A Slice of Life

But l am not Alice!

When the yesterday goes awry …

Don’t you hate it when a day of plans does that? Does what? Goes awry, of course. It’s a funny word l think ‘awry’ or awry as in awree or maybe even arye, or even ahrye, but unless you know, you probably wouldn’t instantly think of awry, which looks like it should sound like a chocolate biscuit or is that oreo over that of oreeeee. How many E’s exactly could it be?

Of course, it all depends upon your pronunciation and your accent, nationality and even perhaps dialect. No, l mean dialect and not dialek or even Dalek, like as in Who Dalek.

No, this isn’t about words. It’s just the sort of mood l am in whilst penning this post! Tomorrow’s post is about words … ish!

It’s hammering it down with rain, and my day didn’t go to plan. I wanted to turn the compost and add some scraps, and l wanted to spend time studying on my course, the latter of which l haven’t done for a couple of weeks because of being busy with worms and ill-health.

By the way, l did ring the doctor’s surgery and their advice five days after the attack, be this heart or whatever was Yes, we COULD do all the tests in the surgery, but we advise you to go to QEQM – which is my local hospital in Margate for an ECG Test. The last time l had an ECG test was years ago in Lincolnshire at home with some portable monitoring unit on me, but my ‘then’ doctors told me it was an easy test to perform in the surgery as well.

I knew from the neighbours here that the local medical centre here could perform the test, BUT BUT BUT they were turning patients away and sending them to hospital.

My doctor said he would rerun an ECG test and blood once l was done at the hospital.

I am guessing my WTF confusion came across as a deep ‘Ugh, like a grunt. the doctor quickly continued, “To be on the safer side of course, l understand the wait times at the hospitals can be long.”

“Long?? Doc, they are horrendous, try 6+ hours alone in QEQM, and as it’s a Friday to boot, it’ll be even longer. If you have the same equipment, why can’t you test me here in Sandwich?”

“Because we have to be safe. Okay, anything else?”

So after hanging up the phone, l decided to make a decision based on logic

1] Five days after the whatever’ attack from hell’ did l believe me to be dead or even dying …?

2] Was l prepared to attend the A&E department of the QEQM Hospital in Margate and wait for anywhere between 6 – 9 hours from arrival to discharge?

3] Did l wish to be masked up and surrounded by sick people during a pandemic whilst waiting hours and potentially hours in one of the busiest A&E departments in South East Kent for someone to tell me l had a case of serious digestion five days ago?

The answers were quick and furious ..no, no and NO!!

I have told Suze that if l suddenly drop dead, l was wrong, and l will eat my hat! But if l am dead, l may be some time!

So far this week, l am feeling fine, or rather l should say l am feeling the way l would usually feel, which isn’t frigging fabulous BUT is better than deader than a dodo!

But my day, or rather my yesterday as in Monday, because erm, today is Tuesday, didn’t go as planned l didn’t end up doing the compost heap, nor did l get the time to study or even mix up the new birdseed mix or even getting into the business blog. Nope, l had to do all kinds of other adulting stuff like sorting the house out and tidying up and sorting the place out and listing products for sale and sorting the house out. Yeah, you get the gist, wash, rinse and repeato! Of course, l had to write this post which l did because l am doing it now! Welcome back to the surreality aspect of next day publishing!

Primarily l was working in the LivenDen [the loungeroom], and that was undergoing yet again another major declutter – if it wasn’t ‘materially things’, then it was things such as materials – like paper. It was a significant paper declutter! As Clint said in Heartbreak Ridge, “It’s a clutter defluff!” Okay, some creative license has been added to that and more so if you happen to know the actual quote!

There are many reasons for a sort out, but one of the other reasons is l have finally decided to get a dog next year.

I had to sort out all the magazines and bits still for sale, like wooden hangers, a mini exerciser, a Robovac, and a severe paper shredding adventure that will thrill the worms as the paper serves as their bedding. Also, l was working on the materials that l intend to start a new business project with, which l briefly discussed the other week, and that was set down to publish some content and create some books as a trial experiment.

I still have other pieces to list for sales, like the bookshelf and the Gym Master and the mobile whiteboard. I need to try and free up some space in the house, especially this room, as l would like to close the door, which l can’t do during the winter months, to keep the heat in the room. Yet every time l manage to free something up the moment l turn around, and there is something else needing to go?

I have to free up the bookcase, so l can list it for sale which means l have to find somewhere for the contents in the bookcase to actually go! But first l have to address the question of ‘Are the contents actually needed?’

Plus l am now also starting to sort out a couple of boxes to do with my father … l thought l did all of that a couple of years back, but as said, if you turn around, the moment you turn back, something else is there?

Alice would of course say “Curiouser and curiouser!”

But l am not Alice!

… well finally after hours of huffing and puffing and tooing and froing and both of us grunting and heaving in the end – it’s starting to shape up! Plus the door now shuts!

