How addicted to blogging are you?

I was engaged in a chat with Sadje the other day in the comments section of the post How Blind Would You Be Without Your Contacts?

During which, she admitted to the following, “I’m not addicted to social media or news feeds”, but then a little later on in our conversation she also conceded to “I can be said to be addicted to blogging”.

It made me think about my own personality traits – l can be prone to addiction. I never used to have a moderation button – although that has changed in recent months – finally l am learning how to moderate. I know people in the past have said and more so since my diagnosis of Asperger’s in 2008, “Ah this explains your addictive personality!”

Maybe, that is so, although l do know now that without an ability to moderate behaviours, tastes, passions and loves and times, that before l could come across as addictive and to the extreme obsessed and more so when fixated upon a specialised interest or enthusiasm but is that the same as addiction?

Or is it merely a belief?

I am still working on and with the Thrive course. However, we are currently on a break. We were exploring various “Unhelpful Thinking Styles”, which was an exciting and thought-provoking chapter. Which encouraged us to delve deep into negative thinking, brooding, paranoia, the black and white, impulsive thoughts, perfectionism, the hypervigilant personality, the learned helplessness style and how much of a catastrophiser are you?

All extremely fascinating, l assure you! It makes you stop, think, think twice and makes you examine how you feel! We decided we needed to take a break for a while before our brains exploded! Especially given that the next chapter was entitled “The language we use”, which is a comprehensive chapter and one we need to be extra fresh for.

Thrive is NOT a programme you should tackle when tired!

I told Sadje to not worry about her ‘addiction to blogging’ as there are far worse things you could be addicted to. Still, it made me think about some of the things l believed l was addicted to over the years** for many years and also made me further explore my own set of behaviours regarding a lack of moderation and a fondness to exploit passions!

There are two sides to the same term ‘addiction’, making it hard to establish and define. Some wouldn’t define all addictions as pure or harmful addictions, therefore challenging whether the term ‘l am addicted to blogging’ is actually about ‘harmful addiction or merely filling surplus time with entertainment’.

Social media addiction is considered harmful because of the excessive amount of time users spend on the platform. BUT, some further suggest that social media, whilst harmful, isn’t an addiction, to begin with.

For many, spending hours on their mobile phones poring over their feeds on social media accounts is no longer considered unusual behaviour. The average ‘user’ spends roughly two hours daily on their various social platforms. I wondered about this, do l?

No, but l am not the average user of typical social media. I have a Facebook account, but maybe only visit twice a day for roughly 2 -3 minutes per visit to check for messages. I don’t have Twitter or IG or any other media aside from WordPress. Because WP is also a social community media site – people utilise the features to read and comment on content from the social side to this community.

How long do l spend here daily? Well, l first began blogging in 2017; back then, l was using it sparingly, so not often; then, l was also on Twitter, which l deleted in January 2018. But from January 2018 – June 2019, l can honestly say l was addicted to my blog and the social community through the written content to prompt creation and response. It would not have been unusual back then to spend upwards of 12 hours daily here! But l had less to do in ‘real life’ or that is the excuse l used.

From July 2019 – January 2020, l had started to slow down my actual publishings, and l wanted to ease back from the social side this year as l was concerned with the time l was spending on here.

These days l create a single post for the next day publishing only. That takes anywhere between 30 minutes to three hours to develop, pending the content, l also spend perhaps a total of an hour a day every day reading blogs in the evening, and l attend to comments daily once in the morning and also once in the evening, and that occupies me for around 30 minutes total, but l will be reading blogs also in the evening, so can combine the two tasks.

So my daily addictive fix to blogging takes a minimum of two hours to a potential four and a half hours a day and more so if there is a more extended creation time present. I aim to create two ‘long content pieces’ a week. I needed to reduce the amount of time l spent on my blog so that l could devote more time to my business which will also have a blog. I wanted to ensure that l managed my spare time efficiently and productively and no longer ‘wasted surplus times’.

I have achieved that, and l am now busier than ever.

Once l have written the next day’s post and attended to the morning comments, l sign out of my account and have nothing more to do with it until later afternoon or early evening, at that time, l am now working or studying or creating elsewhere.

How addicted to blogging am l today? Not addicted at all, l still blog, l still write, l am enjoying writing again, l am still social, just not as much as l once was, but l would describe my behaviour today as being more community social.

