How Well Do You Erm, Ah, Mm?

How well do you think you remember your yesterdays?

Recently with the question What is the Black and White of your Sleeping Dream Colour? I made a brief mention to ‘not worrying if you didn’t remember your dreams’ because we would cover it elsewhere in another post. Well this is the Part 2 of 3 where l will be briefly discussing it again.

Are you a forgetful person? Do you have a good memory, a long memory or a short term memory? Now, there is to be a final part to this series later this week, but for the moment, the time being …. what l would like to know is quite simple ……

How forgetful are you? What do you find that you forget the most and the easiest? People, places, faces, times … what? How quickly do you forget the simpler things in life?

As said, there will be a lengthier question and discussion in a few days time regarding memory, so for those of you who have very defined theories on memory, you can comment in depth later on, but for now, l am really asking you about your short term memory please.

How forgetful are you?

Let me know your thoughts below.


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35 thoughts on “How Well Do You Erm, Ah, Mm?

  1. You know Rory, memory is a tricky thing. I remember many things accurately because I pay more attention to them. But names are difficult for me too remember unless I am using them frequently. I have learned the names of all the bloggers I interact with daily and it is big plus for me. Incidents that weren’t that important in my life, I rarely remember them.

    1. Hey Sadje, a lot of people like that and one of the key noters to memory is something you have mentioned here and l shall discuss later on.

      The one thing l am very good with remembering has always been people’s names.

      1. If I’m paying attention, I’ll remember the names and faces too. I think it’s not that much memory as it is an overload of information that we are processing at one time.

    1. Hey Luisa 🙂

      Very true, the older we get the more we streamline what’s important to remember. Plus busy lives means that sometimes we forget the simpler things going on around us in comparison to events from before which have become more fixed in our minds.

  2. Good morning Rory! I can forget that i have a customer waiting for me in 30 seconds but can remember a customer and his wife that I served 2 1/2 years ago but have not served since. I can forget what you said to me a day ago and yet recall what you said to me in a conversation 4 years ago. My brain I have discovered works in weird and wonderous ways. And I am no where near even understanding it.

  3. 🤔 Rory, I tend to remember the things that are most important to me; such as:

    • Scientific facts.

    • The birthdays of people that are close to me.

    • The password for my computer.

    • The password for my WordPress account.

    • The food that I have stored in my cupboards and refrigerator.

    However, I am unable to remember the names of a lot of my past school teachers.

    Memory is quite a selective thing.

  4. I have excellent memory, long term and short term, it’s both a blessing and a curse, for all things except one – names.Faces? Brilliant. Names not so much and I think because there is no visual to attach them to – nothing logical – do you look like a ‘Rory’? Do I look like a ‘Grace’? The concierge in my building is named Ruth, and yet after 8 years I still have to make a conscious effort to NOT call her ‘Helen’. Either I’ve known someone in the past who she resembles whose name was Helen, or she just looks like a ‘Helen’ to me.

      1. Radiotherapy. We loved the Nigella episode when she mispronounced “microwave”. So we have been copying her and calling my radiotherapy “meecrowahvey” treatment instead.

  5. I forget random things…. words, one item of three from a quick walk to the corner market, where I set something down… but I also have an excellent detailed memory, both long and short.

    I think my memory lapses are mostly due to poor sleep and constant distractions.

    I’ve been known to write things on my hand so I don’t forget… not in sharpie yet, but it may get to that🤪

  6. I forget the things that don’t matter, like: whether there’s fertiliser ready for spring spreading, whether I have two onions or three in the cupboard. Otherwise, the memory is good because it’s trained to remember, and trained to lose the stuff that doesn’t matter.
    Oh, but because I don’t care about birthdays and such, I don’t remember them — including my own!

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