What is the Black and White of your Sleeping Dream Colour?

This is probably a three-part question and if NOT that, then most assuredly two. The other parts to this series will appear over the next seven days or so ….. but where is the best place to start with anything new – yes of course, at the beginning.

Is the question layout a little confusing, maybe slightly higgledy-piggledy you might ask?

No, but like everything – it’s down to how you perceive it to be.

I have been pondering on something over the last week or so and whilst it is not directly connected to the Thrive course, it is somewhat indirectly connected, well this Part 1 is for sure anyway.

But it was an article l read a few months ago that queried whether the colours of our rooms changed and challenged how we slept at night and furthermore DID the colours affect our ‘sleeping dream phases?’ Additionally did the colour of our dreams alter the way we remembered the content. Did the colour of our bed chambers make a difference to how we view our dreams, and also did it manipulate the dreams we actually have?

Everyone – human and animals – dream – BUT not everyone remembers their dreams through one reason or another. But it is of vital importance that we do dream as it aids our mental and physical wellbeing.

Do certain bedroom colour themes encourage and motivate or inspire and enthuse a different type of dream for the sleeper though? That’s the bigger question for sure, but also what coerces the way we dream? Overpowering colours can affect both your sleep quality and your dream quality too. If your bedroom is too busy be this colour wise or due to the content in your bedroom this too can affect the quality of your dream state.

I always dream, l remember them when l am sleeping but l cannot always remember them upon waking, but they are very vivid in both quality and diversity. What does remembering them whilst l am sleeping mean? Well, we all wake several times during the night and we are very aware of the dreams we were pulled from and we allow ourselves to settle and then shrink back into the dream.

I have been experiencing bad sleep quality of late, that’s because my brain is currently overactive and whilst that is not a bad thing as it allows me to experience wonderfully strange and bizarre dreams, it also means that with all the study l have been undertaking recently and combined with everything else going on in my life, that my brain patterning isn’t really slowing down that well.

It’s something l have always had problems with anyway, so it’s nothing new. On average l am getting just over 5 hours a night, but l go to bed very tired, read for a while, switch off my light and then l toss and turn for up to an hour and then l gradually fall asleep – that is the routine on the bad nights whilst on the good nights, l retire and read for a little while, switch off the light and fall asleep quickly but experience fitful sleep and awake equally as exhausted as l would if l had a really bad night mostly 5 hours later!

I am usually in bed by just after midnight and mostly just before, with a view to having lights out at 12.30am, but usually it is anywhere between 12.45 – 02.05am and l wake up with my alarm at 07.30am totally knackered and some mornings l don’t get up until 8.15am!

It’s one of those things … my bedroom is bland in wall colouring, BUT l do have a variety of content in my room, which actually helps me settle down for the night and also it aids my dreams too.

Now, to the question which might surprise you … but it is afterall only the ‘Part 1’ ….

Do you dream in colour or black and white or some other variation of colour?

If you don’t remember your dreams, that is fine, as the part 2 will address that sometime this coming week.

Let me know your thoughts below.


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40 thoughts on “What is the Black and White of your Sleeping Dream Colour?

  1. I don’t sleep much. I never have. I have no recollection of ever dreaming in black and white. I have very colorful and vivid dreams. I am taking a new med because of the itching that has been driving me crazy for weeks. It has a warning of vivid dreams. I was a little worried that that might mean scary dreams. my dreams have been stranger lately since taking the med, but nothing terribly unusual. I did have a dream that I was walking three of my former dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge. I was tossing them bones far ahead of me. They ran, got the bones, and came back as talking kids. It was weird. Not scary though.

    1. Hey Lauren, l think the last dream you mentioned has an interpretation of change or positive change or hope or something, l have had similar dreams like that myself in the past.

      It is good that you dream in colour – how colourful are they and do you find that you remember them more due to the content or the colour?

        1. Excellent – last night, l had dreams of snakes of assorted sizes, colour and materials too. Some were real snakes in their skins, others were patchwork snakes, but real all the same. I also dreamed of a turtle that believed itself to be a dog.

  2. Dreams are a no man’s land between sanity and insanity. It’s not a good place to find yourself. Ha ha.

    I’m pretty sure I dream in colour but it’s been a while since I woke and remembered a dream. And I believe my dreams aren’t as entirely visual as most people’s I hear about (well, I’m wondering now how blind people dream!); my recollections are a lot to do with feelings, both sensory and emotional.