We come back to the line of ‘there are worse things to be addicted to than blogging’, and still l ask is addiction the right word to describe it OR is there a difference between social media to writing media, as in the likes of Facebook to WordPress? It’s all social media to me as is. Maybe you think different?

However that aside, the only question today is …

How addicted to blogging are you?

Part 1 of 2 – **Question 2 later this week.

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46 thoughts on “How addicted to blogging are you?

  1. Well you know my answer to this question. I spent a couple of hours in the morning to catch up with what was written and said while I slept and then some time writing posts for the next day. During the day I check my WP reader off and on. But I think it’s more of a favorite hobby than addiction!

  2. I am addicted to writing to an audience and (these days) blogging is the best way for me to fulfill that. But it’s not blogging itself that compels me; in fact, blogging is increasingly annoying! I haven’t yet found a better way to get an audience though…

    1. I can relate in part to the blogging is annoying, l get that 🙂 tomorrow l have a post coming out which addresses something we discussed last year and ties in or rather indirectly with what you are discussing here now.

      I am more addicted to creating content than l am to blogging. So l get where you are coming from.

  3. 🙂 Rory, I am no longer addicted to blogging. However, I am very devoted to it.

    When I was addicted to blogging, I used to be highly annoyed when guests dropped in unexpectedly because I saw that as an infringement of my time.

    Also back then, I used to publish articles on my blog daily.

    I broke my addiction to blogging by doing it weekly.

    Also, publishing content on my blog weekly has provided me with the time to do real-world activities.

    It is all about balance, my friend.

  4. A key element of addiction is ongoing behaviour despite negative consequences. I spend a lot of time in the blogging world, but that doesn’t produce negative consequences in my life.

    1. Well as l said l think that when they say – blogging is harmful or social media, l think a clearer definition is required and better wording.

      It’s harmful when it creates a major negativity to your life.

  5. I don’t know if I can consider it addiction but I enjoy blogging! I enjoy writing, reading and interacting with fellow bloggers. I’m not very active on social media…I have a Facebook page which I don’t use and I have an IG that I’m struggling to keep updated…

      1. Got you, as in you look for something and then two hours you haven’t found it but you have found twenty videos on the rearing of ancient monoliths of New Guinea sort of thing 🙂

        Can relate to the strange abstractiveness of YouTube.

    1. If you don’t use the FB page, why have it Ribana? Is it connected to your WP account directly, so everytime you create a post it simply redirects the content links to your FB account?

      Your Instagram page looks great though 🙂 Good quality imagery, good follower numbers, – looks good 🙂

  6. Not in the least…and I don’t put much effort into it – to use the old person’s lament – it was better in the old days.

      1. It was on Blogger and the community was huge and very interactive. Real friendships and connections were created and in many cases, certainly mine, those friendships have persisted for nigh on 16 years now. We’ve met in real life, some of us, even special trips organized to meet, like family reunions. There were easy ways to make new connections – I think one was called intracard, or something like that, anyway, more fun.

        1. Yes, but there is no stopping that from happening on any community though. you can get quality friendships here as much as anywhere else it’s all about what we as people are willing to do to make that happen.

  7. I guess you never know unless you try to go cold turkey on it.

    The first observation about addicts is they don’t readily admit to an addiction. They normalise it. Like drug addicts might tell you they only do it recreationally. I remember an article on smoking addiction some time ago which said addiction begins with the first cigarette. I don’t think any addiction is good as it shows a lack of control.

    With blogging in particular, I find it isn’t easy to know what it is that may cause addiction. Is it simply the social media aspect, the craving for peer approval, or collecting more followers, or what? Producing content and keeping a blog going is hard work – maybe it’s just workaholism. I don’t know if that’s a real word.

    1. Workaholism is very much a word, l was classed as a workaholic for years and years from my twenties through to my later forties. I didn’t regard it as that as l only worked with jobs l loved, but l was called that by many people.

      I can see where you are coming from with the lack of control,, l see it as a form of a lack of belief.

      But it is always open to interpretation and people view addiction differently to others.

      You are a very keen runner, some might say you are addicted to it – you could counter that it’s healthy, others would counter that by asking – is it?