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20 thoughts on “A Slice of Life

    1. Thanks – the mobile whiteboard was in the way as indeed was one of the rugs. The doors here are closer than normal doors to the floors and with the carpet makes it hard to close them.

      It’s time for another dog now, next year will be two years since Scrappy’s passing.

  1. Oh! I would love to get a construction size bin delivered and toss 90% of what has grown in my house. 2020 was bad for that. Ben and all his shtuff!🤦🏼‍♀️
    We got our Christmas Tree Monday while Ben was at school. I usually say wait until the 15th, but I’ve read about shortages and we had a mad scramble last year, plus Ben was asking when we were getting the tree approximately 20 times daily🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ The point is… we had to make a space for the tree🤪🤯

    I’m with you 1000% about not sitting in A&E. I actually had a short “health consult” when I saw my Primary Doctor’s nurse on the sidewalk when I was taking my Bins to the street for “trash day”. She asked how I was feeling, I told her “good”. 😂😂 It’s convient living next to my doctor’s office. I wonder if they’ll bill Medicare for the “consult”😂😂

    It rained here today. Real water, in drops, falling from the sky😲 The ground got wet and everything.😂 Curiouser and curiouser indeed!

    1. We have another storm over here now, this one is a B, whereas the last one was an A. Why did we have to start naming storms anyway – who cares? Is it for the grumpys who want to kick some one’s ass over the weather so instead of blaming the weather centres we can say we feel like shit because of Storm Z?

      So can relate to real water, which is better than the white shtuff they have oop north!

      There was no WAY l was going to wait for hours and hours in a waiting room. Even ambulances down here take 1] upwards of 90 mimnutes to arrive and 2] have to wait in long queues before they can unload!? so a waiting room is OUR of the question.

      It doesn’t feel like Christmas admittedly, l was walking with Suze yesterday morning and was 1] surprised to see decorations up in houses and 2] when l finally remembered it was christmas l was shocked at just how few houses had them up.

      1. Interesting… I’ve seen MORE houses with lights and lawn ornaments this year. People seem to be forcing the festivity, or they’re just glad to be off lockdown this year.🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s pretty to see all the houses lit up when I drive Daughter into work. And Daughter added a blowup snowman to our yard for decoration this year😂 The Halloween decorations came down, and the Christmas decorations went up. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have recused myself from Decorations Duty due to being a Grinch😉

    1. Thanks Betty. Yes l have been thinking on getting another dog for a few months now, l just had things to take care of in the house, and also Suze needed to be in a better place so l could afford to chill down a bit.

      1. Sounds like you have your priorities in order, Dear. Will you be considering getting your new dog from a humane shelter or some other, then?

        1. Hey Betty, well Scrappy was a rescue. My first port of call will be a rescue centre because there are soooo many dogs that need loving homes and they are my first priority.

  2. It seems you are feeling better, Rory! I feel that your trying to see a doctor is very stressful for you. I believe working on your projects will help eliminate your stress and is good therapy. I remember having panic attacks and becoming totally disoriented and breaking out in a cold sweat. They were scary but after my life settled down, the attacks did not reoccur. I haven’t had a panic attack
    in 30 years. Yes, I think getting a dog is a great idea.

    1. Hey Eugenia, it’s not a panic attack, it is l believe connected to my digestion and my mouth. I am not eating from a balanced diet and it can at times have a detrimental effect on my digestion.

      I only have an ingredient diet number of 25 food items which is n’t balanced as a diet. I used to have serious reflux issues and was diagnosed five years ago as suffering with chronic heartburn isues which are very similar to what l experienced.

      The pain was directly behind my sternum and to the slight immediate left which is why there was confusion. My main confusion was why l am getting them five years on when l have cut everything supposedly bad from my diet that l was advised to do to STOP the attacks and YET still l am suffering.

      Mouth and digestion are the culprits here.

      There are many reasons for my stress to see the doctor 1] doctors are turning most people away from their surgeries even with basic ailments and it’s becoming a pandemic of its own which the government are trying to resolve because the hospitals are already overwhelmed with covid variants as is, 2] hospital waiting rooms are overflowing with sick people and not so sick people and many do not wear masks if they are deemed exempt, 3] waiting times are horrendous and the average weight time can be 6-9 hours here in south east Kent, 4] l hate using my autism, but too many people stress me out any way which is why l tend to steer away from crowds above 15 people in closed quarters, 5] l have better things to do with 6-9 hours of my life and finally 6] l genuinely do not believe that the attack was anything to be overly worried about. I wondered about it being the heart because of the location, but considering l was as busy as an ox the next day if l was ill with heart problems, l probably would have collapsed 🙂

        1. Well l agree Eugenia.

          In normal times l would be starting the investigative journey again with the medical profession – however those days are gone. So the only way forwards is to see what l can do to further ensure my health stays stable.

          i have ordered a full online blood test kit as well as a Bionetics hair testing kit which when combined both will be able to give me a closer look at what’s going on 🙂

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