A Slice of Life

Some walks are just magical ….

I couldn’t help but laugh the other day [Saturday] whilst out on a random afternoon walk … the weather had been appalling, l had been cooped up most of the day studying and working on the new blog and images, Suze was out at a shopping centre exchanging things over she had bought the previous weekend that didn’t fit and for a small brief moment there was a break in the weather … in a matter of a breath it seemed, the grey skies had gone and blue skies shone through .. it was literally a case of ‘now or never’ for a walk! The first walk of the day!!

I took the now in case the never blew over again … quickly put on some shoes, had a quick wee [why do we say that?] I mean what’s a long wee in comparison to a short wee or simply a wee … anyway, then after said wee, threw on a coat and picked up my keys and shot out the door, locking it and off l walked, watching the blue skies of ten minutes ago looking a bit greyer than they had been. 30 minute walk around the ramparts will be enough for some fresh air l thought … should be able to not worry about getting wet!

As it was, l was lucky, the rains did return almost five minutes after l got back home … but my walk that afternoon was more than lucky it was fortuitous in so far as two incidents which made my walk simply magical …

The first incident happened less than ten minutes after l had locked my front door, l was walking along Strand street and was literally opposite the main entrance to the reserve when a chap ahead of me on the pavement wearing a mask and looking at his phone with more than a little confusion stopped and asked me where the Co-oP was? The Co-op is a supermarket brand we have over here in the UK. However, whilst there are two in the town, one small mini-mart and another superstore Sir Masked was near neither.

I told him, that he wasn’t far from the main superstore, he just had to cut a left [down the Butts walk] down the ramparts and continue walking for a few moments till he saw the car park and then take the small path off to the left which would take him directly to the front doors.

He thanked me and then said he had been looking at his phone for fifteen minutes trying to figure out where it was? I laughed and said that’s the beauty of modern technology for you. We laughed and as we started to walk our way down the ramparts [we were going in the same direction] he was ahead of me slightly when his phone suddenly said “NO!! U Turn to get to your destination!!”

The building circled in blue in St Mary’s. The red ‘route’ is where he should have walked [which from the church to the store is perhaps a three minute walk]. The blue route is where l was walking down and the blue cross is where l met Sir Masked, whilst the pink route is the route l directed him to take. Sat Nav was the one who directed him to follow the blue route in the first place ………. 15 minutes later l met him.

I couldn’t help but laugh, and then we stopped and chatted, and he said that he had come out of St Mary’s church and followed the directions of his SatNav which directed him to walk down Strand Street. He was bowled over when l told him he was only three minutes away from the shopping centre the moment he would have left the church!

It was just so funny, as he in his confusions of being lost had turned up the volume of his phone to hear the directions, and muted them when we were talking, then once we started walking off … unmuted for his phone to sound like it was yelling at him!!

The second incident happened when l was on the other side of the ramparts walk on the closing half of my quick walk … l found myself in a conversation with Puff the Magic Dragon! Of course Puff wasn’t about puff as l am implying it was about the aspect of getting older, so my puff snippet here is in relation to both myth and fact ironically …

Quite often, as l am walking throughout the town or along the ramparts, l can smell the deliciousness of a joint being smoked, l say ‘delish’ because although l wasn’t a hard core smoker of cannabis, l am by no means innocent to it either, have taken many a toke in my past. Alas, l had to give it up as a part time habit a few years back because my lungs from 35 years of hard core nicotine smoking are pretty damaged. I haven’t smoked now since April 2018, so nearly four years now and l am happier for it …….. BUT, this doesn’t mean that when l catch the tell tale scent of some skunk on the wind that it doesn’t take me backaways into some relaxing days – because it does.

Anyway, so l was walking on the Millwall part of the ramparts and a guy cycled past me and the scent was so overpowering that l was like “Whoah dude, could that joint be any stronger?” he stopped and must’ve thought l was being funny and went to challenge me and l held up both my hands and told him there was no threat from me, l was just breathing in his groove. he smiled and offered me the joint .. and sadly l had to decline. i told him, l could no longer inhale anything without serious consequence and he looked crestfallen for a minute but then said “Dude, say if l give you a really strong blowback then?”

