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Journal Entry 1411/11/21

This is NOT worm pornbut!

I made the conscious decision to use as few as l could ‘images’ from the likes of Pixabay for Earthly Comforts. In the stead l wanted to use my images and my designs – the latter of which Lisa is creating and the former l will be supplying in my role of amateur photographer.

I have been involved with photography of one sort of another since the age of around 11. I don’t tend to take pictures of people because in simple terms that bores the pants off me – why would l want to look at photographs of people? I can’t imagine anything more boring than sitting down at someone’s house and having to painstakingly act natural and displaying the right ‘oohs and ahhs and soft croons’ when they decide to pull out the people do this and people doing that and worse the small people photographs! It’s enough to send me to sleep or make me beg my brain to induce a coma on me!

How do l know this to be true? Because years ago, l used to be involved in that kind of activity – people l knew thought l wanted to see holiday snaps, pictures of their kids as babies, or parents thought l wanted to see my date that night as a toddler peeing into a potty?

Er no thanks, and many a time l would fall asleep or feign another urgent matter had arisen and l had to depart and more so when married and my then wife would haul me off to visit her friends and we would have to endure that nightmare … or l should say l had to try and endure it because the ex was thrilled to see pictures of everything in an album especially baby photographs yawn – so l mastered the art of learning to fall asleep anywhere, anytime and on almost any kind of seating arrangement. It wasn’t that hard to master, l used to be able to fall asleep standing up when younger.

I take photographs of ……..things!

However, l never fell asleep if the photographs were exciting, interesting and DIDN’T include people! I could leaf through page after page of trees, bricks, landscapes, oceans and or animals! I was never bored with things – only people!

For years as a youngster my parents were confused as to why when my camera film was developed [as it used to be] why when they thought they were posing for a shot, they were mostly missing but their ‘loving ..oddball’.. son had either taken a photograph of a clump of leaves or was a really bad photographer to begin with?? My defence, “The leaves were the target, you were just in the way!”

So l have always had a preference of taking photos of ‘moments and or things’ and not special moments with those things called people! Things, not peopleing or ‘people in’ was my credo, still is!

So, for the business blog there will be more photographs of mine, l believe the percentage l am aiming for is 98% my photography/designs and 2% external perhaps and only then if l absolutely don’t have the right image in my own collection. The new blog also has imagery galleries so my photos are a must anyway. More so as l intend to be making the most of IG and Pint to support the blog.

These days l have a few cameras to choose from 1] Sony Cybershot 10x, 2] Canon IXUS 185 8X @ 16 Zoomplus and 3] Canon EOS 700D with the basic EF 18-55mm Lens – all good bits of kit. Suze is buying me an additional zoom lens as a present the Canon EF 75-300mm zoom lens which will be welcome to the collection! It’ll also offer me a greater range of versatility when out and about.

Lisa is currently working on new transparent designs [as in no white backing like some of the GUY designs have] which will and in the case of the ones already in situ look excellent. The business blog has a coloured background, so transparents and own images are crisply critical.

All this aside, one of the topics of the business blog in addition to the environmental passions l have is the principal subject itself – vermiculture – notably worms and worm compost! I get excited these days trying to take the ‘right’ picture of compost and worms and getting it right isn’t as easy as it sounds ‘because it’s not simply about taking pictures of just dirt’ and especially if you NEED to not use images from Pixabay … well there is another reason and that is the images on worms and compost available on most ‘free picture’ sites are NOT really that great or offer lots of variety ..

Like this one …. for compost –

…… which is alright, but not brilliant and not overly realistic whereas – my one below isn’t ”brilliant” but at least it is closer to the reality of many compost piles …

… which is what an empty off of kitchen scraps looks like when l dump it on my compost. Or Pixabay offers this ….

… which isn’t that bad, but l want to see this … as in the ‘inside of a compost pile slice’.

So l have been working more on my amateur photography and recognised that l needed a stronger zoom lens for the Canon EOS 700D because if the main subject matter genre for my business blog is worm culture then l need some decent photographs of worms right? Pixabay offer this sort of thing ….