    1. Interesting thoughts Ian. I remember reading an article years ago about blind people and their dreams and also babies whilst in the womb.

      Blind people who were not born blind but have gone blind can experience visual dreams, and so too apparently can those born blind, but their sight within the dream is very different and they tend to dream more of a sensual nature in so far as touching and other such sensations.

  3. I do dream and remember my dreams while I’m sleeping, but you know what? Now that you’ve asked, I can’t remember if they are in colors or black and white 🧐 that’s very strange 😶‍🌫️

  4. I dream in color and my dreams are very boring and realistic lately. The other night I dreamt of my tarnished cookie tray. I kept rearranging cubes of red raw meat on it & sprinkling them with orange cheese. The design never came out right, so I picked up all the cheese shreds and started over. And over. And over…

  5. Good Morning Rory! I do not recall what I have been dreaming but I am aware that I am dreaming. As I am having the dream the other part knows it is a dream. And always in color. Over the years i have had several impressionable dreams that I can still give an account of. Have a great Saturday.

    1. Hey Jay-lyn and happy Satz to you too 🙂

      Interesting comment with regards the memory – is it exactly the same memory or does the memory become more colourful each time you remember it or less so and more faded?

  6. Definitely color. I used to remember more of my dreams but with sleep all over the place, and being in motion before I’m even properly awake, holding onto them has become more difficult.

    I also find that I’m purposely pulling myself out of dreams… waking myself up to get away from them. They are usually repetitious, aggravating dreams. A recent one involved my ex.

    I believe that dreams are very important, that they are our subconscious or “higher self” speaking to us, or speaking with others -OR- they are gobbledygook data dumps. Either way, they serve a purpose.

    All those snakes… hmmm… shedding the old skin and moving on to a shiny new you. Turtle who thought it was a dog… a wise companion?? Did it have anything to tell you?


    1. Well l am learning to view dreams very differently now – an almost of a ‘don’t buy into it anymore theory’ really.

      Many a time, the interpretation of dreams is they don’t actually mean anything – BUT – we look at dreams like we do horoscopes, we want to believe there is a hidden meaning.

      For now, l just enjoy the dream and l am learning if anything to cultivate the dreams more to ensure l get a better night’s sleep.

      If we look at it as you are addressing a portion of your answer – our minds are telling us things about ourselves and we have to research what that means for us personally.

  7. I usually answer that I dream in color because I think I do. But I have enough trouble remembering accurate details of my waking hours, so I could be mistaken. I rarely remember dreams past the first few minutes of waking up. I will write one down if I want to remember so I can Blog about it. Sometimes a dream or nightmare is vivid enough to remember without writing it down. But color never has seemed noteworthy, probably because it is assumed. If I were dreaming in black and white, it would seem odd enough to recall.

  8. I dream in vivid technicolor and the colors are sometimes misplaced, for example the moon is blue and the sky is yellow. In most of my dreams, I am in a car but never the same make and model. I also dream about times when I worked. I remember about half of them.

    1. Interesting that you dream in displaced colours Eugenia, from my past learnings and understanding this is the feeling experienced when you want to be in another world.

  9. I have been sleeping very heavily since I started to take these stronger pain meds. But before then, my dreams were so much connected to real life memories or events, but with a twist – kinda with a different outcome, or a dream of something in real life but much more exaggerated and dramatic – whether it be fear, or confusion, happiness, or love….it is like something similar to reality but with the volume turned up. I think they were colour. I don’t know, but they were just so much like real people, real places, real events that maybe I filled in the colour. It’s the emotions that I sometimes wake up remembering more.

  10. Hi Rory,
    I usually remember my dreams when I wake up but they fade as I wake up fully. Dreams are mostly colour, but nightmares mainly black and white. I tend to remember those the longest, and some have been written as dark poetry in my blog to get them out of my system but into perspective.
    I dream about past jobs, my old school, pets, my family, people I’ve met and some I haven’t.
    Sometimes there’s a lot going on in my head and when sleep eventually comes, it’s shortlived but busy!!

    1. Interesting that your nightmares are in black and white … do you think that is a subconscious effort of your brain to make that episode easier to digest even in the short form?

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