Now Fess Up!!! Could you do it …. or not?

I have taken recently to watching the Sky Crime channel and it has been fascinating stuff indeed! It is the channel for true crime. Real murderers, serial killers and evil killers. Stories about how the cases were solved. It has a number of different series types and genre styles available to the avid viewer from killers to cops, to border control to murders and so on.

It does make your mind tick as you sit down and watch how murderers have killed their victims and how the police forces have worked to secure convictions …. and it makes you wonder how hard it might be in today’s world with forensic sciencing the way it is and has progressed especially in more recent years to perform and commit the Perfect Murder and get away with it and escape detection and capture?

I recently read an article which sparked a lot of controversy over here in the UK when Katharine Birbalsingh who had once been labelled Britain’s Strictest Teacher’ suggested that all children are born with ‘original sin’. In simple terms, she suggested that all children were born bad and through education and love from parents only then did they learn a moral code of conduct.

She recently said …. “If children are left to it, they will not learn anything, including moral behaviour. They need to be taught. Toddlers fight over toys until they are shown how to share. They learn gratitude or sacrifice when taught. This is not inside them.”

This too made me think …….. the fact is , l can see where she is coming from to a degre. We all follow an ‘ethical ruling’ that is imprinted and conditioned into our systems from a young age and yet, not everyone receives that and they don’t turn out to be murderers and killers and we have seen time and time again, ‘ordinary people living ordinary lives’ have become ‘abnormal’ in their behaviour towards other human beings.

I think all of us, could potentially have an evil streak, or a fight for survival line inside us. Serial killers are not born that way, life shapes them, environmental elements mold them into who they become and certain triggers can activate the evil trigger within us all – despite what people say, l think people if given no other choice could potentially become a killer or a murderer … you never know.

Years ago, l recall reading a study that basically said humans are almost designed to kill other human beings, it was part of our history, our evolution, we have simply adapted differently from our ancestors who didn’t think twice about ‘bumping’ others off to solve problems, or using violence to get their way or matters sorted … quickly!

I even remember reading something in Pinterest which suggested that every day we walk past at least seven psychopaths … but l am pretty sure that was meant to be funny …. and yet!

I sometimes wonder also, those who write such ghoulish crime stories that involve murder … could they, would they, did they??

Anyway … all that aside … to the questions of today!

Could you comit the ‘perfect murder’ and if you could, do you think you could get away with it …. easily?

Now you could answer with a yes and a no and leave it at that OR … you could say what you think your perfect murder would be and how you plan to escape detection and conviction!

Yes, yes, of course if you told us, you’d have to kill us … no problem, we’ll take the risk –

Now Fess Up!!! Could you do it …. Or not?

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42 thoughts on “Now Fess Up!!! Could you do it …. or not?

  1. Nopes, I can’t do it even if it’s someone I thoroughly disliked or hated. Taking a life can only be done by an average person in either a fit of rage ( temporary insanity) or in self defense. Planning and executing a murder falls under the label of psychopathic behavior.

    1. Hey Sadje, it is not only psychopaths that comit murder even with details, it can be anyone. It was once suggested that during our life we could well walk past 36 murderers not knowing, and a very small % of those would be considered psychopaths.

      If one writes a crime novel, they must go through the stages needed to create ‘the perfect murder’.

      Anyone could comit the crime, not everyone could perfect it, but some could and they don’t have to be a psychopath.

      1. I think people need a very strong or valid excuse to do it. Not anyone is up for it. We may want someone dead but to do it actually is a different thing altogether. We may plan but very few can execute it.

        1. I think more could probably execute the crime than we might think, however reasoning ‘stops them’ But l think if the pressures were constant, then murder could be on the books for sure … the devil is in the detail as they say and that is usually the downfall of the culprit 🙂

        2. The fear of getting caught and hanged also stops them. I had a young friend who’s husband was very abusive towards her. She left him and told me that if she hadn’t, she might have given him poison.

        3. Yes l saw that. With your answer l was looking at the list of countries where hanging is still legal and Pakistan was listed.

          Do you still have a high crime rate even with stricter punishments from the legal system?

        4. Mostly we have crimes of passion. Killing for honor, or revenge or during robbery etc. Then many women are killed in domestic violence. Very few are planned and mostly they don’t get away . The trial and punishment may take years though.

  2. No, Rory. I couldn’t even watch that. I like Countryfile and Gardener’s World and Sir David Attenborough. Stuff like that. Too much hatred already in the world, to want to turn it into mainstream entertainment.

  3. I will never understand why such channels exist…There’s already so much crime in this world; I don’t think people need more “inspiration.”
    And what if all kids are born good, and because of the adverse circumstances and bad people around them, they become evil?
    Nope, I’ll never do it.

    1. Hey Ribana,

      The channels are no different to History, cooking, archaeology and so on channels. They simply deal with a different genre of interest.

