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It’s the little things that stick with you!

I have always hated two things in particular from as far back as 1] l can remember using them, and 2] l can remember starting it! The two things in question are zippers on coats and shaving! These award me the most significant angst l can think of, primarily due to the very nature of their overall awkwardness!

People Without Children Have NO IDEA What It’s Like! | Michael McIntyre – YouTube

I remember watching a hilarious comedian called Michael McIntyre talking about zippers on coats some time ago, and l could sooo relate! But the problem l have is that my coat zipper is always getting caught or misaligns itself, so l have cockeyed zipper problems, which casts my mind back to ‘We got a bleeder!!” from that, the amusing film “There’s Something About Mary.”

Stranger still is last Friday the dentist as he was pulling my teeth was laughing and joking about that, while his assistant who happened to be a Mary herself was saying things like “Ooh l don’t remember that scene, is that the one with the sticky gel??” While l laid back, allowing the said dentist to prod and push my broken teeth in my mouth and conjuring up the realities of these two films clips

There’s Something About Mary – YouTubeCLASSIC SCENE – “Is That…Hair Gel?” – YouTube

You had to be there at that moment in time to truly appreciate the irony and humor working in combo with each other, and l could see almost like an out-of-body experience looking down upon my wriggling form the surreality of everything! “Almost!”

I can remember my teenage years always struggling with coat zippers and all these years on, and sadly it can still be the same l tend to become frustrated at times with the little fiddlesome things in life!

My second pet hate is shaving. I am a wet shaver, and l have been following this particular practice now for well over 45 years. I had a small period where l trialed electric shaving, but that never felt right, and l was always never content with the finished look. Suze got me a good quality electric shaver for Christmas 2019, but by the time l moved to Sandwich in July 2020, l started wet shaving again because it was easier despite me detesting it!

I used to sport a beard in my late teens to early twenties to make me look older, as l had started to shave just before my thirteenth birthday being so dark-haired physically. Still, by my mid-twenties, l had stopped that and preferred to be clean-shaven and soft-skinned – so for well over 30 years now, l have wet shaved.

In the last five years alone, l am not entirely sure that with my shifting jawline due to my dentistry changing, wet shaving, and when l was electric, shaving has become more complex. I can never get a close, clean shave anymore unless l shave like a lunatic. In contrast, l used to be able to complete the perfect ‘baby bum smoothness’ with very few fine strokes and less than five minutes now l spend around 10 minutes and probably look like l am a wild man painting an abstract painting!

These days, l walk downstairs after shaving and suddenly running my hand over my face reveals l missed a bit here, and there and up there and under and the list goes on!

I hate shaving and l am most assuredly no Sweeney Todd ….

… …. thankfully! Otherwise, it might become incredibly messy!!

Sweeney Todd (3/8) Movie CLIP – Shaving Contest (2007) HD – YouTubesweeney todd – death scenes – YouTube
A Slice of Life – Wednesday 17th November – E9

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23 thoughts on “A Slice of Life

  1. Shaving is a bit of a faff, but worse than shaving is not shaving. I couldn’t face maintaining a beard: I wouldn’t fancy those close cropped ones which require a lot of precision, and those long beards always look hazardous and unhealthy.

    Zippers: good idea on paper, often not so good in practice. It’s down to quality and workmanship, I think. I have a favourite coat which I can’t wear because the zip now malfunctions and randomly unzips from the bottom so it ends up looking like I’m wearing a cape!

    1. Hey Ian, yes l also used have a coat like yours, l sadly had to offload it, it was a waxed coat – great for outdoor walking, but it refused to play ball and insisted on pretending it was a cape.

      I was talking about beards only today to Suze, after seeing a chap who had one of these new grizzly Adams styled beards which appear to be all the rage and thought how scruffy it looked and scraggly too.

      mine used to be short groomed, but it WAS bloody hard work to keep it trimmed nice especially for work and in the end, it just narked me off too much because the hair on my neck always caught up with my tie and shirt – back in the days when shirt and tie were compulsory items of work attire.

  2. I am thankfully not a furry person. I gave up shaving completely many years ago. It used to take forever to shave my legs. I’m very grateful that I don’t have to shave my face.
    We’re hoping Ben inherited the non-fur genes. I can’t imagine… or rather I *can* imagine 😱 He already loves Sweeney Todd🤦🏼‍♀️

    My biggest problem lately had been with all the dang buttons on Ben’s clothes. He MUST wear a button down dress shirt, tie, vest, and jacket every day. Top hat too😂😂 He’s quite the dapper young man. All those dang buttons!!
    He could probably do it himself… eventually, with LOTS of reminders, and LOTS of time. The GLYSB arrives at 6:45am… I’m not trying to get him up at 4:30am and spend 2 hours reminding him to get ready🤪

    Love that comedy clip!!🤣🤣🤣 It’s so true! I could show you texts where Daughter has wished me luck at bedtime on nights she works🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤪
    I’ve been doing the parenting thing for almost 33 consecutive years. I can’t remember what it was like to have freedom… Less than 9 years to go til I Run Away. I’m very excited!!

    1. Hahaha – only 9 years left to ‘freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom 🙂

      Buttons are generally easier … generally, not of course a guarantee, but sometimes easier than zips .

      A Top Hat too …

  3. This isn’t ‘on topic’ but did you figure out my site snafu? I saw your request for the follow button on the other site that somehow has come ‘back’ into existence. That post was from 2019 and for a horrifying moment I thought “they ((WP idiots)) ” had deleted most of my blog. Nope. They’ve just stuck this as my address now: https://sparksfromacombustiblemind.wordpress.com/

    If you don’t have the “wordpress” part in it, apparently you get whatever version you apparently found. Sorry for the fuss!

    Now to your topic of discussion: I stopped getting a wax monthly last year when Covid came to town. I haven’t begun again, but I do shave daily. Old lady face fur isn’t a freakin’ joke (or it IS. To Mother Nature apparently). That is a highly unwelcome ‘gift’ that the hormone gods visited on me when I hit menopause. I understand fully why shaving is a pain in the arse. Too fully. My sympathies!!

  4. Zippers can be annoying, probably because I buy cheap clothing! But shaving can be more dangerous. At least I have learned not to cut myself or maybe razor technology has improved. I use an electric razor when I am in a hurry but I prefer the wet shave as you call it.

    1. Hey Geoff 🙂

      The quality of the clothing l think many a time has no bearing on the quality of the zipper. Like the socks that disappear in the washing machine there is no guarantee that they will or they wont – that’s the same with zippers.

      Thankfully the days of cutting myself whilst shaving are far flung in my yesterdays – that used to be a horrific time, especially under the nose area.

  5. Zippers on coats and I don’t get along. Standing outside in freezing cold and the zipper misaligns is just not fair! lol My hubby hates to shave, as well. I feel sorry for men with a heavy beard and have to shave everyday to look well-groomed.

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