Well that just made my day, l readily agreed- safe distancing and mask on – he took a hugely deep inhale and standing one metre away blew the smoke into my direction and l was suddenly awash with the sweet delicious scent of skunk puff! A real ‘Draggin’ if there ever was one!

He cycled off and l was a happy dude for the rest of my walk … once home, l contemplated growing my own … but l know the moment l try, something is bound to go wrong and’ll get caught and they’ll not believe my excuse of getting tomato seeds wrong with my garden!

Oh well, life is short, you gotta get your laughs where you can, as Grace and l agreed on only last week!

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17 thoughts on “A Slice of Life

  1. 🙂 Rory, thirty minutes walking can be rejuvenating (It is much better than being cooped up in a house).

    I love the rainy weather; so I do not mind getting wet in the rain.

    I am a bit puzzled by the fact that some people do not know where they are or where they are going in spite of looking at a map on their smartphone.

    1. Hey Renard 🙂

      Yes l agree, l wouldn’t let a little bit of rain normally deter me from walking, but from Thursday to Saturday of last week we had torrential rainfall and whilst walking in the rain can be refreshing walking in downfalls is not so nice.

      He was not a resident of Sandwich and came from up north to attend a craft fair where he had a stall. A lot of people get confused by Sandwich because they don’t understand that basically it is a round town, but with so many streets and alleyways and a typical built to a medieval route system, they get lost easy.

      I think l was more astonished by hearing a SatNav so loud to a walker 🙂

  2. Ah, brought back memories of midnight movies in Times Square where the audiences were more entertaining that the movies and a contact high was a given. Fun times (really!)

  3. So silly that it’s illegal there. I have a big bar of dark chocolate that’s infused with hash oil, and some cannabis gummed, both gifted to me by Younger, who works in a dispensary.

    The cannabis of today is SOOO much stronger than what we saw back in the day. No more giant stems or seeds either. One can even vape cannabis now.😲 I think it smells great.

    I never use the navigation systems. I’m lucky to have any excellent sense of direction and can read a map😉


    1. Suze and l had contemplated growing some here, but you can get nicked for just that alone, it’s just not worth it ………. ish! It could easily resemble an indoor tomato plant.

      It should be legal here..

      Some people can get lost going around a corner.

  4. Seems your walk was quite entertaining, Rory! I used to smoke and it’s been over 10 years since I quit. I have no lung damage from smoking and no signs of problems in my mouth, per my dentist. (I was a light smoker) I use vape products which are 0% nicotine. I currently have a product that is a green tea vape and love it.

    1. Hey Eugenia, yes l use a vape, l am not as regular as l used to be, l think this year will be the last l use it anyway. I vape roughly 5 minutes total a night when l remember .. as l forget it most nights l reckon it’ll not be long before l just stop that as well.

      I was advised to vape a liquid l didn’t like, l used to vape 0% nicotimne liquorice but that was too nice. Now l vape a 05 nicotine cherry.

      I got a 50ml bottle back in February of this year alongside 2 others, watermelon and grapefruit and it’s still a third full … l think it ‘might’ be empty by January … mm

      1. Wow! Someone else that vapes! I enjoy it and have no intentions of giving it up. I don’t vape like I used to either but it is there when I have the yen to puff! lol

        1. ….and that is precisely it – nail on the head Eugenia – when l have the need for a hit, l will always have the vape. I don’t miss smoking, and yet it was always the first cigarette of the day that used to be the most effective, it was the best ‘hit’. That’s the beauty of the vape it’s there when you need a hit 🙂

  5. That was certainly quite a walk. Your “puff’ moment takes me back to days when hubby was alive. I got to know the skunk scent intimately. I never indulged, the once or twice I tried, it just made me nauseated and I had cold symptoms (stuffed up head, runny eyes, runny nose and the worst sore throat) for days after. I have had the ‘contact high’ though, especially when attending rock concerts in the 70s. The arena would literally be blue from all the smoke in there (and nobody much got busted either, which is odd considering how Salt Lake City was in the 70s and 80s). You couldn’t drink, but toke it up apparently wasn’t regarded as a crime.

    1. Hey Melanie, ah yes, l remember all too well the blue mist during concerts. I used to work in a huge civic Hall in Guildford [Surrey] and that was so blue at times you wondered if they had painted the walls. Sometimes l used to just get a burn on by walking around checking the bars.

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