Surreality Gardening is a Thing Right?

It’s November and still very mild down south – recent weather forecasts are predicting a harsh snowfall from the 21st – not sure if that’ll come true – but this rose was beautiful – you may recall, we cut the rose bush back a few weeks back, but this was determined to not let a pruning stop its growth!

I have made a few changes to the way the blog presents itself to the readership again … another sign of me ever changing. A bit like the garden here in Willow. It’s going through not just changes but massive transformations too. Everything is changing. You all know that this post was created yesterday and in fact all the posts that publish on the day were created the day before.

Yesterday l wasn’t feeling that great, having taken ill on Wednesday afternoon with whatever this stomach issue is that l have that can floor me at times. It kicked off badly just after l got back from the reserve at around midday and was still bad 22 hours later.

It can be a little strange at times writing about the here and now for the there and thens of the next day especially when one isn’t feeling great the previous day to the next day publishing! See? Is that not just a tinsy wincy bit surreal? So yesterday and not today when l was crafting this post for Friday as opposed to writing it up Thursday, l was feeling rough …… therefore today l hope that l am feeling better because today is the day it all happens! 10.20 l will walk into the Valley of the Dentist!

There have been no last minute cancellations, no final repireves – Friday 12th is the day l have my upper three teeth removed at the dentists! I’ll not deny that even yesterday l was fearing today! Making matters worse was when l typed this, l was convincing my stomach that l did not need to race off to the toilet for the umpteenth time of the day! I hope that today or yesterday when l was thinking – l hope tomorrow that l am not having teeth extracted and need to go to the toilet!

Anyway – today l am having three teeth extracted – it needs to be done, because my mouth has been in a lot of pain and discomfort for the past eight weeks especially! According to the dentist – the days following the extraction will appear to be my darkest yet! Oh goody goody, just what l have always wanted to hear!

Anyway, panic is just a negative belief ….. nevermind the positive reality of fear itself, l have to keep reminding myself this needs to be done for the greater good – pain is only temporary … yes right, pain is not real!! I only hope that l am not still ill as every cancellation delays the tooth extraction by 4 weeks.

I have been busy this week in the garden again, l made a discovery with the worm farms …. and l have to remedy that ASAP. There is never a dull moment when learning a new business ….. but because l work my farms slightly differently to the way other worm farmers work, it didn’t dawn on me. There are three prime harvests to worm farming if a producer wishes to capitalise on all. Although at my current activity size, only two are really beneficial, but of course, the UK being atypically UKish this means that with the likes of DEFRA, l have to be very careful with how l even run my worming business.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is the government department responsible for environmental protection, food production and standards, agriculture, fisheries and rural communities in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

When l thought about a composting business in 2017 and the stuff l was producing was excellent quality and l thought why not see what is needed to sell it – DEFRA basically said … sure carry on, but you have to have this ….. A – Z and …….1 – 300 in place first before we will allow you to sell to Joe Bloggs. It fast became a non-profitable concept given the size of my operation.

But worming and the farming of isn’t policed in the same way … l can sell worms l produce at home with just a Dealer’s Licence — but worm farming as l say produces three products – worms, castings and leachate. A Licence allows me to sell the worms easily – BUT if l think about selling the castings then l need to jump through hurdles again.

But l don’t wish to sell the worm pee thankfully or the by product of the leachate, just the worms. I do as it happens produce a lot of worm castings and harvested off my first crop from Box 2 earlier this week.

For the right strategy and investment – there is a lot of money that could be made for both compost ands castings sales – of which l am giving considerations to …. Organic Finely Sifted Compost in bags of say 50 litres could sell for around £25 whilst vermicast bags of 20 litres could fetch £19 a bag.

For the unknowing, whilst composting can produce a ‘black gold’ crop, worm castings are even richer. Castings or vermicast as it is properly known is a real gold material. To the degree that you might call compost crops ‘brown gold‘ and vermicasts the true black gold! Anyway, l harvested out 95KG on Monday and that is currently in black bin storage as l don’t have any immediate use for it – although l could add it to compost pile to enrich it further. There are many uses for it, but l am sieving off every two weeks a vast quantity of ‘brown gold’ as it is just from the compost – so l will have to think on it all.

However, the problem l encountered last weekend was with the worm leachate – which is the liquid run off that is created by the worms and their castings. My box units don’t have a facility for drain off as they are not on the earthen ground but on concrete – so when l investigated whilst harvesting off the worm castings and found the base to be a sodden liquid pile of – let’s move on, l realised that this would prove to be an error in the long run given my feeding regimes, so l then devised a plan to create for the two smaller bins a tray which will lift the box off the ground by between 4 – 6″ therefore allowing the leachate to run off into a tray beneath the box and be gathered.

In the household variations of worm bins – they are much smaller units, although l know some farmers use old bath tubs and as such they will have the drain holes. But the commercial units you can buy do not use as much substrate as l use. Bigger operations tend to have the worms on long 8 foot tables with fine gauge mesh at the bottom to allow the ‘juices’ to drain off differently, but my bins are outside and l was treating them more like compost units than worm farms – so this week l have been busy buying wood for a new prototype tray to be created for the worm farm to sit on top of.