…. which are great shots, but not really doing it for me. I want to really think “Oooh yes, yes, yes … now that’s a shot baby!!”

So l have been working on getting the right kind of steamy stuff that worm nerds like me think “Yes, now that’s an action shot!!”

I never thought l would see the day when taking pictures of worms got me all excited!! But as they say, the devil’s in the detail! Plus all learning is still part of the great learning curve! It’s not worm porn … but!

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24 thoughts on “Journal

      1. You work with all these worms, I stay as far as I can. Though in high school, I did dissect a earth worm! Poor guy!

    1. Hey Renard – yes l have a few, l think between the three main worm farms and the double composter l have roughly 35,000 actual breeding worms, as to eggs and babies who knows πŸ™‚

  1. I do really really like the “Journal” header, mean to comment on it before. I will happily scroll or page through anyone’s photographs of anything except…spare me the sunrises and sunsets. I happen to like people photographs, especially old ones, especially black and white. Documenting a life via photos is so easy now and I like watching my friends children grow and change. And I like the ‘history’ of family and people photos.

    I can’t get excited over worm photos LOL We sliced up planaria worms – kept them for a week so we could note how they regenerated…Eww.

    1. Worry not Grace, not many people do get excited over the wormies πŸ™‚

      Yes l also like the Journal design here, l have a transparent version of it called Nature Diary in the other blog πŸ™‚

  2. As for dissecting, I did a worm AND a frog. Fancy schmancy, I know.
    I’m happy to read that my endless photos wouldn’t bore you. There are rarely people in them. Usually the peopley ones are Ben or A daughter and me being goofy at an event.

    I don’t imagine that I have anything you’d need, but if I *do*, you’re welcome to any of my photos. Sadly, I only have meal worms right nowπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I have a definite problem with photography… I’ve mentioned to a friend on many occasions that I may need an “Intervention”. One day recently had a beautiful sunrise AND sunset and I wound up taking almost 300 pictures that day 😲

    Then there are all the birds, and bugs, and… πŸ€ͺ I can’t imagine what it would cost in film, developing and prints 😱

    1. Hey Gramma πŸ™‚

      300 isn’t that many as long as you are not posting 300 online. The real secret is to not display all but only the best.

      I often take in excess of 200 photos of any venture outside now and usually 100 in the garden – this week l was photographing worms on close up trialling and took 75 shots alone.

      BUT, l try to only put a few out on the premise of 1 photo is worth 300 words and not 1000.

      I am not sure if you see the galleries that l am putting up in the new blog, but even there it is a case of between 6-9 for Wild Walks and 4-6 for Natural Encounters.

      So, 300 shots is not a problem in camera, but is a problem if uploading πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, I’ve seen the pictures. I haven’t looked in the past few days but I like the ones I saw. And it looks better with the quotes out of the boxes.

        I don’t post gobs of pictures on WP anymore. I make slide show/movies with them and post them on YouTube. It’s easier to share 50-60 pictures that wayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ People can look, or not. I don’t care very much if no one looks. I make them for myself and a friends who likes all the pictures πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        I posted pictures of Sven the other day and there were only 5. And a sunset picture for the “featured”. I’m getting betterπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. I liked it, worms and all! 😊 Feel the same way about pictures. Animals and nature is my choice too. I feel like I’m missing out. How do I access you other Blog?

    1. Hey Betty πŸ™‚

      Earthly Comforts hasn’t launched just yet, so worry not, you are not missing out.

      Here’s wishing you a lovely Friday, regards to Bud and the Featherlies πŸ™‚

      1. Oh, thank goodness! Thank you for setting my mind at ease, Rory. Looking forward to the launching!

        I started a new Blog sometime back and never have got it running right. I promised myself when I got back I would attempt to learn my technology. I find it challenging, indeed. πŸ™‚ For inst

        Thank you so much for the good wishes. May you enjoy a fine Friday and wonderful weekend, too. πŸ™‚

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