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Welcome to Yesterday’s Poetical Reflections – a sub – series of my poetry directory in which l shall ‘reblog’ some of my previously published content.
Yesterday’s Poetical Reflections – Femme Fatale!!
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Femme Fatale!!

She …

Silent and unseen does she appear,
Touching you lightly at first,
Desiring your warmth and fear,
Wanting to be totally immersed,
Deep into your inner sensual core,
Feeling your reluctance to let go,
But knowing soon she will explore,
Your entire body and release your glow!
Without scent, but trail lingering,
She teases your senses alight,
Laughing at your resistance weakening,
Pleasured at the lack of fight,
Soon she will award you her first kiss,
Just a tickle to begin, then longer,
More passionate, deepening abyss,
Her sexual prowess growing stronger,

And you, …

You feel her thirst deep to bone,
Her energy pulling out your soul,
Chilled tongue gripping like stone,
Feeling giddy, slipping towards a black hole,
Hands of ice running over your body,
Pulling you closer to her frame,
Shivering so violently,
Your muscles ignite into flames!
Flesh tingling without any control,
Numbing to her icicle touch,
Screaming for release, cold taking toll,
Inwardly pleading for mercy or such,
Her biting into your exposed flesh,
Causing you to wince and cry in pain,
Releasing you not, air tight in your chest,
Constant pressure on you again and again,
Fighting off as best as you are able,
Desperate to fling off the gripping bite,
Before your mind caves into unstable,
Throes of acute agony of winters’ blight!
Slowly, you start to regain your inner being,
Pushing back that coldest of breath,
Casting the embrace off from the unseen,
Femme fatale winters’ whores’ kiss of death!

© Rory Matier 2011

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