My smaller worm farms are three feet high and comprise of 4 sleeves, so they are ideal BUT when l saw the issue with the leachate realised that l could improve upon this. The trays will then be placed on top of breeze blocks and the leachate will run off from a specially cut channel and drop into plastic trays and then disposed of.

If l wanted to make worm tea, then l would steep some of the worm castings for 24 hours and make a form of liquid fertiliser not too dissimilar to the fermentation liquid of the bokashi.

The wood is being cut by my neighbour across the road and will then be painted up to protect it and joined together and trialled. I will need to place an order for the blocks but l have to order some more gravel so that’s okay. If this proto works well, the second unit will be quickly made up also. I will write about the finished product soon.

This week l had a delivery arrive on Tuesday that had trellis, gravel and bark chips as l needed to especially prepare the garden for winter as l wrote about last week in Series 2 – Gardening Projects

I had been wanting to regravel the courtyard path for some time now, it had started to become a little bit ‘bitty’ and bare in places. The path was mostly covered in 10mm gravel and the problem with that was that it can be walked into the house or disappear when hard rains fall and become integrated into the beds and brushed up … it’s astonishing where pea gravel does end up in truth. So in order to try and eliminate some of the wasteage l opted to add some more body to the path and ordered in 4 bags of 20mm gravel first and then once that has settled l will then buy a further four bags of 10mm gravel to fill in the gaps. It looks great now, but will look fabulous once it is complete.

The next task along was to rebark the ornamental beds, the last time l performed this task was last autumn, so a year ago now. It was also to try and reach a more permanent solution to the area beneath the bird feeding station which was becoming very messy with spilled seeds. The birds will still spill seeds, but it’ll not look as barren. Bark chipping the beds was needed as l had fed the bed with manure and volcanic dust for the winter and once covered, foraging birds whilst disturbing the chips would not cause the bed dressings to stop performing their soil benefits. Also, l wanted to recover the outside amphibian hide [the last image in the gallery above] which is where the toads live during the winter months.

I took the opportunity to hang all the baskets to give me an idea of how many there would be and how it would look come the spring and summer months.

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16 thoughts on “Surreality Gardening is a Thing Right?

  1. I hope everything goes well at the dentist today. And you don’t have to suffer too much from the extractions. Take care Rory. The garden is looking great v

    1. Hey Sadje, well admittedly it went better than l expected. My appointment was 10.20am this morning, and my teeth were extracted by 10.35am. Five minutes after my pain killers were injected. The extraction itself took about five minutes.

      Aside from a mouth filled with blood now, major swelling and l am sure some pain later on today, l am done.

      I have my new temporary denture at home with me but l’ll not be able to use that yet for a few months.

  2. Love the post header…I had 22 teeth pulled at one time – that was all that I had in my mouth- and the temporary dentures went in right away because I was told it helped with the healing process. So – you still have upper teeth – just lost the three? I am always amazed that you are investing so much time and money in a rental property. And yes, that rose is is gorgeous.

    1. Hey Grace.

      22 was a huge pull. I didn’t even have that amount in my mouth, only 13 – the three taken today and 2 more to come out in three months time when they start the lower jaw.

      The current denture is only a temporary denture and only there if ‘ l need it’ although the dentist thinks l may not use it until l get the proper denture, as the temp is only half denture as it holds no back teeth.

      They couldn’t make a full one due to the jaw damage, so the top 3 had to be removed first, then next visit, the top teeth need realigning dentist work, then the bottom jaw can be worked on. Because my jaw is in a bad way, two dentures have to be made that are a different shape to the previous one.

      In the UK, renters have a certain obligation to the rentals they have – keeping it tidy and so on, l think that is the same worldwide. But, as this rental is my home as l said before, l like to make it more homely and it needs to be tidier than it is/was 🙂

  3. Usually tooth extraction is not so bad but the aftermath is uncomfortable. I hope the healing is speedy, Rory! Good for you for having the courage to get it done.

  4. It’s gonna hurt like a MF overnight, and possibly in the morning, but if all goes well with the healing, you’ll look back and realize the extraction pain was nothing compared to what you lived within a daily basis.

    The journey has finally started!! I was wondering how it went. Had it on my calendar😉 I’m sure the dentist gave you after care instructions, but if you have questions, you know I’ve got the tee shirt and where to find me😉💌💌

    1. Well the pain was minimal in truth. I am glad l have the teeth out, but l still have pain from the remaining teeth, as the wear and tear has caused further deteriorations with them in the interim of waiting.

      The extractions confused me of sorts, they were the main source of infection so they had to go, l get that.

      I don’t get the point of the denture supplied because it has no back teeth and only have a front smile portion, that is not even balanced, so looks odd – maybe it’ll look better when my extraction sight has healed.

      I am off the books for any kind of modelling work, and at this present time l am not even sure if l will want to smile ever again.

      The temporary denture has a huge plate to it, so that’ll affect my speech which is already affected by my missing teeth… mm, going to be interesting fer sure 🙂

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