Are You Easily Entertained?

So, today’s question is simple as you can see by the headline … “Are you easily entertained?

There’s not much l can add to this – however, don’t just award me an even simpler ‘Yes or No’ please, give your answer some body as well.

I am pretty easily entertained, l don’t have problems occuppying my free time. I don’t have as much free time as l did a few months ago and this is by choice as l have now started in earnest keeping myself busy mentally and physically with study. I still have pockets of time though in which l can either do some gaming or gardening, composting, worming and or reading on those subjects – the studies keep me busy and entertained, l have always loved learning.

I don’t watch as much TV these days, not that l ever truly did anyway, but now l watch less than l did. I still walk daily and on the odd occasion l use the treadmill, l see that will become more of a frequency soon with the weather the way it is. l still have the day at the reserve and that seems to be non-stop walking these days also.

I don’t read ‘fiction’ anymore, but still read a lot of ‘factual’ stuff, in fact l seem to be reading for Britain at present in the fact only department ….. but also at the end of the day, l work jolly hard to not become bored and so now, how about you?

How do you entertain yourself – do you ever struggle to keep yourself occupied during times of boredom – are you able to entertain yourself by yourself or do you find it easier to entertain others at the same time and entertain yourself that way – can you entertain yourself at home easily or do you need to go out to achieve it and finally, do you think it is a good or bad thing that you are ‘easily entertained?

But also, on the other side of that coin …… if you are not entertained easily … why is that – do you get bored quickly – are you easily bored – do you stay bored for long or is it a brief situation and how do you remedy your boredome if you are NOT easily entertained?

Let me know your thoughts and answers below – cheers.

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32 thoughts on “Are You Easily Entertained?

  1. I find it easy to entertain myself. Anything that engages my attention, entertains me. In fact I don’t rely on others or the media to amuse me. A book, blog or a game on my phone can keep me pleasantly occupied.

  2. I don’t get bored in general because there are so many books I haven’t read yet and movies I haven’t watched, and I always look forward to starting a new one, but I do often get quickly bored once I’ve chosen, so I give up quickly and find another. I find as I age that I have little patience for something that isn’t immediately engaging and I don’t want to waste time on it. I prefer staying home unless there’s a game night or movie I’d like to see at the theater. Occasionally, I go out just to socialize, but I need much less of this than the average person. Once every week or two is plenty!

    1. ” I find as I age that I have little patience for something that isn’t immediately engaging … ”

      Hey Paula, l can totally relate to that also. My patience for crap is slim and my metre for bullshit shorter than ever before. I like ‘stuff’ that tickles hard or bites fast … that can be a hard one to get all the time 🙂

  3. Yes, I find it very easy to entertain myself. Actually, I don’t have time to get bored, as every minute of everyday I’m doing something 😅 from baking to reading, to working and writing, to exercising or enjoying food, I’m always entertained 😅

  4. Books, music, the dogs and sitting outside (or watching outside during inclement weather) are various simple things that I like to do. Sometimes just a cup of tea with Grandpa’s tea favorite “Constant Comment” will just bring peace.

  5. Bored? No, I haven’t had any holes drilled into me.
    Oh, you meant the other kind of bored. No time for that. I occasionally get restless or have trouble concentrating… kinda twitchy, but that is from overstimulation. It’s more of a body messing with the mind kinda thing.

    I talk to birds, I’m very easily entertained. I talk to myself, and answer myself even. Fantastic conversations. I could spend scads of time just wandering through my imagination. That would be wonderful.

  6. I do not get bored easily. Our world is filled with too many options. I used to get bored when trapped somewhere I did not want to be or where it goes on too long. But over the years I came down a learning curve. I am more willing to say “no” to activities and events that are not a good use of my time. This is easier now that I am older and retired (work obligations can no longer bore me). Maybe I would feel an obligation to go to the Opera when my Mother asked me. But no one alive could entice me now. I also am not afraid to step out of day long activities. I will go for a jog in the middle of a family party. And I always carry reading material with me. I am never bored in a long post office line (and nobody else should be in the age of cell phones).

  7. I am not easily bored. I will read a lot, go on my laptop, do email, read blogs, I will watch certain shows on tv, but I don’t watch a lot of tv as a rule, I enjoy talking to friends, writing, and reading. It keeps me very busy. Plus my volunteering, I am never bored. XX

  8. I feel keeping busy is a distraction from boredom. The way to know if you are easily bored is to sit quietly in a room, or on a park bench, or in a field or wood, and do absolutely nothing, and still feel contented and at ease.

    Boredom isn’t a problem for me as much as disappointment is.

  9. Yes, I suppose I AM easily entertained. I found out how valuable it is to be able to do that over the last year and a bit now. My cousin, who is a great deal like me in personality and such and I had several discussions about that subject too. We concluded that the people crabbing the loudest about ‘being bored’ by the enforced isolation and quarantine of Covid had never learned the skill of entertaining themselves by reading, doing arts and hand crafts, playing board games, doing a jigsaw, playing cards… I mean there are ten dozen things I could think of to keep myself from being bored at any given time.

    Does being easily entertained mean I’m shallow? Maybe. But I’m NOT bored and I’ll take that over being bored any old day.

    What a fun question! Thanks, Rory!

    1. Hey Melanie, yes l also thought that during the pandemic shut down, the sheer volume of people that suddenly felt dead through boredom needed this to discover more about life and themselves.

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