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It was one of those frustrating days on Monday – l was awaiting a delivery of worms that was supposed to have been with me last Friday, but for some reason they were delayed by the courier service. No mind, they eventually arrived on Monday afternoon and l was able to knuckle down with the digging over of the compost and adding the 2000 worms in as well as feeding the other worm farms.

Normally l do the compost turns on a Wednesday afternoon after the reserve in the morning … however, because l was supposedly having my top teeth extracted on Tuesday, l wasn’t sure how l was going to feel today or if l would be going to the reserve or not on account of being officially called gummy and in discomfort … so thought it wise to forward think. If l needed to take time out from the reserve and not have to worry about the compost turns either [plus thinking on the potential of infections] ……… BUT and seemingly there is always a BUT in my life somewhere these days and the frequency of the magical BUT is increasing pretty much like the equally magical ISH! So now l have BUT and ISH in my life, perhaps l need to simply make one word to describe the emotion of ‘arrgh!’ to BUTISH! If you ever see me write in the future ‘today was a BUTISH kind of day’, you can cast your memory back to this post!

In addition to the worms running late on account of the sluggish delivery system, so they arrived at a snail’s pace …… mm, perhaps l am working too much with life under soils! I was also waiting on the arrival of the roofing guy who had said he would be around last Friday for a look in the loft and of course, he never turned up either! But he did eventually arrive mid Monday morning!

A look into the hatchway of the loft found us all looking with torches and still on the floor of my bedroom at the inside of the roof …..”Uh oh!” Was all the roofer said and l wasn’t far behind with my “What the fluck??” As we looked up we could both see large holes in the roof, l could see daylight! “Blimey, how you have not had water dripping on you all night when it rains is quite beyond me Guv!” He said in astonishment.

“So why hasn’t that happened?” I asked, but then continued with …”Does that explain why the ceiling here and the crack in the plaster has widened since l moved in last year maybe?”

“Yeah, l would probably say that’s an issue connected alright. I guess that maybe there is a lot of insulation on the floorboards up there, but in defence of the roof … although we can see daylight, it isn’t that bad on account of the holes not being straight through and upwards but angled and forwards facing.”

This meant that sure, the rains and some heavy rains have fallen in and over the last 15 months since l have been here, but the actual water that has come into the loft space has been …minimalish or perhaps l should really use BUTISH here. Yes minimal BUT the floor has become damp enough to increase the weight and fracture the existing fracture in the ceiling further. The roofer explained that if this roof wasn’t fixed, that jibe of sleeping in the loungeroom below after the roof collapsed whilst l was asleep one night might become a reality this coming winter!!

The landlord now has two choices [band aid fix or investment repair] …. 1] cheaper option at around £2000 repair and time taken to fix 2 days or 2] expensive option at around £20,000 and 4 weeks to fix. I am pretty sure, the landlords will opt for the cheaper options.

So Monday ended with 1] bad news for the landlords regarding the roof but good news for me as either way the roof HAD to be repaired whatever and 2] the compost being turned and the worms fed and the new worms added to the compost and my existing breeding stocks ….

2000 assorted wormsA special compost blitzed feeding mix

… the 2000 being added and then fed. [Just in case you were curious what the 2000 looked like]. My own worm population in the compost unit alone is roughly around 3000 anyway and they also breed and the very fact that the unit is there attracts other worms to visit too. I have now roughly around 25,000 worms between all five units [two composters and three wormeries] which is more than enough to launch the business with.

The gallery below shows the feeding in the main wormery which numbers around 10,000 whilst the two smaller units have roughly 5,000 each. it’s hard to get an accurate figure, but you start to glean an idea of numbers when you work the units. The feeds are now totally blitzed and blended to smaller pieces and the worms no longer receive the bokashi mixes. The compost units gets both blended feed mixes like you can see above as well as bokashi fermented mixes.

I now specifically buy foods for the wormeries as opposed to ONLY using using kitchen scraps. I can buy reduced vegetables from the market and the supermarkets especially for the wormeries and they only get fed twice a month now as opposed to weekly.

My own breeding stocks in the large wormeryClose up of the previousSpecially blitzed and blended vegetable mix.

It didn’t really matter about getting the compost done in the end in preparation for the dentist appointment for yesterday … it didn’t matter either about getting myself mentally prepared for the tooth removal either …… because for the second time running, my appointment was cancelled. The first time they cancelled was due to two reasons 1] My dentist had forgotten to tell his own staff that he was on holiday so the appointment they made was null and voided and 2] the lab hadn’t returned the results which is a fancy name for saying the lab had not sent back my temporary dentures.

To be told yesterday at the last moment that they had to cancel my appointment because the lab STILL hadn’t sent back my temporary dentures on account of my set being extraordinarily difficult to craft…

Right .. another reprieve of sorts BUTISH it isn’t a bloody reprieve because now they are no longer setting appointment dates and will just ring me when the teeth have arrived! Then make an appointment made to go in and have the teeth pulled and so on. It’s like having a gun put to your head and waiting for the end to come for the gun to then jam and being told, oh well maybe next time we will get to you, but for now, you are free to go …

I know life isn’t easy … but or is that truly just another BUTISH!

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad, but and no ISH, the problem is that my whole mouth is now crumbling faster than poop off a shovel on a wet day! The pain at times is dreadful and the discomfort is equally as bad on the days when there is no pain. Although l have l think discovered an answer …. just don’t eat anything anymore …..

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24 thoughts on “A Slice of Life

  1. Ugh!! Why can’t they just pull the dang teeth? Your mouth has to heal before you wear then dentures anyway🤦🏼‍♀️ I went a couple months with zero teeth. I talked funny, and ate soft food but I had no pain.

    Your dentist is a twit!

    1. I have no idea what they are playing at – why couldn’t they give me a bloody dental guard if they weren’t going to extract?

      If there had been no delays all this nonsense could have been over and done with weeks ago.

  2. It’s an odd dentist you have. The one I switched to, apart from the dentist changing her hair colour on every visit, purple last one, she is super organised and looks after the patients. She phones when stuff has arrived and then fits you in within a few days for the work.

  3. So sorry my friend that you’re having a “butish “ month. The worms may have stopped on the way to eat I suppose. But the roof will be repaired and that’s good news.

    1. Yes it’s good news that the roof will be fixed, although indirectly it wasn’t affecting me first hand. It’s l think better news for the landlords even if they don’t like the price tag. Admittedly l haven’t heard back from the agents confirming the repairs so there might be the chance that the landlords are opting to not repair it.

        1. You must contact the agent. They are so particular about keeping the house clean and in good connection, they should be already starting the repairs.

        2. Oh l totally agree, however, as the roof damage isn’t affecting my health directly thus far, l have no say in the matter as far as the landlords/agents are concerned.

          Sadly, as tenants we don’t always have much say in lettings.

        3. That I can fully understand. We are living in a rented house in Islamabad and the landlord is in Canada. So anything that needs fixing, we do it out of our pocket, or face the inconvenience of not getting hot water etc.

        4. This has been going on since Russia invaded Afghanistan. But our law doesn’t allows non-nationals to own property in Pakistan. But those people who have come here as refugees, now even have ID cards and show themself as Pakistanis.

  4. Wow! Too much irksome stuff going on, Rory! Roof leaks, worms arriving late and dental problems all at once! Yep, a slice of life that will hopefully improve!

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