning Tag Clouds. I keyed myself into the Guy blog as l had an idea. I shall add a cloud to my personal blog ………… which l did, BUT! My Tag Cloud [sited at the bottom of the blog in the footer] was, although highly functional and exact, was, in my eyes, dull and drab!

It currently displays 43 words associated with my blog. However, l spent considerable time [All – yes folks ALL of last Friday 3rd December] attending to my tags. When l took a break a few months ago to clean up my blog, l had thousands upon thousands of Tags to clean up. Back then, the exact number was 13,000, and l reduced it down to just below 10,000. Last Friday, l started reducing my Tags down again with the specific task of creating a more personalised and functional Tag Cloud, especially given how terribly unexciting mine looked.

I reduced from 9,976 surplus tags to 57! Trust me, EVEN with the ability to disable 20 labels at a time, 9,976 is still just under 500 pages to sift through. There is a beauty of autism at times that some might not appreciate. We can sometimes find therapy from the most repetitive of actions. Hence, as mind-numbingly killing as it was, l found it quite addictive and helpful. For thinking!

Mine’s drab and unexciting because my theme doesn’t allow for different font sizes, and whilst the completed Cloud now looks formal and conventional and efficient, it is still quite dull to look at!

However, the Tag Cloud l have in my footer does represent me and my blog, my personality and my blog’s identity – but its downfall was it wasn’t really vibrant and eclectic. Then l had this idea … well, why don’t l make it so?

I asked Lisa to create for me using highlighted words from my Tag Cloud, a colourful Word Cloud, which she did. It now sits on my footer on the opposite side of my formal Cloud and in my About, and l now use it at the bottom of my posts. It is colourful, and it sits beautifully on my colour theme.

I think the colourful Cloud displays to people more effectively my Tag Cloud but in a more personal manner. I have used the words that genuinely identify with me and my blog. Some of you may have seen it and perhaps wondered what the story was, and if you haven’t or didn’t, well, now you know anyway.

So, l just wanted to say, “Thanks for the inspiration Fandango!

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  1. I didn’t realize the tag cloud displayed differently on different themes. I have one on one of my blog pages, and it displays like Fandango’s, with different font sizes depending on how often the tag is used.

    1. Hey Ashley, that’s how l thought all the tag clouds would work as in ratio of size per qty, but alas l found out that is not the case at all. When l first tried the tag cloud here, l had very random words and phrases coming up [especially from many of the posts that were deleted] and some of those word/phrases had several hundred hits to them, and still they came up as the one size at the bottom.

      The 57 or so tags l had left all had many hits to them also, and it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference to the font size.

      Yet, Earthly Comforts which uses a very different theme to here and isn’t live per se, and is only having posts created to display as backdated archives has some really large words like you describe.

      I was quite baffled by it all considering that there are only 30 odd posts in the business blog anyway and there are over a thousand here now. So very Theme oriented l feel.

      1. Strange. I seem to recall that in the past you could adjust the number of tags displayed in a tag cloud, and either I’m making that up or WordPress has taken that away. In my tag cloud, the size does depend on the relative frequency of my use of those tags, with the most commonly used tags showing in 29pt font and the less used showing as 11pt.

        1. I have no comparison to know the difference with this theme for this blog. I had never even really thought about tag clouds before. I had seen them around of course, but never even truly made the connection.

          Whether before Gutenberg arrived there was more of an option for this theme l don’t know.

          But what l did notice at one point a few months ago and this might be something … for Earthly Comforts l had looked at using the same theme as here BUT, l noticed that it didn’t seem to have the same flexibility as this theme here used to have and l then chose a different theme.

          So perhaps WP altered the themes in some way?

          Guy blog uses Baskerville 2 whilst Earthly blog uses Hever.

        2. Tag clouds used to be possible as a widget; maybe that’s what I’m thinking of when I remember there being options to control the number of tags. At one point, I had a tag cloud in my sidebar widget area.

        3. BUT, do you know what’s stranger??

          When l look at the Tag Cloud in my dashboard it is big, small, smaller, bigger so l don’t get it?

          I simply don’t have any options to make it appear like it does in my dashboard on my actual blog the same way.

        4. I just took a look, and the tag cloud classic widget allows you to adjust the number of tags displayed. But since WP changed the widget areas to Gutenberg, you have to have the classic widget plugin installed to be able to use classic widgets.

        5. Yes l noticed that l could toggle the number of tags but that’s about it. I was looking at it all again as we were conversing just to make sure l hadn’t missed anything first time around.

          I think it confuses me because in the other theme, in the dashboard it displays like here different font sizes and when you publish it, it appears different font size as well. Yet here, that same transfer isn’t available.

  2. First of all, Rory, you’re welcome. I’m glad my tag cloud inspired you, but it seems to have set up a huge task for you — reducing your tags from the thousands to less than 100. I also like your colorized version versus my drab shades of gray. Maybe I’ll reach out to the happiness engineers and suggest they incorporate color options. And now that you REALLY know who I am, do you still like me? 😂

  3. After your previous post on tags, I revamped all tags on my blog. I read tags with no posts attached to them or only one post should be deleted. So, I deleted many of my tags.

    I just added the tag cloud to my blog and the tags appear in various sizes but I don’t see any way to adjust the number of tags or the way they look, except I am able to show post counts. I think the appearance of the tag cloud is Theme specific.

    Perhaps, I mentioned this before my new theme does anything and everything. I can change each setting individually and even change the width of columns so I am surprised there are not more options to tweak the tag cloud. I don’t use half the options the theme has to offer because my blog doesn’t warrant it but I have a blast playing with it.

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