Musings of a Boring Ol’ F!

At least l can smile .. ish!

Two weeks ago, l had three teeth removed from the top of my upper jaw by my laughing dentist, who was telling me all about the films of old and how l wasn’t like Ben Stiller in so far as l ‘wasn’t a bleeder!’.

He showed me the removed teeth when he had finished and then presented me with my upper jaw temporary and partial denture. The plate was more significant [polite word for bloody large lump of plastic] than l would have liked, but his advice was ‘” Let’s get you and your mouth used to this before we start playing around with the big gums!” I countered with, “You mean guns, don’t you?”

“No, l do mean big gums. Your full denture will have back teeth, whilst this is simply restoring your smile and making you look ten years younger!” He said with a huge grin.

Wiping back the bloody droplets from my mouth with a soiled tissue. I said, “Okay if you say so. However, currently, all l feel like at present is that l am sucking on an iron bar!”

“Yep, a bloodied mouth will do that for you. Expect to bleed for the rest of today and maybe if you are unlucky tomorrow. But l wouldn’t expect that to be the case. It was a nice clean pull, a great extraction indeed!”

The dentist gave me a fresh tissue to wipe away my dribbles and a small little pack that reminded me of my packed lunches from the yesterdays of my youth at the canteen. Except this packet had denture adhesive, my partial denture, and a toothbrush that looked like it could clean the inside butthole of a camel out, so odd was the angle of the brush! All wrapped up with an explanatory booklet.

“Now, allow the swelling to reduce, give that a couple of weeks. Your jaw is different to other jaws we deal with. It’s a strong jaw, but the swelling will be immense for the first few days. Once you are two weeks in, start trialling the denture. Give us a call after Christmas, and we will arrange new appointments for you but first, get used to this one. That alone will take a bit of time because your upper jaw is overshot to your bottom jaw”.

The aggressive swelling had subsided by the following Tuesday and by perhaps Tuesday of this week, only did my mouth begin to feel like it did before the extraction. Yesterday, l trialled the partial denture … l can reveal the following;

Smiling wise, l don’t look bad. As you can see below, it’s still not great, but better than it was – trust me on that! After all, l have a misaligned jaw; l am like a Springer who are notorious at times for their overshot jawlines. I do get worried at just how much further work there is needed to remedy Mr Overshot Jaw Matier though.

Suze says l look great, l think l look dorkish! But l thought that without the temp denture anyway!

Speech wise … well, that is a whole new ball game. A through to Z can be slightly problematic and different. Still, after studying YouTube dentist videos, it has given me many tips to prevent problems and keeps motivating me to NOT give up; l will succeed! Yes, l will.


I spent a good part of yesterday talking to myself and reading aloud from blogs repeatedly; l will conquer this temporary speech impediment. The letters underlined in the grid above are my problem ones. The once-popular nursery rhyme ‘She Sells Seashells” actually comes out as Swee shwells sweeswells by the sweeshwore! Whilst The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog! comes across like this – The kwikk bwown fwoxx jumpsh ovewha the lazy dog! To say l have a lisp is an understatement in some areas.

Enough said, really, first with these teeth, l have to conquer speech, then l have to try and eat and keep them in .. okaaaay then! I can’t whistle with them yet, but at least l can smile … ish!

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27 thoughts on “Musings of a Boring Ol’ F!

  1. Hey, Rory you have a beautiful smile friend! Nice to see your smiling face. I’m sure you’ll overcome your French accent soon. Wish you all the best

  2. Good luck with it! I remember when I got a retainer in grade 7 that it was a bit of a production to get used to talked again. I have this very clear memory of being in class and the teacher asking if anyone knew who the UN secretary general was. For some reason, I actually knew it was Perez de Cuellar, but no way was I going to be able to get that name out of my mouth with the new retainer.

  3. 🙂 It never occurred to me that one needed to learn how to speak a second time around when they are wearing dentures for the first time.

    You look great with your new teeth, Rory.

    1. Hey Renard, yes when your speech teeth are rendered useless, your ability to speak clearly is broken also.

      With my fractured jaw slowly allowing my teeth to crumble, my speech was beginning to become problematic.

      My three front teeth removed had become very badly broken and l was developing a slight lisp which upset me quite a bit as was.

      With the removal of those, my tongue lost its ability to speak and the gap meant l had developed a fuller lisp.

      The dentist told me l would have to learn to speak again with the denture in. He wasn’t wrong.

  4. I had the stupid whistle at first. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ I went from broken teeth to over a month of zero teeth, to full dentures. It was definitely a process.

    You’ll get to where you hardly notice them and your smile is adorable!!🥰

  5. You look wonderful Rory! You have a beautiful cheerful smile and I look forward to seeing it more often. Keep up the good practice. ☺️

  6. You look great, Rory, and you have a very nice smile. I remember when I going through my dental work and kept telling myself it will be worth it in the end. And it was!

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