      So l think there is at times a very fine line or fine lines between definitions with regards to keeness, enthusiasm passion, addiction and obsession.

      A loss of control suggests an inability to control their behaviour, l get that – l suffered with a lack of moderation – yet l could counter with l lost value of time – everything is open to interpretation.

      1. It’s a fact I’m not addicted to running, there’s evidence countering that interpretation. It takes real effort to get out the door, Rory! 😁 Everything may be open to interpretation, but it would be a wrong interpretation if it was contrary to evidence.

        Well I don’t know now what you meant by “addiction” if you’re now suggesting it’s close to keenness or enthusiasm. 🙂

  8. I’m not addicted to blogging. When It began stressing me out that I wasn’t able to read, comment, answer comments and post, I stepped back.

    I do the Sunday post, and that is usually done Thursday or Friday. I have to edit a link on Saturday night, but sometimes that’s the extent of my time on WP for the day.

    I read when I can, and I don’t always even “like” a post I’ve read. Comments are fewer as well.

    I think anything can become an addiction, in the negative sense of the word, when it has a negative impact on your life.

  9. I separate WordPress from social media. WordPress is a blogging platform and social media is a place to gab, IMO. I enjoying writing and reading works of others, however, I take time for my family and real life. Regarding social media, I bop in and out of various platforms such as LinkedIn and beBee but I don’t spend much time there. I use Twitter to promote other writers but don’t like their politics and I despise FB!

    I would say I am devoted to blogging but not addicted.

    1. I think devoted is a good word, it’s like loving a teddy bear.

      If you don’t like the politics of Twitter – why use them and what do you despise about FB?

      1. Twitter is a great way to promote other writers plus the number of Twitter followers adds to our WordPress count. I’ve never been a fan of FB. My hubby has a FB account to keep up with his family. FB used to be a great way to stay in touch with family and friends but now they also are into politics.

        1. Are you influenced by the numbers? I ask as l have a question later on today [my English today and your tomorrow] about whether numbers are of importance and whether they should be visible or not.

  10. Nope. I admit to feeling very slightly anxious sometimes when I miss a self-imposed deadline though. Otherwise, it’s just ‘school’ in a way – a place to flex my writing muscles.

  11. I am addicted to peace ☮️ so I want that 😉 that is hard to break when you know that peace ❤️

    With music… if I find song I love – I listen continuously until I can not have one more second lol

    Then I put away for awhile and come back to revisit maybe after year or 2

    And do not tempt me with any chocolate lol – is same lol ❤️ because chocolate is amazing ❤️ (depending on named!

    The only social media I use is WordPress… with this I see what people write, how they feel and do. All the things ❤️ from the world so it’s really cool ❤️ I am not forced to read feeds or topics THEY want to show you or influence you with

    Social media why people so angry about everything all the time

    I don’t trust any of the other social media skills… at all!!

    I don’t trust them with MY information and I don’t trust them showing me what THEY WANT to show me. Nope no thanks.

    I find social media damaging to people… mentally physically socially, etc.

    But I am happy with blogging, peace, songs and chocolate 🍫❤️ 🎶

    Plus of course my peeps ❤️

      1. Yes ❤️ I think so

        Music soothes the soul
        As does chocolate lol (😉)

        Peace is amazing and you can never have too much ❤️ I love zen ❤️

        And my people – they so amazing … they supportive, loving and kind … I would not be standing if was not for the amazing people around me… of course I am strong woman – and I work very hard … but supportively and lovingly I would not be so strong without having them ❤️

        And even blogging allowing me to speak when I want ❤️ also very supportive people

        So yeah – I like my addictions

        We should probably throw coffee in there too lol 😘✌️(I get in trouble if I bring a coffee to my oncologists office lol… I get BIG lecture lol … caffeine is a known carcinogen)

        Fricken everything can kill!!!

        So whatever … yes I do have awesome addictions 🤟😄❤️ ☕️

        1. Oh I do not know ?? It’s California so people be serious health nuts sometimes … we have extreme things lol

          So possibly vegan, gluten free, and there is long list of things… ugh 😩

          Every time you turn around something causes something else 🤨

          So kinda on that level of damned if you do and damned if you don’t lol 🤷‍♀️

          I gotta run for now, cooking Turkey 🦃❤️✌️

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