      On your premise, do you also not watch action films that have death within or war films, or drama or even police series like Morse, or Bosch or other police programmes like that?

      There is nothing morbid about channels like this – they are purely for people who have an interest in crime, they want to know what happened and why and how the case was solved.

      When people read crime novels, no one bats an eyelid and yet these same people are no different to those watching a more factual presentation – they want to try and pit their wits against the writer and see justice win the day 🙂

    1. Hey Grace, l think yours is one of the most honest answers l have seen to this question.

      I think we can ALL comit murder, but only a fraction of us could perfect the crime itself.

      Well answered.

      1. There was an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode based on “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl. I always thought that was brilliant. The perfect crime? The cops ate the evidence.

      2. Wait a second – you are talking about a premeditated murder – THAT I would have no part of. Am I capable of killing someone who provoked me, and in that moment I hurt them so badly that they died? Then – yes. I joke around that I’m Sicilian and therefore you don’t want to mess with me while I have a knife nearby – but – it’s not entirely a joke.

  4. 🤔 I gave that question of yours a lot of thought, Rory.

    I do not think that I have it in me to murder someone in cold blood.

    However, there is a chance of me accidentally murdering someone in the line of self-defence.

    1. If it was self defence, would it be accidental or protection with lethal intent?

      I think we are all capable of the crime, whether however we want to is a different matter.

      I guess it comes down to triggers.

  5. No, I wouldn’t even try, since I’m sure it wouldn’t be perfect (rarely is anything I do “perfect”) and I’d probably not get away with it.

  6. I could 100% kill in defense of a loved one. With anger and irritating people, I prefer they just go away. I never contemplated killing m ex, but many times I wished he’d (solo) crash the car and die.

    I don’t think I’m clever enough to plan a “perfect murder” it would have to be a random person under random circumstances to even begin to keep attention off myself.

    I disagree with the teacher. I wasn’t taught much but I have a very strong sense of right & wrong. Or maybe it’s just a strong sense of how other people feel in various situations. What hurts them, what makes them happy, what scares them or comforts them… etc.

    Those shows are interesting because they are like exploring a foreign country to me. I can understand fit of rage killing, or defense killing, or even premeditated killing of an abuser, but just to kill someone for the experience is beyond my understanding

    1. I think the teacher has a point, and it makes me think of ancient history and how children were not shown the love, but were disciplined harshly to become warriors. I think children, do have to be taught to share and so on and do have to be taught a moral code of conduct because it is very easy to simply not accept codes of conduct.

      Whilst you say now that you have a very strong sense of righteousness, at what age did that kick in do you think?

      Yes l find them fascinatinvg to watch because they just show what people are capable of and l think that is something that should be watched as opposed to brushing it under the carpet as some seem to do.

      1. Whilst you say now that you have a very strong sense of righteousness, at what age did that kick in do you think?

        I can’t say for sure. The earliest memory I have of knowing I’d done wrong was when I was 4 or 5, and now that I think about it more, I know I’d done something wrong because adults were shouting at me to apologize, and I remember not knowing what “apologize” meant, so I wouldn’t do it. I’m sure I would’ve said “sorry” if I’d understood, but I got called names and shouted at.
        It was a husband & wife and they were babysitting me. No clue where mother was or my baby brother, but it was after he was born cuz we’d moved to a different apartment.

        I don’t remember my mother teaching me about sharing or being nice to my brother. I was always watching over him and taking care of him… probably trying to get attention from her. But I didn’t hurt him… I didn’t want negative attention.

        Sheesh! I feel like I’m back in therapy😂😂😂

  7. I cannot even think of this, but like King Ben’s Grandma, I can probably kill someone in self-defense or while defending a loved one, never a premeditated kill.

    Perfect murder would be super hard to execute… so it’s really impossible for me to commit such… and if killing is easy, I am sure someone has killed me already…

      1. I always wonder, if The Purge was true, would I survive a day? And I always fear that I won’t because it’s likely that I am in someone’s list… I am a constant irritant @ school, the office, the church, the family (lol) because I don’t comply with the norm if I feel something’s off about it… even if I am alone in that stand, I maintain my opinion and it tends to bother a lot of people…

        1. Grateful as well although at some point, we were thinking, COVID is like as if we’re being purged… thank God it’s almost over… but the deaths it’s caused… quite depressing..

        2. Yes, very true – the deaths have been disturbing considering where we are in the so called progressive world – along comes Covid and you suddenly know how small and insignificant a disease can make the world appear.

  8. Could you commit the ‘perfect murder’ and if you could, do you think you could get away with it …. easily? Short answer: Nope. Once I would have said “yes”: but that person isn’t me any longer. And I literally could NOT “do the time” so doing the crime is unthinkable.

    Plus there’s the whole mortal sin thingie. People annoy me, aggravate me, piss me off, but there isn’t a single one I’ve ever met, however stupid I find them, that I’d do time for killing them.

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